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C2E2 | Mark Waid is … Insufferable


Daredevil and Irredeemable writer Mark Waid has been gearing up for the launch of a new digital comics imprint, and this weekend we learned not only the name of this new imprint, Thrillbent, but also the first project–Insufferable, with artist Peter Krause and colorist Nolan Woodard.

“The project itself is going to be amazing but this entire endeavor goes beyond just the entertainment value. Mark and his fellow trailblazers are sharing everything we learn from successes to mistakes online. He’s re-purposed his website as an educational tool for the world to learn right alongside us. That is what I call giving back and then some!” Woodard said on his blog. “Since the beginning I’ve been excited to make this announcement to the world. Waid and Krause are wonderful collaborators and make me, a colorist, feel like I matter, really matter, in a world where colorists often don’t even get credit let alone recognition.”

You can learn more about Thrillbent in an interview Waid did with USA Today or at our own Brigid Alverson’s panel report on CBR.



I will visit it.

“Interesting” is going to be the fourth book in Waid’s series.

Sounds like Jason Todd or Snapper Carr.

Sounds cool. I’ll definitely give Insufferable a shot, especially if its 99 cents a chapter.

With this whole promotion of digital comics as the way forward, Waid gets talked about as though he’s some sort of a comics visionary…things like this make me believe otherwise, its still just a mild variation on superhero comics.

I know the comics industry (particularly the super-hero scene) tends to exist in a cultural bubble, but the talk of a webcomics portal being “trailblazing” and “visionary” is ridiculous. Keenspot has been around since 2000 and I’m sure there’s other portals I don’t know about that were around longer.

This is pretty much the same scenario as Scott McCloud writing a webcomics manifesto only to have the Penny Arcade guys tell him welcome to two years ago.

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