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WonderCon | X-Treme X-Men: ‘If you liked Exiles, you’ll like this’

X-Treme X-Men

Just as they promised, Marvel announced the return of X-Treme X-Men at Wondercon today. But if you were looking forward to the return of Slipstream, Lifeguard or any of the other characters who starred in the series that ran from 2001 to 2004, you might be a tad disappointed. However, if you were an Exiles fan, like myself, you’ll probably be pretty happy.

Announced during Marvel Senior Vice President and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort’s Talk to the Hat panel at WonderCon, X-Treme X-Men will spin out of Greg Pak’s recent run on Astonishing X-Men and will feature some of the alternate reality X-Men he introduced. The art for the series is by Steve Segovia.

“Dazzler is the Marvel Universe character in it,” said Marvel’s Arune Singh. “There is a threat in existence but they have to stop a threat to reality. It’s Greg and that crazy ‘Planet Hulk’ mind of his. If you liked Exiles, you’ll like this.”

Exiles ran for 100 issues and featured the work of Judd Winick, Mike McKone, Chuck Austen, Jim Calafiore, Tony Bedard and several others, but it’s those first issues written by Winick that were really great. The team included alternate reality versions of various X-characters over the course of its run, like the Age of Apocalypse Blink and Sabretooth; Nocturne, the daughter of Nightcrawler and Scarlet Witch; a female Sunfire and the shape-changing Morph. It remains to be seen how this series will be set up, but if Pak can capture the fun of those early Exiles issues, I’m on board.



I don’t understand why they went with X-Treme X-Men for the title over Exiles.

they should add versions of characters who aren’t being used current in 616, Dazzler’s a good start, I’d add AOA Blink, and Jean Grey from Exiles vol. 2

Looks like it’s Wild West Wolverine, kid Nightcrawler and a teenaged Emma Frost.
The team has a telepah, a teleporter and a fighter, they need a healer and they’ll be al set ;)

booooooooooo! i was hoping this would be the dazzler and the x-kids team, the one cyclops talked to dazzler about in x-men regenesis.

…and i didn’t like that latest astonishing x-men story line, so i definitely won’t be picking up this title.

@Ian – It’s may be called X-Treme X-Men simply because Marvel are preferring to use “family branding” for team books lately – witness the rename of Thunderbolts to Dark Avengers, and the 4 extant titles with X-Men in the name…

So disappointed in this announcement. Won’t be getting this book. Pak’s Astonishing arc, can’t really call it a run, wasn’t that good. Not a fan of alternate reality stories anyways.

I guess I got my hopes up the book would be more associated with the previous X-Treme X-Men. That’s okay. I like Pak, but the alternate reality characters introduced in the recent Astonishing arc didn’t really light a fire under me. And I’m pretty neutral to Dazzler.

I do want to keep an eye on this, but at the moment I am unfortunately going to pass.

they kill Generation hope just replace it with this? Marvels x men title is constantly giving new meaning to over saturation . this series looks like crap it like every time Marvel want to keep one there writers in there stable they will decide to release a new ongoing X Men title. the biggest problem is most theses don’t voice that are that different if there had decided to bring NYX I would be excited because that was a unique take on mutants this new series just seems like money grab I for one am not going to touch in fact I may start cancelling everything X-Men

Another X-men title really??no seriously really??Nightcrawler already ran out of fingers to count how many X-titles marvel has out…aside that marvel needs to put the Astonishing back into Astonishing X-Men,that title’s just out there for the cash flow now unlike the Whedonesque days when it was a must buy :<

Well, I will give this a shot. If the storyline if prevalent and relevant to an existing situation I will look into it; BUT, if this is an entirely now and existing storyline similar to the x-men forever storyline consisting of the stranger and various characters…I don’t know.
I can see this as a story arc, where something threatening overall reality is used to bring characters together ala time cross caper; but, when this is done I would rather see this team take up missions/ situations capable of Dazzler being able to experience.
Dazzler, as a character, has experience with cross differential time escapade on a dimensional scale which has influenced her since the Outback X-men’s time (Fall of the Mutants, Inferno, Siege Perilous, Mojoworld); and including her time with Excalibur team 3. I would like to see her step up and actually facilitate a team that goes beyond these concepts and be the ultimate team to cross when Wolverine’s Uncanny X-Force is considered the intermediary stage.
Overall, I find the X-soaps to be suffering from instability due to the various storylines present.
The current heads of the X-Office must keep in mind that the various factions of X with different agendas may have various goals of attainment but an official final line that may be crossed. Exiles, as a whole, were the final line of reality guiding multiple dimensional species along their furthering. By creating another team, similar to Exiles, it may be nothing more than overcompensation.

Please, keep in mind that something like X-treme X-men has a purpose. By diluting it’s characterization as something other than the ultimate line to cross in dimension 616 you may be compromising this property. Please don’t ruin this! Marvel’s best bet would be keeping this property, in it’s current incarnation, as a limited series based on very specific mission…limited editions with specific purposes; say Legion going out of control, or the alternate dimension that Ororo accessed via her Ruby Quarz threatening our dimension…make these similar to annual specific stories that followers of the X-men genre would respect and uphold similar to the God Loves, Man Kills storyline.

Something specific would be fabulous!

Ew. Seriously? With all if the characters that are being left out of the X books as it Is, they add on another one for an alternate reality? Xtreme Xmen V2 should have been A.) the street team or B.) the kids. Pass on this/ fail marvel. These were terrible characters.

How many alternate reality books can a franchise sustain?

No mention of Parker’s short run on Exiles? I think it ranks up there with Winick’s best arcs.

I like Pak, so I’ll check it out and see where this is headed. I’m always up for alternate reality versions of my favorite characters anyway.

Darth Eradicus

March 18, 2012 at 6:53 am

I knew X-Treme X-Men.
X-Treme X-Men was a good series to me.
This, sir, is not X-Treme X-Men.

David of the Impeccable Taste

March 24, 2012 at 10:52 pm

Pass. I only get X-Titles featuring characters I care about (currently wto). With the glut of mutants out there already getting more alternate versions of the popular ones just seems redundant and a waste of resources.

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