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Wish This Was Real | George Washington: Warlord of Time

I’m trying not to post about Ben Caldwell every single day, but he’s making it difficult. Look, I resisted when he posted this picture of George Washington and a cave-girl fighting Zombie Blackbeard, but then he had to go and make an actual comic out of it. I’m not made of cave-stone here. Click the link to see the whole, one-page comic, then join me in begging for more.



Honestly I wish I could share your enthusiasm but I am so, so burned out on the whole “Historical Figure+Incongruous Boilerplate Genre Fiction=’Quirky and Fun'” formula that I could just scream. I want these artists to do something more interesting with their time and talents.

ha ha, do you even know why i did this? consider yourself ironied.

sorry, that probably came off blunt, but if you saw the whole series of drawings leading up to that one, you’d see why.

“Tales From The Bully Pulpit” was 2004.

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