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IDW teases G.I. Joe/Danger Girl ‘crossover of the century’ [Updated]

Danger Girl/ G.I. Joe

It looks like things are about to get even more dangerous for the G.I. Joe team.

IDW Publishing announced on their Facebook page today that they will publish a G.I. Joe/Danger Girl crossover.

“CROSSOVER OF THE CENTURY ALERT: DANGER GIRL and GI JOE are teaming up! Campbell! Hartnell! Royle! Barber! Dunbier!” were the only words accompanying the artwork seen above, featuring Danger Girl Abbey Chase dressed as the Baroness. No further details were shared, but I’m betting we find out more this weekend at C2E2.

Update: Update: Kiel Phegley at CBR picks up a few more tidbits on the project at the Diamond Retailer Summit leading into C2E2: The series will be written by Scott Campbell and co-creator Andy Hartnell, and drawn by John Royle.



Given that Campbell sto.. Er borrowed heavily from early Hama G.I. Joe this should be right up his alley. Will be fun I bet.

Darth Eradicus

April 12, 2012 at 6:26 pm

I’ve actually got to check if the current Danger Girl/Army of Darkness crossover has been completed yet. Unless my current comic book shop simply dropped the title, I think that miniseries is at least several months behind schedule…

I do look forward to this (I’m thinking it’ll be a hoot), but I wish they’d cross over with something not as serious as GI Joe. I would have absolutely LOVED to see this:

“Austin Powers and Danger Girl Get Smart”

Whaddaya think?

Here’s an apporpriate crossover: Danger Girl/ James Bond/ Charlies Angels/ Spider-ma….

Oh, forget that last one. :)

If as others have stated this was one of Campbell’s “dream projects” he’d actually be drawing it instead of just doing covers.

But he’s supposedly been doing his Spider-Man magnum opus with Loeb for what now the last 10 years it seems?

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