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Best look yet at Before Watchmen pages, character designs

Ozymandias character design by Jae Lee

While fans and retailers at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo were given a first glimpse at interior art for DC Comics’ sprawling Watchmen prequels, BuzzFeed now provides the best look yet at pages and character designs from Before Watchmen in the form of photos of a binder at the DC offices. Among the images are interiors from Rorschach, by Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo, Silk Spectre, by Darwyn Cooke and Amanda Conner, Ozymandius, by Len Wein and Jae Lee, and Curse of the Crimson Corsair, by Wein and John Higgins. There are also character designs by Bermejo, Conner, Cooke, Higgins, Andy and Joe Kubert, and Lee.

Before Watchmen debuts in June.



God Bless you Lee Bermejo…. you too Jae Lee
there is almost NO one i would rather have on the Characters you 2 are workin.
the art for the Pirate ship back up looks great too whats that artist?
awwww no Adam Hudges Art :(
i would LOVE to see a Hooded Justice Mini Series drawn by Lee Bermejo or Marco Checchetto

Sad and pathetic.

They gonna rock!

Man, imagine if DC had put these creative teams or books like Teen Titans, or those other books they saddled with low grade hacks like Scott Lobdell, Rob Liefeld and Dan DiDio.

Well this doesn’t look bad by any stretch of the imagination. Whether the story will do the original justice remains to be seen. Art-wise though, we have nothing to worry about.

Flavio Pessanha

April 23, 2012 at 10:34 am


I am very excited about these books, a refreshing break from my New 52 doldrums..:)

@ John Smith
You took the words right out of my mouth… when it comes to describing the nay-sayers. I’m shocked, ripping on BW w/ absolutely no basis for the comments other than the poster wants to establish some cred with the other posters – it’s like the anti-Liefeld shit that was popular up until like last year. WTF, internet?

Those Cooke designs are awesome, it’s like what a Bruce Timm cartoon show made only for adults would look like. I especially like the Dollar Bill one, there’s something so…. hopeful about bright, old-school shots of superheroes like that.

Dude, this art work look amazing. I am very excited for this


Very true. Some “fans” simply have the need to act like assholes. Failing to realize what fools they make of themselves in the process.

I just can’t get past the fact that this is being done against the stated explicit wishes of the creator – and in fact verifies his claim that he was given a veiled threat that something like this WOULD be done without his cooperation on other projects. A lot of people who called Alan Moore paranoid owe him an apology.

Seems strange to see these characters outside a 9 panel layout lol

TO Cliff
what do you mean “Something like this”
THIS thing your talking bout Looks F##king Glorious, and Alan Moore can go to hell! LEE BERMEJO WAS BORN TO DRAW A RORSCHACH

The reason the nay-sayers just write a word or two is that there is nothing to support their claims of disgusting sadness – just look at that art.


April 23, 2012 at 10:57 am

I only really like the Minutemen stuff. The other stuff misses the point of the original story and setting completely…which makes sense since making sequels to this story also misses the point of the original story.

They look great! Looking forward to this! (DC still, even post-reboot, bends over backwards to incorporate Moore’s ‘Killing Joke’ into continuity, so I assume they’ll treat ‘Watchmen’ in much the same manner.)

TOO Regularsyzedmike
um how the bloody hell does Lee Bermejos art miss the point of the original story……… its dripping with the muck and grime that the new york of the 70s and 80s had, it completely gets the somber depressive tone of watchmen perfectly but then just as artwork it is amazingly detailed and lifelike and beautful in its own way
jae lee’s art also fits his book brilliantly

I don’t think it’s in poor taste because it’s against Alan Moore’s wishes….. DC owns the characters, so it’s their right to do with them as they see fit.
I think it’s in poor taste because these character’s prequels, or back stories, were already included in the original Watchmen story arc.
Do I really need to read “The Comedian Tries to Rape Silk Spectre”, or “Dr. Manhattan Vs. The Viet Cong”? Probably not, their origins were already detailed in the original.
Sure, they LOOK great, but this was clearly even more of a financial decision than the New 52…. There really isn’t any new story to tell.

“it’s like the anti-Liefeld shit that was popular up until like last year”

Anything anti-Liefeld will always be popular with me.

It’s weird to see “character designs” for characters already designed.

Those Darwyn Cooke designs are amazing!

Amazing artwork.

If only DC cared this much about their own properties rather than stolen ones.

Every artist and writer who worked on this is a rancid scab.

I will be pirating these off the internet.

Can’t argue with Cooke’s artwork. It’s beautiful, but won’t be getting my dollars.


Johnny Thunders

April 23, 2012 at 11:54 am

April 23, 2012 at 10:32 am
“Man, imagine if DC had put these creative teams or books like Teen Titans, or those other books they saddled with low grade hacks like Scott Lobdell, Rob Liefeld and Dan DiDio”


The art looks fantastic indeed but why didn’t these guys who expect to outdo Moore and Gibbons create their own characters the way Moore and Gibbons did?

I’m the LAST person to defend DC right now (I think the New 52 has been pretty disappointing so far), but I can’t help but respond to the negative comments to this project. Just because DC is publishing new stories featuring the Watchmen characters doesn’t mean that it takes away from the original story or that any or all of these stories are going to be bad. Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull was terrible, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like the other three any less. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is a classic and remains a classic even though there have been numerous stories (including films) featuring the Frankenstein’s monster. We live in a world now where our entertainment agencies thrive on sequels, spinoffs, and reboots to cash in on preexisting properties. If it’s good then we can rejoice that we have a whole new bunch of stories to enjoy and if it’s bad we can just forget that it ever happened and keep on living our lives.

Stuart: The world and characters of Watchmen are, and have always been property of DC Comics. The people working on this are some of the most professional and skilled writers and artists in comics. Pirating the comics only makes you part of the problem and a parasite.

Leocomix: All the creators involved have a significant body of creator owned work as well as creating new characters for Marvel and DC. Azzarello wrote the critically acclaimed Vertigo series 100 Bullets, Len Wein created Swamp Thing and Wolverine, Jae Lee created the Sentry, JMS created Babylon 5 and wrote a gripping story of forgotten Marvel characters in The Twelve. The Watchmen characters themselves were thinly veiled analogues of Charlton characters that DC had recently purchased. And arguing that they shouldn’t work with Moore’s characters invalidates the tremendous work Moore did on Swamp Thing, Superman, and Batman.

You people realize that the only reason DC owns these characters is because they ripped Alan Moore off in the 1st place right? He believed the contract would give him the characters a year after the last issue, they just kept printing it in trades so they could keep the rights. They screwed him over in the very beginning

Personally, I don’t blame Warner Bros./DC for wanting to go through with an obvious cash-grab opportunity, but I am ashamed at the writers and artists involved. I don’t care how good the art is, they have already proven to me how little they respect the rights & creativity of other writers & frankly, I don’t know if I’ll be ever to justify buying any of their work again.

The fact that they insist on calling this a “tribute to Watchmen” while they blatantly ignore the still-living writer of the book just adds insult to injury.

You’ve come a long way from Wildstorm, Jim Lee.

For Shame

Seriously, that is some great art, and it looks very thematic, and it makes me sad that I will not be buying it, or supporting this project with one dime. I can imagine that each of the writers worked very hard on their story lines, that they tried to stay true to Moore’s vision…but the entire thing is a travesty.

Put YOURSELF in Alan’s place. You were given a deal, told one thing, and then betrayed by a corporate giant which is looking to make more money off of your ideas. No matter how much I like the art, this is all kinds of wrong, and every single person who wants to be an artist, or a writer…you all know it is wrong.

No…you are not a bad person for liking this art. Heck, you are not a bad person if you buy the books…that would be crazy to say…but you are supporting folks who are doing something Bad to a man who was lied to…and I want no part of that.

and before anyone brings up the whole “inspired by DC-owned characters” thing, yes that was the original plan, but when DC saw his pitch, they said “no, you can’t do that to our characters, you’ll have to write your own book.” So he did, and he spent years on it and it ended up being very different as a result. DC could have owned it fair and square, but they told him no

They should’ve gone with a poster-book tribute to Watchmen. Much less risible.

It’s a shame some of my favourite creators seem to have Stockholm Syndrome, but they need to pay the bills, I guess.

I’m done with the Warners/Disney IP-farms. European and indie stuff only from here on out…

DC owns Watchmen and can do whatever they want with them. And you talk about origin stories….this is nothing about origin. These are the stories from after their origin to the time the Watchmen comic took place. The book itself shows years passing without any explanation of what happened…well, THIS is the story of what happened.

And honestly, Moore’s just a whiny b*tch. He himself made comics from other creator’s characters (Batman, Swamp Thing, etc), so he has no room to talk.

Oh, and the squid thing was totally retarded.

well, they certainly put the A-teams on these books. they are gorgeous!

however, i am sad that darwyn cooke and amanda conner aren’t working on any of the new 52 books. instead, we get 500 books by Liefeld.

Doesn’t look too bad.
But I’m probably not gonna buy it, to me the story is told, and that’s that.

But honestly DC has all the rights to make as much Watchmen stuff as they want, they own it.
If Alan Moore were all that he should have self-published it or made it creator owned, but he didn’t
(probably because originally he wanted to make Watchmen with the Charlton characters)

Whining over stuff like franchising, wich is only natural for a company like DC/Warner, is what’s really pathetic.

Don’t like it? Don’t buy it.

DC “ripped of Alan Moore?” But doesn’t that go against Moore’s (and most of these poster’s) belief that he’s some sort of genius? How would a “genius” allow himself to be ripped off?


April 23, 2012 at 12:31 pm


It misses the point by existing to add to a story that is already complete. Gone apparently are the days where people had enough sense to leave a good story alone and just enjoy it within itself. Now we need to keep remaking and rebooting and retooling classics to give the hungry fanboys fat and keep the company running until it can find another idea to butcher.

Anyone who doesn’t see the problem with this simply doesn’t understand ethics or morality, and I can’t help ya there.

Also, who in the world read watchmen and said, “This needs a bunch of prequels!” lol, no one even wanted this.

And anyone who wants to act like they like Watchmen, while bashing Alan Moore, is an idiot who should be kept away from all forms of creative art entirely. These are the same kinds of people who steal the rights to Paul McCarney’s songs and sell them to Nike commercials…


Genius is not equal to “Good at everything”….it only means that in the comic books (ala Reed Richards, etc.). Tesla was a genius. Edison hired more Geni to defeat him. Knowing how to write, does not mean knowing how to read a contract, or understanding when a contract was designed to screw you over with one little clause.

However, from your contempt for Alan, can we deduce that you won’t be buying the series anyway? I mean, if Alan was not regarded as the greatest comic book writer in history…by just about everyone….including most of the people involved in Before Watchmen, and including most of the buying public, there would be NO NEED to publish Before Watchmen at ALL.

Dismiss Alan all you like, even DC disagrees with you. This is about preying on a bad deal, falsely dealt, regarding the best regarded Comic Book Property of all time. If it was not, they would not be putting the resources and time into as they have.

The die is cast. Will they keep turning it out, and will you be supporting them? Fine. That subset of folks will continue to dwindle, and they all know it.

I haven’t been so excited about a DC project since DK2!

The difference is, thses pages look fantastic! I’m going to be getting all of these series


In response to your “can we deduce that you won’t be buying the series anyway” question, I’ll buy them if they are good……exciting story, great art, etc. I don’t care if Alan Moore wrote the first (so I’m to assume ONLY) Watchmen story, if the comics are good, I’ll buy them. Why shouldn’t artists and writers not be supported for creating entertaining books?

What, the comic industry is on such solid ground that books that dozens of writers and artists pour hearts into can just be totally dismissed because of one pissed off author?

I respect the work of Alan Moore…I don’t respect the man. Got a beef? Start a Seigel family style lawsuit and fight your claim in court. Otherwise, let the company that OWNS the characters do what they want with them without discrediting those artists and writers who are doing the exact same thing he did for many years, and that’s make money off of someone else existing body of work.

honestly, it should be dismissed because of one pissed off author. He is THE author. He came up with every inch of the story, and now these people are being paid to leach off it. I don’t care if its a good read or not, I might never be able to respect these writers and artists again, which sucks.

If they want to put their heart & souls into something, they can keep writing their own books and try to sell those.

I’m not mad at DC(anymore), its the individual writers I shake my head in shame at.

Have you read JMS’ comments? Shameful. I suspect he secretly is doing this to spite Alan Moore for writing better books than him lol

Marilyn Merlot

April 23, 2012 at 1:20 pm

I hope DC publishes a comic detailing Harvey Pekar’s adventures as a zombie next!

Oh it’s Rorschach beating somebody up – how inventive

And wasn’t Rorschach beating people up almost the entire time he was shown during the original series? Some people never cease to amaze with the crap they pull out of their asses to rip on this project.


Yes, because fans have been clamoring for one more picture of Rorschach punching somebody (according to Didio)

… And Connor ripping the falling globe panels from Watchmen

“Let’s not only piggy-back off someone else’s ideas – let’s put those exact ideas in our ‘new’ book”

This artwork looks amazing. If the stories are even close to the level of the art, this is going to be fun. I’ll let the Trolls get back to arming their private security firms so that DC can’t continue to go into their homes and destroy their copies of the Watchmen TPB along with their childhoods.

i dont think anyone was against before watchmen because the art would be sucky

obviously theyre gonna be amazing looking books

The only way the people working on this clusterf*ck are going to be able to redeem themselves is to trash it when it’s over.

“I did it because they were telling me they had Scott Lobdell and Rob Liefeld lined up to do it if I didn’t. I couldn’t let that happen, plus, y’know, money.”

I cannot see anyone defending this in any other way.

Also, no one on these projects can be called an artist anymore. Sentence Formation Specialists and illustrators.

I don’t know how they can sit at their drawing boards, drawing this stuff, and not feel sleazy

But, humans have a great capacity for denial

And I don’t know how people like you can sit in front of their computers and waste their time trashing something that they obviously have no intention whatsoever to read.

@DrunkJack “Also, no one on these projects can be called an artist anymore. Sentence Formation Specialists and illustrators.” Who exactly made you the first and last word on what is and isn’t art? What does make one an artist in your book. The arrogance and level of nerd outrage of some “fans” on this thread is unbelievable. As if they were crying out for Egyptian independence instead of talking about a company’s legal right to produce what will hopefully be some good comics.

Because it’s easy to trash garbage and someone has to.

You need us on that wall.

“Who exactly made you the first and last word on what is and isn’t art? ”

I took the mantle when Bill Hicks died. No one else seemed to want it. No one else cared. A world full of hacks and mediocrity cries out for someone to call garbage garbage.

I’ll be glad to call the conscience-less hacks working on these books what they are. One, because Moore has said that he has been heartened by people opposing Before Watchmen, and two, because otherwise Didio will continue to claim that “response has been all positive”

Johnny your continued need to call people names in every one of your posts proves that your argument has no legs of its own to stand on


Also, let me be clear: Illustrator is a legitimate and respectable job, I’m not saying they are bad people, they are just not motivated by passion or the need to say something. I have a great respect for a lot of people I assume draw what they draw for the $ and nothing else. I can’t draw for shit, I respect those who can.

But they’re not all artists. They’re illustrators.

It’s semantics, yes, but words matter.

And y’know, the people who WANT to read this need to seek help, it’s pathetic and sad. You cannot claim to like Watchmen, or understand what it was saying, or what it means as a work and want this. You simply cannot. It goes against what made Watchmen great. It goes against the nature of that work. It spits on that work and says “Fuck you, we own you.” That’s what Before Watchmen means. Nothing more. It’s purpose is to tell a creator “We own it, fuck you.” so y’know, it’s kind of hard to respect any of this.

The proof is in the pudding, numerous people insulted Alan Moore in this thread. Who the hell insults the writer of something that lead to this thing they are so eager to read?

It’s crazy. Illogical. Nutty. Irrational. You can’t like something and then take shots at the person who created it. Unless you’re an unhinged idiotic corporate stooge fanboy.

They never said responses were all positive. They said they’re more positive now than they were during the announcement. They said they hired the best(in their eyes) creators to handle it and said people should give it a chance before deciding to pass judgment based on almost nothing. You got a lot of nerve calling someone conscience-less, if you held the rights to something of this magnitude let’s see if you were never gonna do anything with it simply to keep fans’ sense of nostalgia of it intact after 25 years. It’s a business, get with the program. We may actually see something good come of it. If you can’t, don’t pay attention to it. Nobody’s destroying anything about your precious original Watchmen book.


It’s one thing for these creators to do a transparent cash grab like this, but it is another thing altogether to do so when they KNOW that Moore opposes it

If you can’t see that – I can’t really help you grasp it

So I’ll just assume that everyone on here who feels that the rest of us are sheep-like fanboys for looking forward to any of the BW books only owns the original 12 issue maxi series or stolen scans from the internet? Surely none of the morally righteous authorities on what makes one a true-blue Watchmen fan would sully their hands or households with a reprint copy of the collected edition.

It’s been said already by why didn’t DC just put these amazing teams on New 52 books instead of LobHell, Liefeld, and Didio?Oh well.


I find it funny Moore is so vocal to say noone should touch his work after he made his name writing Swamp Thing in the first place. So if Len Wein or Bernie Wrightson were oppose him writing it, would he or DC had refused to do it. I guess Nobody should do Swamp Thing except for them. On that note, nobody should do Amazing Spider-Man besides Lee and Ditko probably, too? You can complain about this all you want, the fact is they waited almost three decades respecting Alan’s wishes, he didn’t wanna do anything with DC and trashed them every chance he got, refused to give his name to anything his that they ever released, AND when they offered him the full rights for it if he agrees to just be a consultant in a new project, he told them to go fuck themselves. So they decided to move on without him. If you can still say they are conscience-less to him after all of this, then I don’t understand you at all. That’s a really suitable nickname btw.


Your last post proves that you really don’t even know the facts of this whole situation

DC never respected Moore’s wishes

Moore has already addressed your paltry Swamp Thing argument




Just own up and say you want to read Before Watchmen. Stop with the charade of pretending to have informed opinions on the subject

Anyone remember when Jim Lee used to care about creators rights? You know, back when he and those other 6 guys went off and formed Image…before he sold all his characters to DC and became just another corporate man doing work for hire….again.

Anyone looking forward to these books clearly did not understand Watchmen

I think the simplest thing to say is “Read the story”. If you hate it after that, then you hate it. If you like it, you like it. At the end of the day it is DC’s property and they can do with it as they like. If they want to do a “Watchmen Babies” graphic novel it is well with in their rights. If this story sucks in the end then it will suck, pointe finale. A bad story is a bad story, a good story is a good story. Disney has been churning out Winnie the Pooh stories for 50 some years and you don’t hear A.A. Milne’s family or fans turning into voracious “fanboys” ignorantly spouting propaganda about how shitty this is going to be. There is a fine line between homage and ripping off someones work. Alan Moore tread that line very closely when writing Watchmen paying homage to the Charlton Comics from back in the day. Everything is a rip off or a homage of something else. Now I’m off to write my Watchmen Babies proposal.

Doesn’t making these characters look like traditional superheroes go against one of the main ideas of the original? They’re supposed to look like normal people in stupid costumes.

Collin Allcars

April 23, 2012 at 5:54 pm

The art looks nice and these will probable be pretty good for the most part. It still feels greasy however. Too bad that hack JMS will be writing some of these. I hope someone makes a really lousy Babylon 5 sequel (prequel) against his wishes.

I’ve no doubt that some of these books could be interesting. All the art looks top notch to me. But I won’t be buying them.

It’s simply a creators rights issue. I’m not reading Before Watchmen or any Marvel/DC titles. I think they’re scummy companies. DC has done nothing but disrespect Alan Moore since screwing him over on Watchmen in the first place.

And Dan Didio and JMS’s recent comments have been nothing short of disgusting. JMS really likes to blame the victim in this situation.

Before Watchmen shouldn’t exist, not because it devalues the original work (which it doesn’t) or because DC should have these creators on the new 52 (which I could care less about), but because Dave Gibbons and Alan Moore should own the rights to Watchmen.

It’s like Blues Brothers 2000 or New Coke…. some things should be left alone.

DC can do what they want, they own the property. I’m sure AM is kicking himself for not waiting ten years for the “Creator Owned” era of Image BS to have done the story, but it’s no a moot point. I also, think he’s being a bit of a whiny bitch. It’s not because he doesn’t want it to happen that I think it’s in poor taste.

I said this above… Watchmen was meant as a self contained story, their origins were all already detailed in the original story. There’s nothing new to tell here. DC has already talked about the initial creator’s meetings where they bookmarked pages from the original series to draw from. We already know Doc Manhattans origin, and that he later went with the Comedian to battle the VietCong, and that the Comedian got corrupted. We already know that a certain legislation in that universe forced the rest of the heroes into retirement.

So when someone above writes, “But I want to know what happens in between.” The answer is “Nothing.” They went to seed. Nite Owl got fat. Rorschach spiraled further into mental illness. Silk Spectre held Jon’s jacket. There just isn’t a story here, and I’m interested in seeing people’s reactions once it actually comes out and realize that the bulk of these stories are just slight elaborations on what was already detailed in the original.

How much do you want to bet that the Rorschach mini-series is going to run like this: Issue 1) Rorshach’s origin story, how his mom was a hooker and he felt unloved, and later made his mask, told in flashbacks as he kicks some ass here and there. Issue 2) Rorschach starts to realize how scuzzy the underworld really is, and how much further he’s willing to go than his other costumed friends. Issue 3) The story with the child killer and the dogs and Rorschach starting to lose it, and surprise! Big climax is Issue 4) Rorschach loses it.

I don’t need to bother. I could outline the rest of these as well… it’s all so predictable and transparent. I could give a shit what Alan Moore thinks about it. I’m saying I think it’s a dumb idea, and in poor taste, and by definition, redundant.

“Put YOURSELF in Alan’s place. You were given a deal, told one thing, and then betrayed by a corporate giant which is looking to make more money off of your ideas”

Put yourself in Siegel and Schuster’s place. You were given a deal and then betrayed by a corporate giant who at one point paid Alan Moore to write stories based off your ideas.

Apples and oranges Inactiveman. And anyway, 2 wrongs don’t make a f***ing right

Wow. That Jae Lee stuff is absolutely gorgeous.

I wonder how many of these “champions of creator rights” will be in the first screening of avengers?

Buy it or dont, but its pointless to try to insult others differing opinions. Specifically when the ONLY reason you even read Watchmen is (more likely than not) due to DC keeping it in print.

Beautiful art; it’s a shame as to what purpose it’s serving.

Wow, what fantastic but hollow art.

Too bad it seems that so many creators and readers will basically sell their souls just for something that looks pretty and reminds them of past glories they last knew in the ’80s. But, then again, that just about sums up DC and Marvel these days anyway.

All of this stuff gets at larger issues. I don’t even want to see the Avengers movie. Not because Kirby got screwed over but because I’m just sick of all this overhyped sellout repackaging. It’s not worth THIS much of my attention. I’m buying fewer Big Two comics than ever, and that’s not so much because of creators’ rights issues… but the creators’ rights issues go right along with my disenchantment.

It’s time a lot of us moved on a bit more than we have. We should grow up, and we shouldn’t make excuses for otherwise good artists and writers who seem utterly shameless and creatively bankrupt for signing on to do Before Watchmen. Seriously, it is the laziest cash-grab ever. And Alan Moore already basically wrote and hinted at all these backstories anyway. So it’s just lazy. Lazy and uncreative.

Just because Amanda Conor and Darwyn Cooke draw cute little baby pictures doesn’t mean I have to love and respect them and have a happy little grin on my face whenever I see their cutesy-wutesy nostalgia-ridden baby pictures.

Alan Moore can be a nut, but he had it right a few years ago when he said that comics stopped growing up a long time ago… and now it’s just that all of US have sort of “grown down”, until we’re all a mass of perpetual children endlessly repackaging the nostalgia of yesteryear, usually to diminishing returns.

I’ll still read a handful of Marvel and DC titles. But I mostly read indies and real books these days.

Simpsons season 19, Episode 7: “Husbands and Knives”

Milhouse: Mr. Moore, will you sign my DVD of Watchmen Babies? Which of the babies is your favorite?

Alan Moore: You see what those bloody corporations do? They take your ideas and they suck them! Suck them like leeches until they’ve gotten every last drop of marrow from your bones!


April 23, 2012 at 9:27 pm

From an artistic perspective, it looks good.

In terms of morals and ethics, however, the writers, artists and DC themselves are on their own.

I wont be buying thse – not to support Moore mind you – who looks and acts like a complete nutter… IMO. But because they are $4 each, and there has been no word saying these are over the standard 20 pages ( plus 2 for the backup? – correct me if I’m wrong). Its a pathetic Marvel move to get the addicted fans to pay more for an item then they should be. I won’t buy them from Marvel – I ain’t gonna buy them from DC.

That being said, those Darwyn Cooke shots do look amazing. Very elegant and Noir-ish.

Comedian looks like Nightwing as a Janitor.

This is kind of like seeing Dr Seuss characters drawn in a style that misses the heart and soul of the originals. Oh wait, we already had that, and it made tons of money at the movies

If Watchmen was supposed to be a finite series, then why did Alan Moore entertain the idea of doing a sequel/prequel in the late 80’s/early 90’s

He has said in interviews that he had some ideas for a prequel…So there you go, I guess Alan didn’t intend it to be a finite series

How is what Moore (plus numerous others) and DC did to the creators of Superman different than what these artists and DC are doing to Moore? It isnt apples to oranges, in fact what happened to Siegel and Schuster was much worse.


I’ll explain this one more time – even though it has been explained about 6 thousand times on the Internet already.

In Moore’s Watchmen contract, there was explicit language about the rights reverting back to Moore and Gibbons. DC found a way to wriggle out of that (or you can blame the burgeoning trade paperback market). But the language was there

There was no such language in the agreement of Siegel and Shuster. Do I think what happened to S and S was much worse – yes. Particularly when you think about how much money Superman has made over the years

But they are 2 different circumstances.

This also answers the idgets who keep saying Moore knew what he was signing. Yes, he knew he was signing a contract that HAD A SPECIFIC CLAUSE ABOUT HIM GETTING THE RIGHTS BACK. It was a deceptive move by DC to put such language in the contract. It put a face of good faith on a contract that was anything but

Any time you sign a contract with a major corporation you are putting yourself at risk. In Moore’s case, he was putting his creations at risk in the long term for short term benefits. Or long term benefits when you consider that he still gets royalties for things like THE WATCHMEN and SWAMP THING and THE KILLING JOKE, etc. How could he not have thought that this was a corporation other than the one that raped Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster? It is one and the same, no matter who owns it now. How did he feel about Bill Finger when he was writing a Joker vehicle (THE KILLING JOKE)? Was consideration for that rape victim foremost in his mind?

I do feel sorry for Alan Moore. But the new fans are going to buy those books and they by and large don’t give a rat’s ass about Alan Moore. Just like DC doesn’t care about Alan Moore’s feelings. It’s an unfeeling, inhuman corporation.

1982: Alan Moore puts his own spin on Marvelman and Captain Britain, and sublimates Nightraven into V for Vendetta! Hooray!

1983: He gives us E.T. in Birmingham, O.C. & Stiggs in space, or The Munsters in Northampton. Bravo! And look he’s doing something new with Swamp Thing as well!

1984: Halo Jones sets off on her tour of familiar science fiction scenarios, to great acclaim.

1985: Alan Moore, with these Superman stories you are really spoiling us!

1986: What a magnificent respray job on the Charlton characters.

1988: What could top Alan doing Batman?

1989: OMG, Jack the Ripper: The Final Solution… with pictures!

1991: Wendy, Dorothy and Alice under one roof. It’ll take a while but I can’t wait to see the latter getting chased by a giant penis!

1993: Now he’s revitalised Spawn and WildCATS! And thrown in a 6-issue homage to the early days of Marvel for the fun of it!

1996: I don’t read non-comics very often but I have vague sense that the first chapter of his novel is a brilliant new take on ‘Riddley Walker’. And now he’s about to rejig Supreme and company by basically grafting them onto lots of Silver Age archetypes.

1999: Wow, he’s really doing wonders with these Victorian characters, and it’s a fine addition to the subgenre of fiction pioneered by the Wold Newton series and Kim Newman’s Anno Dracula books.

2000: I think my heart will explode if I mention too much ABC, but I particularly love how this Splash Brannigan episode points out how indebted it is to Plastic Man, MAD magazine and Betty Boop!

2010: Cthulhu, mon amour.

2012: New writers/actors to bring their own perspectives to ‘Before Watchmen’. Hacks! Scabs! Burn them! Burn them!

I don’t believe in magic but part of me wishes Alan Moore would curse DC, the fools who are working on this parody and the people who will buy it.

Proof that DC comics hasn’t an original thought in their head. I wonder how these hacks involved feel about this being 25 years too late? Utter tripe.

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