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Comics A.M. | Darwyn Cooke dragged ‘kicking and screaming’ into Before Watchmen

Before Watchmen: Minutemen #1

Creators | How did Darwyn Cooke get involved with the Before Watchmen comics? “I was kind of dragged into it kicking and screaming by [DC Comics Co-Publisher] Dan DiDio. He had been discussing this for what does amount to several years now, and the first time he had approached me about it, I had actually turned it down simply because I couldn’t see doing anything that would live up to the original. And, it was about a year later, the story idea that I’m working on now sort of came to me and I realized that there was a way to do the project, and I had a story that I thought was exciting enough to tell. So I phoned Dan up and said, ‘Hey, if you still got room, I’m in.'” [Rolling Stone]

Creators | Ron Marz discusses Prophecy, his upcoming comic that turns the whole Mayan calendar thing into a crossover event that will bring together an eclectic group of characters, and defends the idea of crossovers in general: “If your objection is “they’re not in the same universe,” or a crossover somehow offends your sense of continuity, I’d suggest you’re missing the point. More than any other medium, comics are about unfettered imagination, about making the impossible possible. If you’re going to let some perceived “rules” prevent you from telling an exciting story, you’re just not trying very hard. Having a sense of wonder, of discovery, is much more important than following some set of perceived rules and regulations.” [MTV Geek]

Jack Kirby in the Marvel offices in 1965

Creators | Jack Kirby’s son Neal pens a guest essay on growing up with the King of Comics. [Hero Complex]

Creators | Paul Gravett talks to comics legend Robert Crumb. [Paul Gravett]

Creators | Brian McFadden, who draws the weekly political comic Big Fat Whale as well as a weekly comic for The New York Times Magazine, talks about his tools, his influences, and his inspiration. [David-Wasting-Paper]

Creators | In a video interview, Nick Spencer (Morning Glories) discusses writing comics and his plans for the future. [Previews World]

Events | Karen Green talks about putting together the Comic New York symposium at Columbia University, which brought together such diverse talents as Chris Claremont, John Romita Sr. and Jr., Bill Griffith, and Ariel Schrag, among others. [comiXology]

Events | Erica Friedman contrasts two very different comics events, Japan’s enormous winter Comiket (Comic Market) and a small yaoi and yuri show in the Netherlands. [The Hooded Utilitarian]

Commentary | Tim Callahan continues his “Great Alan Moore Reread” and talks about Moore’s work with Ian Gibson on “The Ballad of Halo Jones.” []



I like Cooke and will be buying Before Watchmen, but even I think he probably had time to ruminate on the zeroes at the end of the paycheque.

Call me a shill, but put enough zeroes on a paycheck and I’d write a prequel to the Bible, Ulysses, The Iliad and anything else. I gotta eat, baby.

“Turned it down, but eventually thought ‘Hey, it could be done.'” isn’t exactly the definition of “kicking and screaming.”

Cooke should have followed his first instinct. Instead, he basically sold out, and I do think less of him (and all the other Before Watchmen creators) for having signed onto this unnecessary project.

It’s not that I’m even a huge fan of Alan Moore or Watchmen, it’s just that the Before Watchmen project seems so UNCREATIVE, easy, and pointless.

I guess my problem with it isn’t even the monetary aspect of it but just how uncreative it is. I expected more creative things from Coooke. But looking back, though he’s a great craftsman, I guess he’s never been all that good at originality or innovation.

Creatively this has a lot of zeros as well including my zero support for anything further from Cooke.How would he feel if something he was involved in was adapted against his wishes.Of course the assumption is that he has ever done anything original because I’ve only seen his adaptations.Too bad writers block isn’t a transferable meta gene.Have fun with the big bucks you didn’t earn or deserve,Darwyn.

Marz, if he wants to explore story telling possibilities with a concept this lame, won’t be seeing my bucks either, and this is a writer I liked up to now.As Ashley said here about Before Watchmen “uncreative,easy,and pointless.

I don’t like watchmen, so they could prequel the hell out of it and i still wouldn’t care any more than for Alan “genius” Moore who throws a hissy fit every now and then because he didn’t have a clue about fine print.

I’ll keep enjoying Cooke’s take on the Parker novels, and pass on the Before Watchmen gig.

Really, this is a collection of quotes that is all that needs to be said about Darwyn Cooke and this project:

The money quote:

“I tried to think about it as if it were me, if there was some young guy making, God forbid, New Frontier motion comics or something, and he was a total fanboy…that would drive me up the wall.”

I almost feel bad for Cooke. I find “Before Watchmen” distasteful, but I don’t see him as a “villain” here and I’m not going to swear off all of his future work or anything.

That said, though, I think his use of an expression like “dragged into it kicking and screaming” to describe his involvement on a highly controversial project was really unfortunate. It’s not exactly fair, but it’s inevitable all the same that under the circumstances he’s going to sound like a complete ass who sold out and then tried to somehow deny that it was his own choice to do so.

Again, I don’t think that’s a correct impression or one that he even meant to give, but that’s the impression he’s going to give a lot of people all the same, and I kind of feel bad for him.

Why even bother with this when the industry has been using the Watchmen and DKR as a go-to grimdark style guide ad-nauseum for years. What the hell would there be to see in a Watchmen prequel that hasn’t been done to death everywhere else in modern comics.

…somebody with a WordPress account want to go to that LA Times article and correct the “Marvel Comics” credit they put on that page where he’s drawing Orion and shilling Boy Commandos, Sandman, Manhunter, and Newsboy Legion?

Or should we just sit back and bask in the irony of Marvel getting credit for Jack’s work even in a case where they clearly and unambiguously had absolutely nothing to do with it?

Classic McKracken: “I don’t like that comic so integrity doesn’t matter! LOL!”

Oh, McKracken.


To Wraith: most of us–the overwhelming majority of humanity–don’t see ourselves as villains. But how we see ourselves and what we choose to do in this brief stay in this life are often two different things.

In other words: he’s a villain.

To all the holier-than-thou posters bagging on Cooke & Marz :

If this is so creatively shallow and derivative and unfair, why don’t you trying something better and worthwhile ? You know, not riding on the previous work of others, and not recycled and rehashed.

DC owns the rights to the characters, and as such should be utilizing them beyond one story arc. Why wouldn’t you, especially considering the A-level of creators involved.

Watchmen gets finally serialized? Sounds totally like comics to me Darryl…
So that’s your integrity at work, right there.

(picture line of inane smilies here..)

Cooke should have kicked and screamed harder. It marks him as another creator who now deserves to never sell another comic ever again. Every creator on the BW project should never work in the industry ever again. They’ve now directly contributed to the worsening of comics as a whole. Dear, Cooke, Azzarello, Bermejo, etc… I hope you see your own careers go in the direction that the golden and silver age creators did when the publishers realized they had the perfect criminal organization in that the victims would also be the ones who perpetuate the cycle of the crimes.

Good work, creators, you’ve worsened the industry that much more. Hope you’re proud of yourselves.

I respect Cooke, he’s a phenomenal talent. But I don’t think he can understand the ethics of the situation until he creates his own characters and someone else uses them. So far, all of his work has utilized solely other people’s creations.

PARKER: ‘passion’ project for Cooke…. BEFORE WATCHMEN: ‘paycheck’.

If the latter help fund and financially amortise more of the former, fine with me. There’ll be enough DC fanboys/Moore haters buying these for Didio/Lee/Harras to reap their BW investment; being neither, I won’t.*

*Well… until I find them 4-for-$1 years from now in discounted longboxes at Comic-Con or BOOK OFF. (I’m praying that GLYCON will overlook this failing, somehow.)

Glycon overlooks nothing. He(?) sees EVERYTHING.

Though intense ritual fasting and purification may persuade him(?) to forgive your transgressions.

Man, if Alan Moore were reading this right now, he’d be so happy that he’d probably high five everyone that is taking such a principled stand against DC over them wanting to publish a comic book based on something that was successful in the past. I have no interest in Before Watchmen and I loved the original when it first came out but the self-righteousness coming from fans about the whole thing is getting ridiculous. Quit congratulating yourselves on comic book message boards about about how “evil” Dc is and just don’t buy it.


I’m hoping that eidolon from my VOICE OF THE FIRE hb will intercede on my behalf…

Comic book fans, comic book fans, comic book fans…

Boy, do I miss comic shops! NOT!

Anyhow, creators have to pay their bills. It’s not up to me or you to decide which projects Cooke and other creators decide to work on.

They’re doing these books because a) they need the work; and b) unless you’re an idiot, these are sure-selling comics which you can’t say about many other titles.

I don’t care for the Before Watchmen mini’s/one-shots, either. BUT, I’m not going to make absolutist statements about not buying some creator’s future or past work because of what I’d consider a bad career choice! That’s kind of lame and pointless. The books are going to sell… There will be people who enjoy this crap as much as they do 52 and all the other nonsense DC and Marvel have been doing for decades. No accounting for tastes or pop culture trends. One thing people DON’T like is buying told they can’t spend their money the way they want to!

You want to make a personal statement? FINE! Just don’t buy the damn books… But please, don’t lecture in front of the rest of us who frankly couldn’t give a fig about what less than 1% of the population thinks about Watchmen comics or Alan Moore’s beard….!

The Spirit ended with Will Eisner. The Rocekteer ended with Dave Stevens. Love and Rockets ends with the Hernandez Bros.
Watchmen ended with Alan Moore.
This is just my opinion but I will never by this corporate junk. And its the final nail that has turned me off to ever buying anything from DC or Marvel for that matter.
I’m sick of creative people getting screwed for their honest hard work.
Pull that crap on Wall Street but not with my comics.

Writers, artists, please create new, original books and become the new Stevens, Eisner, or Moore.

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