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Matt Fraction and David Aja to reteam for new Marvel series

Marvel released a teaser this morning touting a reunion of The Immortal Iron Fist collaborators Matt Fraction and David Aja for an all-new ongoing series. Alas, we’ll have to wait to wait until April 14 “Cup O’Joe” panel at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo to learn the details. Until then, we’ll just have to busy ourselves with wild speculation based on the above teaser …



Denis Clohessy

April 9, 2012 at 9:28 am

Its definetly Hawkeye related

If this new ongoing series is something big, as in mainstream Marvel Universe (which is highly likely considering this news comes during the middle of AvX), then I might just be interested. Will have to wait and see.

Hawkeye or Hawkeyes.

I’m betting it’s like a Kate Bishop / Clint team-up. More like a Steed-Peel team-up than anything else. He already wrote both characters a few years back.

AJA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will even pay $3.99 for his art.

My first thought was “Machine Man” but maybe that’s wishful thinking…

Marvel likes to do announcements twice: Once when they announce an announcement is on the way and second when they are willing to offer actual information (ie. the actual announcement).

“If this new ongoing series is something big, as in mainstream Marvel Universe (which is highly likely considering this news comes during the middle of AvX), then I might just be interested.”
– Jason Underwood

Seriously? I feel just the opposite. This would WAY more interesting if it were a brand new Icon series or, failing that, a bold and wild re-imagining of an underused character. If this is just them taking over one of the big X-Men books or Spider-Man or something, I couldn’t care less.

I’m hoping for Giant Size Man-Thing (THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!)

Obregon Kaine

April 9, 2012 at 9:51 am

David Aja? YES!!!!

Matt Fraction? UGH.

I can get behind more David Aja. Fraction has been hit-or-miss with me, but his Immortal Iron Fist work is still the best!

Hawkeye would be cool, but Machine Man would indeed be AWESOME.

Another Hawkeye book….ugh.

Also another Fraction book, isn’t he tanking enough series as it is?

What about the Protector?

I’m with D. Peace. If this turns out to be a big mainstream title like Fraction’s Thor, Iron Man, Fear Itself, etc, then count me out.

My instinctive thought was Lady Bullseye. I’d read that.

Hawkeye, without a doubt.

Different Dave

April 9, 2012 at 10:47 am

Metal Men

I love Aja’s work and prefer Fraction’s work with less mainstream heroes (though I loved the first half of his Iron Man run and at least enjoying where it is now) so here’s hoping it’ll be something more akin to Iron Fist or Defenders/The Order.

Kate Bishop would be great.

Oops, and I forgot to add that yes, it does make me think Hawkeye.



April 9, 2012 at 10:57 am

I vote “Living Laser One Shot”. :P

While there is purple and an arrow in the logo, that font choice and logo design don’t scream Hawkeye to me. Looks too quirky for him.

I’m torn:

Hawkeye: yay
David Aja: YAY
Matt Fraction: ……

That said, it’s pretty clear that this is a Hawkeye title. The words are in purple and black and there’s a freaking arrow in the logo.

Leaning towards “Yay!” Because of Aja. Hoping to go the full “Oh Yeah!” if this is the A-game Fraction of Casanova and IIF.

If this is a Hawkeye adventure series, nice. He needs a rogues gallery beyond trickshot, deadshot, whoever else..

It’s sad that when I saw the first comment saying it could be Hawkeye I got disappointed. I’m enjoying the face time he’s getting in Secret Avengers, and his various other appearances, but I hope they don’t over-expose him.

It’d make sense to have a Hawkeye on-going with the movie coming out and all. I’d be excited if it was a Black Widow & Hawkeye series… But I guess she’s pretty much got that going on in Winter Soldier right now.

I think Fraction could write a great Hawkeye. He does really well with humor and the scrappier characters like Iron Fist and Casanova.

I’m a fan of him personally, love Casanova, Iron Fist, Defenders, and generally really enjoy I. Iron Man and his Thor stories. Fear Itself was lacking a little, but so has pretty much every other event in the past 5 years, so I got no hate for Matt.

As far as what this story is, I’d be more excited if it was a lesser-utilized character rather than another Hawkeye book (Avengers: Solo’s Hawkeye story was awful, and I’m still washing that out of my mind, The A. Academy story was great though).

Someone mentioned a Protector series… Fraction could do a great job with a series revolving around Noh-Varr. He’s proven with Casanova that he can handle a wacky Grant Morrison character, and he’d have a lot of fun with Noh-Varr’s crazy power list… EXPLODING FINGERNAIL! But it’s rather unlikely… :/

doctor whiskey

April 9, 2012 at 12:12 pm


Color me interested. Aja’s work is outstanding, and I’m I pretty big Fraction fan. I even loved his much reviled (on the internet at least) Uncanny X-Men run (You’d think he was Chuck Austen with some of the things said about him on the X-Men boards here at CBR). Not that the man can do no wrong. Fear Itself was beyond stupid, but I’d like to think that had to do with it being editorially written more than Fraction.

If this is indeed a Hawkeye related book, I’d be pretty interested. I really like the idea of Fraction writing Clint on a regular basis, and the idea that people here are throwing around about a team-up with Kate Bishop would definitely have me on board.

I like that kooky text design too.

I’m hoping it’s something new, creator owned or z-list resurrected character.

I’m always interested in more Aja work, and I don’t mean to talk bad about him but he couldn’t hack the monthly schedule on Immortal Iron Fist so how is that new series gonna be different?

And pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee let it be almost any character besides Hawkeye!

It is also a “male” symbol…a purple man ongoing!

The letters look extremely feminine, not that I’m a one track mind, but it certainly makes one think of certain women’s anatomy.

Fraction’s said that he was hoping to reveal his new Icon book at ECCC but I either missed it or the announcement didn’t happen. Which leads me to believe this will be that announcement. New creator owned book for sure.

Here is a list of story elements I personally would love to see developed in what is very likely a new Hawkeye ongoing series:

1) The family dynamic (or lack thereof) between Clint and his brother Barney (aka Trick Shot)
2) The love/hate association with Iron Man
3) Clint’s various love interests over the years (Black Widow, Mockingbird, Scarlet Witch, Moonstone, and Wasp)
4) A possible feud with Vision, in reference to a past bout over the affections of the Scarlet Witch
5) A classic team-up between Hawkeye and Daredevil
6) Further mentoring on the part of Dr. Strange
7) A knock-down, drag-out fight with the Taskmaster
8) Clint Barton’s connection to the “Pym Legacy”
9) A confrontation with Mephisto, possible appearance by Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze)
10) His past leadership in Thunderbolts
11) An epic battle with a new incarnation of the Masters of Evil (similar to Spider-Man’s bouts with the Sinister Six)
12) Hawkeye vs. Baron Zemo, ‘Nuff Said
13) A one-sided fight with Graviton in which Clint narrowly survives
14) An odd-couple pairing with Hawkeye and She-Hulk
15) Hawkeye + Echo = new power couple?
16) Clint Barton and Kate Bishop joining forces
17) A rematch for the ages… Hawkeye vs. Norman Osborn
18) A hilarious meeting between Hawkeye and Deadpool

I can see Hawkeye, but my first instincct was Namor. AJa on Namor would be epic.

If it is Hawkeye, that could be cool. If it’s Kate Bishop, I’m in with both feet.

That font screams either youth or Austin Powers.

I’ll try, Kate Bishop takes “ownership” of Young Avengers and recruits a new team of teens.
This new team will not be formed for a time traveling crusade.
The new YA will stand together when the AvX dust settles.

…or it could just be the new Gambit series in august………….
oops sorry….forget I said that.

…Looks like someone scooped CBR :)

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