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Dark Horse to publish Spike, Willow spinoff projects [Updated]

David Mack's Willow

Entertainment Weekly shares the news that Dark Horse has two spinoff miniseries planned for later this year, featuring Buffy the Vampire Slayer supporting characters Spike and Willow.

The Spike miniseries, which kick off in August, will be written by X-Men writer Victor Gischler and picks up after the end of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Nine #10. “The focus is on Spike and his coming to terms with some things, sort of getting right in the head,” Gischler told EW. “He loves Buffy, but can’t be with her. What does that mean to a vampire with a soul?” He also meets up with some demons trying to collect the shards of the magic “seed” that was destroyed in Season Eight of the comic.

The Willow series, meanwhile, starts in November and is written by Thunderbolts and Hulk writer Jeff Parker. Willow, who took off from the pages of Buffy with the mystical slayer scythe, hunts down Angel in a quest to try and bring magic back to Earth.

You can see the cover art for the first issue of the Spike series over at the EW site.

Update: Kiel Phegley at CBR picks up a few more tidbits on the two miniseries at the Diamond Retailer Summit leading into C2E2; Brian Ching will draw the Willow series with covers by David Mack and Megan Lara. Paul Lee will draw Spike with covers by Jenny Frison and Steve Morris.



Shocking Gischler is doing more vampire stories. Dude really is kinda one note.

Willow sounds like a great story cant wait for that.

Jeff Parker on a Willow miniseries? That’s awesome. Season Nine has been really strong so far and I think these spinoffs are gonna be kickass.

I’m cool with Spike and Willow mini-series but not sure about Gischler’s skills as a writer.

Really looking forward to that Willow series… yesterday I looked at the EW link and the Spike image was actually from Buffy Season 8 – a cover by Jo Chen – maybe they’ve updated it since then. But that Willow cover looks great. I like how they are starting to get a bit farther away from the exact likeness of the actors yet still able to retain certain elements to make them recognizable.

I don’t think I’ve read anything by either of these guys or seen art from any of the artists, but it’s Buffy so I’m getting both series.

Glad Spike will be leaving the main book for a while—-I hate his interaction with Buffy. Very disturbing considering he tried to rape her. Plus, I am a hardcore Bangel shipper.

Ok, you just said the magic words – Jeff Parker! Looks like I’ll be picking up Willow, and that cover is awesome!

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