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C2E2 | DC Comics to add more digital-first content

Ame-Comi Girls, by Amanda Conner

Following the release of the digital Smallville: Season 11 series today, USA Today reports that DC Comics has added two more titles to its upcoming slate of digital-first releases.

Joining Smallville, Justice League Beyond, Batman Beyond, Superman Beyond and Batman: Arkham Unhinged will be Ame-Comi Girls, based on the DC Collectibles line of Japanese manga-style statues, and an out-of-continuity Batman series.

Brian Truitt nails the lede here, saying “DC Comics aims to make every day a new comics day.” Ame-Comi Girls, written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, will come out on Mondays, while Batman–which will feature tales of the Dark Knight by Ben Templesmith, Steve Niles, B. Clay Moore, Nicola Scott, Joshua Hale Fialkov, Damon Lindelof and Jeff Lemire, among others–will come out on Thursdays. So the weekly line-up of digital-first series from DC looks like this:

Monday: Ame-Comi Girls
Tuesday: Batman: Arkham Unhinged
Wednesday: The Beyond comics
Thursday: Batman
Friday: Smallville: Season 11

“Our goal has always been from the very beginning to have something for everyone. The opportunities that digital opens up, it really allows us to go for as wide an audience as possible,” Hank Kanalz, DC’s senior vice president for digital, told USA Today. “The Lindelof thing will really appeal to tons of fans who don’t read regular comics, obviously. Hopefully when they come, they’ll see what an amazing medium this is and stay.”

Update: Via press release, DC has announced more details on the Ame-Comi Girls series. “AME-COMI GIRLS, launching in May, is based on the best-selling product line from DC Collectibles that brings the distinct Japanese influence of anime and manga to DC Comics’ female heroines and their foes. In the new series, the heroines must unite to stop an invasion by the female Braniac, who is aided by a group of ‘bad girl’ super villains. Initially, there will be five individual character arcs with multiple chapters, leading up to united, Ame-Comi girl series. All stories are written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray with Wonder Woman art by Amanda Conner and Tony Akins, Batgirl art by Sanford Greene, Duela Dent art by Ted Naifeh, Power Girl art by Mike Bowden and Supergirl art by Santi Casas.”

They also announced the creative pairings for the Batman digital comics: “BATMAN digital, launching in June, will take place outside of DC Comics – The New 52 continuity and feature a series of stand-alone stories by various creators that chronicle different cases handled by The Dark Knight. Confirmed creative teams include Damon Lindelof and Jeff Lemire; Jonathan Larsen and JG Jones; Tom Taylor and Nicola Scott; Ales Kot and Ryan Sook; B. Clay Moore and Ben Templesmith; Steve Niles and Trevor Hairsine; Joe Harris and Jason Masters; TJ Fixman and Christopher Mitten; Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman; Joshua Hale Fialkov and Phil Hester; David Tischman and Chris Sprouse; and many more!”

Batman, by Ben Templesmith



DC Comics: Hey, so you want more women in comics? Here’s a series adapting a line of toys the feature some of the most objectified depictions of women around!

Amanda Conner doing the art on Wonder Woman? Sign me up!

Drawn by one of the top female artists in the industry. I’ll take Amanda Conner’s opinion over yours.

SOOO sick of hearing all the comments about pretty much anything female superheroes wear/act like = women being objectied. I’m female, and I love the idea of Ame Comi girls, and love the costumes! I’ll be picking this one up for sure!

I’m very excited about the BATMAN story I wrote. Ryan Sook & I are doing something interesting with its structure and I can definitely say that the story is directly connected to the events of Miller’s and Mazzucchelli’s ‘Batman: Year One’, specifically chapters one and two.

You’ll be able to read our story on its own and fully enjoy it, but there will be some extra Easter Eggs as well.

Large ones.

Judge Fred MANSON

April 13, 2012 at 3:27 pm

I will wait for the printed versions of these future excellent comic books!!!!

Except if you donate me enough to buy the new iPad 32Go WiFi!!! :)

Mark me down as another female fan who loves the Ame-Comi Girls. The designs are colorful and fun!

I’ll add this here:

DC: add in to the printed format the 5 Batman: Black & White stories originally printed in the collected edition of Vol 2 and never reprinted in the pamphlet format like you had said you’d be doing when the backups were still running in Gotham Knights. Perfect time to get them more hands!

Huge batman fan here! But not so much on digital, yuuck. Takes all the heart out if comics but opinions are like……well nevermind. I will also be waiting for the print. Batman art looking good. Its dark and creepy.

I cant stand those half naked anime figures – everytime I see them in previews, I just feel sad for the adult males who buy them, just so they can have a perv. But then I’m a gay male, so I’m not really their target audience! :)

Anyway! Those teams on the Batman comic sound amazing! Are these going to make it to print too someday?? Is Lemire on doing art? Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman and Steve Niles and Trevor Hairsine are a must buy! Plus Sook, Scott and Jones. So much talent!

Judge Fred MANSON

April 14, 2012 at 8:48 am

You can count me a s pervert too for the Ame-Comi Girls comic books!!! :)

(I remember A-KO… How good it was!!! – Published by Antarctic Press in the very good ol’ time)

I have always love these manga-designed characters because you can put them in ant situations that you will not accept when they are in their true forms. That’s a great power from the manga storytelling.

Well, I’ve avoided these “digital first” things until now, but I’ll be buying both of those, without question.

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