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WonderCon | Ms. Marvel promoted in new Captain Marvel series

Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers has gone by Binary, Warbird and of course Ms. Marvel, but later this year she’ll be promoted to Captain Marvel in a new series by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Dexter Soy.

Marvel Senior Vice President and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort revealed what those teasers were about during his Talk to the Hat panel at WonderCon today. Brevoort said the series spins out of this year’s big Avengers vs. X-Men event. Click over to CBR to see some pages from the new book.



I like it. Getting a Miraclewoman vibe from it, in a good way.

@Matthew, same thing I thought when I saw the image. Looks cool.

That costume is something else

I know she’s a “captain” and everything, but it’s a little too militaristic for my tastes. Not a fan of the short hair either. I like the character though so I’ll give it a shot.

Would rather have her long-haired, but wear a version of her previous costume, but instead of skin showing, put some red there, and but Mar-Vell’s logo on the back of the gloves. That would cement the Mar-Vell connection.

The Ed McGuinness art blows me away, but I’m not sold on the interior art yet. If McGuiness was doing it I would be all over this.

I wonder what Marvel’s plan is to make this book stand out and succeed from previous attempts. Granted, her previous series lasted like 50 issues I think so that’s not bad in today’s market, but at least for me I always felt like there was something cool about Carol Danvers but just wasn’t clicking with me. I’ll definitely keep my eyes on this!


March 17, 2012 at 9:47 pm

Another name and costume change for Carol Danvers? Yawn. I get the feeling that Marvel is only publishing this so they can retain the trademark to “Captain Marvel”.

As Danvers is supposed to be an Air Force Major, isn’t going to Captain actually a demotion? I guess “Major Marvel” wouldn’t work.

(It does feel like a promotion from a “Ms.”, though)

Am I only one who thinks she looks more than a little like Miracleman? Regardless, it looks awful.

I’m with Dave. Uninspiring at best.

And adds to an already cluttered and confusing history for the character.

Well done, Marvel. Another fail. Considering recent decisions and their uniform dreadfulness, I can only assume it’s deliberate.

The McGuinness covers look good, but the interior art is awful. Is Marvel really going to try to push a “flagship female” comic with a bland, no-name artist? Marvel female titles need all the help they can get. I’m shaking my head in disbelief that Marvel can’t attach a popular artist to a project of this importance.

Luv short hair on women, whats wrong with you people, lololo.

You know, I greatly support this!!! I’ve been a bit critical of Marvel the last few years (decades?), but this is such a great idea that I hope they keep it for a long, long time!!!

Jake Earlewine

March 18, 2012 at 8:01 am

No, no, no, Marvel!
Mar-Vell is the only Captain Marvel!
Why is it so dang hard for you to keep each character UNIQUE? Why must you recycle every character?
And why are you stealing Miracle-Woman’s look?

I agree with Bicycle-Repairman:

“Another name and costume change for Carol Danvers? Yawn. I get the feeling that Marvel is only publishing this so they can retain the trademark to “Captain Marvel”.”

And I agree with Boabie: “… adds to an already cluttered and confusing history for the character.”

From the get-go, Ms. Marvel was uninspired. No amount of revising, rebooting, or retconning can ever make her into anything more than she is: a convoluted, mediocre “property” created for commercial reasons only. She ain’t got no soul.

We have a strong female lead character (still a rarity in the mainstream) and a strong female writer (again, a rarity). And yet, we still have folks complaining. Unbelievable.

I’m not sure I’d call Carol a really strong character — I like her as part of an ensemble cast, and I’d almost be tempted to give this a look based on the praise I’ve heard for DeConnick’s work, but I’ve seen enough of the interior art to not want to bother. No offense to Dexter Soy, but that art style does not exactly scream mainstream, either.

Personally, I don’t care much for the visual redesign, and I’m fairly convinced the similarities between the good Captain and the Miracle / Marvelman characters are no accident, either. It looks too generic, and while people might complain about the amount of skin on the still-current incarnation, I seem to recall Carol having some body image issues here and there, which I thought was refreshing and more in tune with ‘real’ women. Carol might have put on a pair of pants here, but it also looks like she dropped a few sizes, too. Guess going toe-to-toe with the X-Men all summer long will do that to you . . .

Marvel dropped the ball here. They could’ve introduced an all-new Captain Marvel and used it as an entry-level book for new or lapsed readers, a chance to see the Marvel Universe through the eyes of a newcomer to the game as he or she met the movers and shakers. Lets the newbies get a grip on what being a superhero is about and gives experienced readers a possibly different take on the existing characters as they see them through a new viewpoint. If you suddenly found yourself with powers and thrust directly into the established and crowded Marvel superhero community, what would you make of all these people, how would meeting them in person differ from how the public percieves them from media coverage, what would it be like to go up against Doom or any of the supervillains for the first time, etc. Spider-Man’s not quite the ‘everyman’ sort of character like that, he’s too much of a veteran at this point, especially since he’s not a loner / outsider.

Instead, this is the obligatory annual post-crossover event series launch — not quite as strained as adding a 27th X-Men related book to the monthly schedule, but still, Carol’s had two shots at holding down a title and neither of them seemed to stick. I’d have rather seen something completely new and unrelated to anything else, but that’s not really how Marvel does things these days, I guess. You get a costume redesign and that’s as close to fresh as it gets.

The reason why people are so cynical and apt to complain is because the marketing influence is too blatantly visible — Marvel doesn’t do anything without being sure they can pull in X amount of readers from some other camp via some sort of forced connection or tie-in — and playing the ‘you guys won’t support female leads or writers’ card doesn’t help sell it … although I’m sure editorial will blame the fanbase for being unsupportive and short-sighted when it doesn’t work.

So, when did Carol Danvers become Korean?

Just an awful design…

This title will barely last 12 issues, maybe less.

The character also looks kind of butch considering how much sexier her last look was.
Very retrograde move, IMHO. This was done solely to preserve Marvel’s copyright on the words, “Captain Marvel.”

Darn shame the era we live in now…
I’ve seen a whole universe of characters with classic outfits redesigned with the worst aesthetics of the past 20 years (I’m looking at the DCnuNiverse/Didiotville/Lee’s-unnecessary-cuffs-and-zippers and getting eyesores)…

Marvel, in the meantime, is following in DC’s steps for a change and pushing yet another character that just does not have the audience to support a monthly title — and they start it right off by slapping an awful, derivative costume on her in place of a much better, semi-classic outfit.

It’s always interesting (and hilarious) going back to these articles where haters assume she wont last.
And yet, here she is standing strong and going past 12 issues, is a featured in other books including a big role in the main Avengers book, is getting her own cross over event, rave reviews, tons of artwork, lots of cosplays and she is going to be part of the main team in Marvels highly anticipated OGN (instead of Black Widow who was in the movies)!

So much more is in store for Captain Marvel and we’re only just getting started! :D

Haters gonna hate! Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) is her to stay! And WHEN (not if) she gets her own movie, EVERYONE will know her as Captain Marvel and the haters would be forced to STFU or drown in their own tears and whining to the grave! ^_^


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