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Have a spare six grand? Skottie Young’s AvX cover art could be yours!

Skottie Young's Midtown Comics-exclusive cover art for "Avengers vs. X-Men" #1

If you’re a Marvel fan with a hefty tax refund burning a hole in your checking account, you may want to pay a visit to Skottie Young’s blog, where the artist has posted original art for his Midtown Comics-exclusive AvX Babies cover for Avengers vs. X-Men #1. The brush and ink art — two 11-inch by 17-inch Bristol boards taped together — can be yours for a cool $6,000.



God help me, if he was doing the artwork for the book, I would actually…buy it and read it.

Funny, just the other day Kaare Andrews was yapping on Bleeding Cool about how this type of thing NEVER happens. $6,000? Gimme a break.

That’s not what Kaare Andrews was saying at all.

“You don’t draw comics to cash in, you draw comics because you love comics. ” — Kaare Andrews

If you think Skottie Young got paid six grand for that cover, someone is spiking your Cheerios, dude.

I LOVE Skottie Young, and this cover is awesome, but is anyone actually going to pay 6 grand for this? Do the Donald Trumps and Warren Buffets of the world read comics? Oh, god I hope not…..

(BTW, I’m a different Anonymous)

6k?!? Are you shitting me? What the hell is Young smoking? The phrase – more money than sense (cents) – comes to mind! haha….

Actually, $6000 isn’t that outrageous…I think $1000-2000 is pretty standard for the original art for a cover, and this is a wraparound cover that features a few dozen characters. I imagine he’ll probably get that for it.

And Anonymous 1, Kaare Andrews was specifically talking about artists who take extra time on INTERIOR pages and turn them into pinups to sell them for inflated prices instead of worrying about storytelling, which isn’t what Young did, or does. Besides, superhero art of known characters is the most in-demand original art, and Young rarely even draws superheroes for anything but covers anymore, as he’s been spending the last 4 years drawing Marvel’s Oz adaptations.

He hinted on his Twitter feed that he priced it so high so no one would buy it, that he wanted to keep it.

Marvel Previews #104 April for June 2012
p. 105
Avengers vs X-Men by Skottie Young Poster
Final Order Cut-Off 5/14, On Sale – 6/13
24×36 $8.99

The variant comicbook at Midtown costs $8.

I’d love if they offered this via their print shop…

Six thousand? For an awesome Skottie Young poster of Avengers fighting the X-Men, linked to one of the biggest crossovers in Marvel? Heck yeah, it will increase in value in the coming decades!


April 5, 2012 at 9:45 am

Recently added this to my collection for a hell of a lot less then $6K.


April 5, 2012 at 11:00 am

$6k?!? Young is one of the most overrated artists in the business! (One of the most annoying, too, if you follow him on Twitter.) There are several things that determine the value of a piece of art; namely, whether it will stand the test of time. Artists who charge in the thousands for their art will, more than likely, be relevant artists 50 years from now. Skottie Young? GTFO!

I’d recommend buying his Oz work.
That has a large audience outside of comics fandom.

My favorite:

Brillant cover. I really wish Marvel had Young do a type of What If one shot for AvX.

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