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Marvel opens digital comics storefront

Marvel unveiled the Marvel Digital Comics Store yesterday. If that doesn’t seem like news, it’s because Marvel already has a number of digital offerings, but what’s nice about this is that it syncs with the Marvel iOS and Android apps as well as their Chrome Store.

At one point, Marvel offered digital comics in five different formats, most of which didn’t sync with each other; the most egregious example was their Marvel app, which didn’t sync with comiXology’s app or web store even though it was built on the comiXology platform—it required a separate account and comics you bought on the Marvel app didn’t appear on comiXology’s Comics app. They have streamlined things quite a bit since then; the Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited app is still a separate product but most of the others play nicely together. And it’s kind of cool that when you first go to the shop, you get a reminder that if you subscribe to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited, you might already have access to some of the comics in the storefront. In other words, they are suggesting you don’t buy the same comic twice.

Although Marvel doesn’t mention it in their press release, the Marvel Digital Comics Store is really a comiXology storefront, which is why it works so well with the Marvel apps. DC has had its own web store for a while, also run by comiXology, so Marvel is a bit late to this particular party, but it’s a welcome addition to their digital services nonetheless.



It isn’t syncing with my Android purchases, frustratingly.

Honestly I have tried to force myself to get into digital comics but so far it’s just confusing me. The Marvel comics I have downloaded using the code from the physical copies are only available at one location, as far as I can tell, and not even all of them are showing up. I still can’t access the Marvel app on my Kindle Fire, which is ridiculous. And I have a comixology account, which doesn’t sync up with anything else as far as I can tell.

Hey gang, if you have any problems syncing shoot an email to so we can dig right away.

I have been emailing Marvel’s online support for the last few weeks about how their site was packed with broken links and instructions that didn’t work. Now, their digital site looks just like comixology’s site, which is awesome. But I just wish Marvel would have their books viewed through both sites, but I undserstand why. I’m just glad it’s finally fixed.

Marvel App works perfect for me. Synced up nicely. Comics look better in digital than print.

As far as I can tell, purchases I make through the Marvel store won’t sync with my Comixology account. I’ve emailed both Comixology and Marvel to ask whether they’re supposed to sync. No answer from Marvel. The response I got from Comixology said nothing except that Marvel comics would continue to be available for sale on Comixology. Stupid and needlessly confusing.

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