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Cullen Bunn co-writing four issues of Captain America

Cullen Bunn recently wrapped up a co-writing gig on The Fearless and added one for Venom, in addition to going it alone on Wolverine and Captain America and … for Marvel–not to mention writing The Sixth Gun for Oni Press. Now he’s added another project to his plate–a co-writing stint on the main Captain America title.

According to Marvel’s July solicitations, Bunn will join longtime Cap scribe Ed Brubaker starting with issue #15, where Cap finds himself the victim of “a vicious media smear campaign” for drawing the sequel to a best-selling graphic novel from the 1980s. (Naw, just kidding; but remember when Steve Rogers was a comic artist?) Actually the smear campaign follows the whole madbombs storyline and involves a group called The Discordians.

Marvel has teamed up several of their writers in the recent past — Kieron Gillen and Matt Fraction on Uncanny X-Men, Jonathan Hickman and Sam Humphries on Ultimates – before the newer writer takes over the title, so you might assume that’s what’s going on here. As Multiversity Comics pointed out, it’s a good way to provide continuity from one writer to another. According to Bunn, however, his team-up with Brubaker is just for a single arc, which will run through Cap #15-18. Still, you never know … with Marvel gearing up for a bunch of changes post-Avengers vs. X-Men, there’s no telling who will end up where.



I absolutely love Bunn’s work, but it’d be a shame to have Brubaker’s epic 7-years-n’-counting run on Cap just kind of peter out like that. End with a bang, not a whimper!

I noticed the solicit info last week. I certainly hope Bru is not done with Cap. He’s been very evasive when asked about if he’s staying on the title.

Ugh. Is there a book he’s not tanking?

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