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WonderCon | Punisher heads into space in new miniseries

Space: Punisher

At WonderCon today Marvel officially announced Space: Punisher, a miniseries that takes Frank Castle off world to “a larger universe that doesn’t need justice…it needs PUNISHMENT.” The comic imagines the Marvel Universe as a galactic crime saga with “wild twists on classic characters,” like a giant Hulk who’s the “Moby Dick of Space.” This sounds like fun; when I first saw the cover I was afraid it was headed into a similar bad idea territory as the “Avenging Angel Punisher” comics from 12 years ago, but the fact that this is out of continuity is a plus. And maybe he’ll get to shoot Greedo while he’s up there.

The four-issue miniseries, which kicks off in July, is written by Frank Tieri with art by Mark Texeira. This isn’t either creator’s first dance with Castle, as Tieri worked on Punisher Noir and Texeira drew issues of Punisher and Punisher War Journal back in the 1990s.



christ this already sounds awful, Space: Punisher? It’s even a bloody awful title, why does Marvel keep putting out these kinds of Punisher books?

Huge Punisher fan when he’s handled correctly. This series will be easy for me to ignore

Marvel: The House of Desperate Ideas. Seriously, this is best they can come up with? At least it’s not the 65th Avengers or 83rd Spider-Man book.

i love it , marvel is doing something different. that’s good.

You know what? Why not. They’ve done everything else to the character, why not throw him into space?. I don’t know why they added a colon to the title of the book though. The title should really be SPACE PUNISHER in all caps. Or, SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE PUNISHER.

I used to be a big fan of Tieri, but after reading some of his Punisher work, he just is not suited to the character.

This does sound incredibly stupid. Definite PASS.

It is by Frank Tieri. Therefore, I must read it. :)

Wow, some of you have no imagination. An Alternate universe were the Marvel U is reimagined in space sounds great!


Kid, it seems you missed the part that says this an Alternate Universe story, so there is room for a more innovative and interesting take.

Marvel is always great with these Alternate Universe stories, like 1602 or Marvel Noir.

Kid, if you don’t like amazing stories like this, why do you even read comics? Lighten up.

And It’s Frank Tieri, so you know it will be good.


*Eye Roll* Nice Hyperbole.

And in case you didn’t notice, this is an Alternate Universe story and Marvel is great with these sorta thing.

Next miniseries: TIME PUNISHER. Frank Castle converts his Battle Van into a time machine and travels through time and space to kill history’s worst criminals. First stop: Nazi Germany!

maybe he’ll get the phoenix force next

Sounds fun and whimsical. I won’t be buying it but comics should be more fun and whimsical so I applaud the effort.

Sounds absolutely batshit insane which I can appreciate, especially in an out of continuity Punisher Story.

@Jorell…I would be all over that book, folk. No flushin’ lie.

Punisher (much like Batman) is a character you can throw into any alternative universe as it is readable. Did anyone read the 28 days later style story with Frank? I for one am looking forward to Space Punisher over many of the titles DC has out now(been a DC reader for 25+)

Hey, if Jason Voorhees can work in space! (Friday the 13th Part10 – Jason X) – Anyone can do it! haha… :)

Doesn’t this scream Fear agent to anyone?

I mean check out the cover:

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