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WonderCon | Jamie McKelvie on Captain Marvel’s costume design

Captain Marvel, by Jamie McKelvie

Following Saturday’s announcement at WonderCon in Anaheim, California, that Carol Danvers will become Captain Marvel in a series by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Dexter Soy, Jamie McKelvie has offered a little insight into his design for the character’s new costume, writing, “Our idea was to give her a kind of swash-buckling costume that invoked a sense of her history as an Air Force officer. Her hair is slicked back at the sides when in costume — so her Kree-style helmet can form when she needs it.”

Check out McKelvie’s character design below, and be sure to read DeConnick’s interview with Comic Book Resources about the new title.



I_Captain Blanco

March 18, 2012 at 10:49 am

…So, EVERY character called Captain Marvel has to have a horrible costume redesign?

Much as I like her current look, that is a fantastic redesign. Looking forward to the book.

I agree with dissatisfaction at the new design. I can understand wanting her costume to more resemble the “classic” Captain Marvel look, but as Ms. Marvel she did have something of an iconic and attractive appearance. Are they trying to defeminize her? Plus, why confuse things even more with a character that has had so many different appearances (short hair at the beginning, classic long hair with boots, Binary, etc.) This looks like a fairly generic superhero design and I fear that after a [prediction] nine or ten issue run she’ll just be back in her usual, more recognizable togs when she appears next. I wish the creators the best on this very underrated character.

Hmmmm….Ms. Marvelman….

Robin in Alaska

March 18, 2012 at 11:02 am

Reminds me of Miracleman/Marvelman. Sorta like an Amalgam of Captain Marvel + MM. I like it.

I’m glad other people are pointing out the similarity to Marvelman, because that was my first thought when I saw the images. I saw a thumbnail on another site and without knowing it was of Ms. Marvel thought I was seeing a new female Marvelman analogue. Could this be intentional?

It looks nice and is way better looking than the new POWER GIRL costume.

I prefer Superman with his red shorts, Space Ghost when he’s smiling and Carol Danvers with her belly button exposed. So I’m a traditionalist.

The costume looks great. She looks magnificent. Her previous costume was incredibly generic. This one is interesting.
Oh, and McKelvie? He rules.

Love it, I could see that translating really well to film.

Like the redesign. The swimsuit and thigh boots look is a bit tired ( and not just for Ms. Marvel).

I think Carol Danvers will be happy with the less-wedgies aspect of this costume redesign. Really psyched to see what DeConnick will do with the character.

I don’t like the hairdo

I like the new design. It’s nice for a female design to have some thought to it other than let’s see how much ass cheek we can show.

I liked the costume, a lot.
But i can’t stop thinking that Marvel boy costume designed by Bachalo is a crap!, and i love Bachalo, would be better if it did not have a helmet (fly helmet)

People pining for the design with her thighs bare are not thinking about anything other than their own titillation. Seriously, that classic costume is a perfect example of bad female costume design. Captain America doesn’t run around with his thighs bared. Why should Carol Danvers? Long hair is a liability in a fight.

I think this costume is pretty damned close to a perfect redesign.

My qualm is the interior artist’s work looks…uneven at best. I’ve seen two pages that look like “What If Rob Liefeld Painted Everything?” and one that looked decent.

I don’t like that they put a guy I never heard of on the interior art, while using bigger names to do covers and designs. Seems cheap.

Nice costume redesign. I like the “classic” heroic coloration combined with a uniform-style costume. She looks like she might actually be a “Captain” of SOMETHING. Plus any good-looking design that doesn’t seem like an attempt to draw female near-nudity gets kudos from me.

Why complain? It looks good, it suggests a new direction for the character without ignoring her past and the Captain Marvel legacy, and it’s not the typical “add-everything-we-can-to-the costume” redesign.

“Long hair is a liability in a fight.”

Capes are much moreso. But I guarantee you you’ll never see a capeless Batman, Superman, Thor, etc.

If you want to be realistic, no superhero should wear anything but combat fatigues and army boots. But I don’t want that kind of realism in my comics. That’s just BORING!

Ms. Marvel is one of my favorite characters and I’m always glad to see her get a prominant position in the Marvel U. I always thought the black costume was a little boring and I’m glad to see her get some brighter colors, but this new design is a little too conservative for me. I’m tired of seeing heroes with the high collar.
Nearly every DC character has them now. This costume reminds me too much of Steve Rogers’ Commander
uniform and Marvel Man. And yes, I like seeing a little skin on my female characters along with long hair and capes. If I wanted to see people running around in sensible clothing I’d read a J.C.Penny catalog. These are comics for crying out loud. They don’t have to be realistic.

I hope this succeeds if only for Carol Danvers’ sakes. She’s a great character, and Marvel desperately needs a (properly handled) top-tier female on the level of Wonder Woman. I’ve lost all hope in seeing Scarlet Witch and Storm being elevated to that role.

I would leave out the seams, particularly the zipper seam from neck to crotch. I think that instead of red boots, they should be blue black, joined with the leggings. I suppose that adding Mar-Vell’s nega bands would be a little too much; I’m so used to think of those as part of his mantle.

Nice redesign, but I think I’d have preferred her staying as Ms Marvel; much better costume. I wish they’d gone with the original Dwayne McDuffy idea and used Gravity as the new CM. Or pulled Rick into it, somehow, after de-Hulking him.

Francis Dawson

March 18, 2012 at 1:21 pm

Nice optimistic looking superhero art.

Looks boring. Looks more like another toned-down version of Power Girl than Ms Marvel. She looked much better as Ms Marvel and Warbird than this version.

There was only ever one great Captain Marvel – and he died. Either bring him back in a decent manner or just let the character remain dead.

I agree with Mossey and Prime. Superheroes wear costumes! There’s a reason why Dave Cockrum’s now classic Ms.Marvel design lasted so long and even returned after her Warbird and Binary days.

One of the deadliest guys in the MU wears bright yellow and wears a strange horned mask. Yet his costume isn’t out of character?

i dont like the hair… but its a new look for a Marvel charachter. although the dark blue with red belt/sash and the yellow on the upper chest is a little like the new superman…


March 18, 2012 at 5:36 pm

I love how in the comics world wearing pants is considered “defeminizing”.

this is like what super-powered people would probably actually wear – between this and Batman Inc (codpiece!) and yes, Steve Roger’s super-soldier outfit. There’s no reason they’d actually wear something baroque and flourished like so many 70s-based outfits. Like race-car drivers, without the logo-overload.

But that sash, oy…

Really like the costume and really really hate the hair.


Looking forward to the book though. I enjoyed Carol’s last outing in a solo book.

I wish it was just dark blue with a lightning bolt, but instead of a swimsuit, it was a full body suit. Simple changes.

Also, domino masks are cool.

goddamn that McKelvie is good!

Love the costume. Not a big fan of the hair. And no mask?

Only one suggestion: the yellow zipper. It suggests a cameltoe below the sash.
Would it be better without the yellow line running down the middle?

I do approve of her breast reduction. She seems more powerful with this physique.

Hmm… give her some goggles, and the character could be steampunk!

Holy crap dude…read the article. It says she will have a Kree style helmet.

sandwich eater

March 19, 2012 at 5:47 pm

I like the redesign.

Ugh! This is just terrible and boring! Instead of reinventing the wheel badly why not take one of the already familiar costumes and just add more fabric so you have the recognizability plus pants. Or put her in the red & blue Captain Marvel costume and make the underwear a Quorra-esque skirt (re: Tron Legacy). I’m sorry, but if you didn’t tell me this was Ms Marvel I would have thought was a reverse Justice Lord Wonder Woman or a primary color female Captain Planet. Ugh!

I’m already a huge fan of Ms Marvel and I don’t like calling her Captain Marvel. Although the new costume look ok I prefer the original red and blue costume (with the scarf) better. The War Bird costume was good but the original just stand out more. Plus reading the first issue you know Spidey was thinking the same thing I am he just didn’t want to get pummel by Danvers lol. Those two had a good buddy relationship, why don’t they just have a friends with benefit relationship and be done with.

WOW this costume design is fantastic. She looks like a real hero, and not like wank fodder. I’ve never really been interested in Carol Danvers before but I think I’ll pick up a copy of this one next time I see it.

LOL @ a woman in full makeup and a leotard being “defeminized”. Some people need to leave their basement a little more often, if only to catch a glimpse of women who aren’t currently starring in a porno.

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