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What do Fiona Staples and Diddy Kong have in common?

Well, she listens to his soundtrack while crazily racing towards deadlines, for one thing.

At The Huffington Post, Dave Scheidt asked several comics creators what music they listen to while making comics. In addition to Staples, he talked to Becky Cloonan, Tony Akins, Steve Niles, Michael Kupperman, and Rick Remender. Who likes Charlie Parker and Brian Eno? Who prefers Meat Puppets and Corrosion of Conformity? Who’s into Kveldssanger and The Mercian Sphere? Only one way to find out.



*So now Cloonan has the most rad musical taste in comics, barely beating out Remender.

*subjective opinion

Well Meat Puppets and CoC is Becky, definitely.

Ah shit I was wrong! :( But to be fair, you listed the albums instead of the bands: The Mercian Sphere is an album by Winterfylleth and Kveldssanger is an album by Ulver. You cheated! You made me look a fool in front of the gods of metal!

Cloonan’s mention of Choking Victim, Leftover Crack, and Morning Glory in issues of Demo was the only reason I picked them up.

I’m sorry, Chris. Clearly I suck at metal. :)

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