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BuzzFeed offers a look inside the DC offices

Dan DiDio's office

Earlier today Kevin linked to all those images of Before Watchmen that BuzzFeed had posted after their visit to the DC offices, but if you’re less curious about the project and are more curious as to what the inside of Dan DiDio’s office looks like (spoiler alert: comics!), they took a bunch of pictures of DC’s working environment as well. Click on over to see the reception area, the giant mural depicting several DC characters by different artists, and the offices of Will Dennis, Mark Chiarello and DiDio.



Awesome office. Gotta say though, I think Before Watchman is a bad idea, not that it will turn out bad. The creators all but guarantee amazing stuff. When are we going to see New Frontier 2, the summer of love?

Those that say that it shouldn’t affect the prior work, don’t seem to remember Star Wars Episode 1-3. Though the dialog in Return of the Jedi was awful.

I get 6 to 8 DC books a month. Even with that small amount, I feel like my comic purchases should afford Dan the chance to buy some new chairs. Those orangeish looking things are fugly.

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