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And then there was that time a tuxedo-clad Jim Lee rode a camel

Jim Lee and friend, circa 1997

File under “Oh, Right, the ’90s”: Over the weekend Scott Dunbier, former executive editor of Wildstorm and current special projects editor of IDW Publishing, tweeted a photo from a late 1990s New Year’s Eve party of  a sharp-dressed, if “a bit tipsy,” Jim Lee … riding a camel. Lee, the Wildstorm founder turned DC Comics co-publisher, added only, “Doing my Nixon.”



My favorite thing about this picture is that Lee looks to be roughly the size of the camel’s head.

sandwich eater

April 9, 2012 at 11:59 pm

Sounds like a great party.

That is one huge camel.

“You watch Joe Camel, someday I’m gonna give Superman cyberkewl extreme pop-collar power armor, wooooo!” *passes right out*.

That grim figure in the background is kinda creeps. At least I can rest assured the camel is about to blast him.

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