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Bar Harbor Batman arrested over April Fool’s joke gone wrong

Bar Harbor Batman

If you’re one of those men who just wants to watch the world burn, it’s probably better if you don’t post about it on Facebook.

Maine’s Bangor Daily News reports that 35-year-old Christopher Schwartz, the self-styled Bar Harbor Batman — “A Beacon of light in a bleak and otherwise dismal world” — was arrested Sunday after posting a Joker-esque April Fool’s prank demanding “payment of 1 million Dollars or I will Blow up the Hospital. Once the funds are secured, Private Message me for Further Instruction.”

Although Schwartz reportedly tried to explain to police that the post was a joke, he was taken to Hancock County Jail on a charge of terrorizing, and later released on $1,000 bail. It seems Wayne Manor is located uncomfortably close to Mount Desert Island Hospital, leading the Bar Harbor Police Department to take the post seriously.

It probably didn’t help that the officers are quite familiar with Schwartz, who apparently dons his Batman costume and cranks up his boombox outside of local bars at closing times. On one occasion, he took his show on the road … or, rather, the sidewalk outside the police station.

On his Facebook page, Schwartz swings between apologetic and incredulous, and even offers a photo of his summons with the words, “THIS IS NO JOKE.” The April Fool’s post that started it all remains.

“THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT!” he wrote this afternoon. “Thanks to everyone for all the private messages, Lot’s of good advice, moral support, and Great contact information. All I can do now is learn from this unfortunate experience and move forward. We all have trials and Tribulations in our daily life’s, but trough tragedy and adversity we can learn to rise above it All and become a Real Hero.”

Christopher Schwartz



The note shoulda read: ” …. for one billion, trillion, fafillion dollars!” he woulda been ok, in the clear.


They should have arrested him for overuse of caps lock.

guess he didnt get the memo that you cant “joke” about this kind of crap after 9-11

I shudder at the thought of what possible “good advice” he may have gotten.

You couldn’t joke about this crap before 9/11, either. Cops take bomb threats very seriously, even if the person making them doesn’t.

This guy’s a moron.

Wow! What a total, incredible dumbass. To paraphrase Red Foreman, “Let’s see how funny you think it is when my foot blows up in your ass.”

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