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First look at Ted Naifeh’s Ame-Comi take on Batgirl and Duela Dent

Ame-Comi Batgirl, by Ted Naifeh

Following the announcement Friday at Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo that DC Comics will add Ame-Comi Girls to its digital-first slate, Courtney Crumrin creator Ted Naifeh has posted some of his character sketches for the series, inspired by the popular DC Collectibles line of anime-style statues.

Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, the series launches in May with five individual character arcs leading up to the united Ame-Comi Girls, as the heroines unite to stop an invasion by a female Braniac and her “bad girl” supervillains. Naifeh, who’ll be drawing the Duela Dent chapter, writes, “If you haven’t already heard about it, this is the concept. What if the DC universe had no superheros of super-villains, but only heroines and villainesses. Right? I love it too! And I was honored to be asked to participate, drawing one of the 30-page chapters of the series.”

Check out Naifeh’s take on Batgirl and Duela here, and visit his blog to see more.

Ame-Comi Duela Dent, by Ted Naifeh



Naifeh did amazing work on Death Jr., so I’m eager to see what he does here. The style sheet for Ame-Comi Duela is pretty great already.

DC’s been getting better at pulling in established talent of late, but I’d love it to see Naifeh on a print ongoing.

Courtney crumrin Just started as a print ongoing series check it out. I would hate to see Naifeh drop his original work to do yet another project set in the Batman mythos.

Looks interesting. I like how Duela Dent is dressed like a Steampunk cosplayer.

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