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New section highlights price drops at comiXology

If you’re like many Robot 6 commenters—heck, like me—and you don’t like paying full print price for a digital comic, here’s some good news: ComiXology has just made tracking price reductions easier with its Recently Reduced Issues section. We all know that Marvel, DC, and the other publishers sell their comics for top dollar when they first come out and then drop the price, but who can be bothered keeping track? Now you don’t have to. This week’s newly sanely priced comics include some of DC’s New 52 #7s, Marvel Universe vs. Wolverine #1, Peanuts and Steed & Peel from BOOM! Studios, and the first ish of Oni’s oddball The Secret History of D.B. Cooper.

The topic of price drops came up when I talked to comiXology CEO David Steinberger last January, and he told me that DC routinely reduces prices of their new books a month after they go on sale. When I asked if sales go up that day, he answered, “Not as much as much as you might expect, but sure.” Highlighting the the price reductions is a smart idea; it may help bump sales from more frugal readers, while those who are paying top dollar to get their new comics on release day are unlikely to start holding off just because the discounts are easier to find.



This is a welcome enhancement! I’ve had seriess drop off my radar entirely because I forgot about it while I was waiting for the price drop.


And hopefully actually knowing when the price drop is will help put an end to the myth that digital readers don’t care about the price because we don’t jump all on it on the first day.

Great feature!

Great news – I get most of my DC books as soon as they come out because a lot of the ones I get are interlinked, so it’s hard to read some a month late – but I always wait for the reduction with Dynamite and IDW because I can’t stand paying $3.99 for a regular book. I’d buy more Marvel if they got on the reduction bandwagon, too.

Marvel’s on the reduction bandwagon — they have 99¢ sales every Monday and Friday — it’s just a longer wait with no apparent rhyme or reason, save the occasional tie-in to a movie release.

This feature would be useful if it listed all the books that dropped that week. DC alone had nearly 20 titles drop a dollar because they hit the one month old threshold, but this page on comixology only lists 18 books from a bunch of publishers. Having everything listed that was reduced that week in once place would entice more purchases. As it stands now I rarely buy anything at full price, and I’m way more likely to try stuff that is a dollar or more less than cover price. And while Marvel’s 99 cent sales are great, I wish they had a standard time period for reducing their product, even if its not the same one month time-period every one else seems to use. Since switching to Digital I’ve stopped buying almost all Marvel because I refuse to pay full price.

Whenever digital-bashers say that they’d rather get the print copy because it’s $2.99 (sometimes $3.99) either way, I always tell them to wait a minute and then they get discounts on the digital edition. A lot of publishers do this, actually. If you sign up for the comixology newsletter (which is NOT spam, it’s actually worth getting) it alerts you to their various $.99 sales which pop up very often. Those are excellent. Plus TPB’s are usually cheaper via digital, too. If you watch what you’re buying, you can really clean up on comixology, it’s absolutely better than paying top dollar for print.

Sales are fairly predictable on Comixology:

Mon – some type of Marvel sale – $.99
Tue – Thu – some type of non-Big Two sale – $.99
Fri – some type of Marvel sale – $.99 (different than Monday)
Sat – Sun – some type of DC sale – $.99

Maybe that’s not 100% all the time but I’ve bought a crap ton since getting an iPad in December and that seems right on the money to me. On rare occasions the Tue – Thu is DC sale I believe but most of the time it’s non-big Two.

Looks like they’re listing all the DC books this week… and are listing 50+ books in all! So consider my earlier complaint mostly rescinded. (I still wish Marvel had a regular schedule for dropping their prices too)

Seeing as i cannot resell digital comics and pretty much im stuck with the comic forever, im only willing to pay .99 cents for each comic digitally. So i wait for sales, mainly i went digital because there is only so much space, in my house, and I only ever bought trades and each omnibus/absolute takes alot of space. I can wait for sales and look forward to them, so far 500 digital comics have been purchased, and i’ve sold some books in return. I sure hope comixology stays around forever, i want to keep my digital collection. If they do go away or try to take away licenses for your collection expect users will pirate there digital collection back.

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