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Quote of the day | Rob Liefeld 1; Hipsters 0

Deathstroke #11, by Rob Liefeld

“The Hipsters don’t know what to do when I draw feet. It confuses them.”

Rob Liefeld, following the release of DC Comics’ solicitations for July, which include his covers for
The Savage Hawkman #11, Deathstroke #11, and Grifter #11. Characters’ feet are visible in all three images.



Oh ob, I love you and your art so much. Keep on truckin’

Well, thankfully everyone in the image is gritting their teeth.

well, as soon as he starts drawing feet instead of those paddles, stumps, or whatever they are, he can have the +1

Drawing feet, and drawing them well – that’s what you should be shooting for Rob.

Now, that is funny, even if Lobo has bizarre, stubby feet. You go Rob.

I’ll give him the kudos on that one. It’s actually kind of funny, and if you’re offended, you could just be a hipster.

The feet in that deathstroke cover look terrible. I can’t tell if this page is trying to support Rob or make fun of him.

God… I don’t even have anything against the guy personally even though I dislike his art but seriously?
You could say that if you actually drew them well! I mean seriously, none of the feet shown look good and that’s not the extent of the problems with that cover!

sombody must take the pencil out of your hands ROB,i mean it


Why is Bloodwulf standing over a beaten Deadpool? I thought DC and Marvel were cool to crossovers right now.

is it me or he didn’t even draw the left hand ?

This cover image proves that both Lobo and Liefeld exist solely as satire.

I see any Liefeld art and I see only “HULK SMASH GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD”, especially with Dove ;)
That is all – carry on!

Ha. That is all.

Blue Lantern of Sector 2814

April 10, 2012 at 10:38 am

Hey Lobo, why is your left foot a couple inches off the ground if all your weight is on it?
The hipsters may not know what to do, but I do. Re-draw that foot, Liefeld.


I love how “hipster” has turned in to this imaginary windmill everyone who has ever been criticized about anything can tilt at. Don’t like that a terrible artist appears not to have even the most cursory grasp of the human anatomy? Go back to Portland, asshole!

Do hipsters in the Pitchfork reading, zine making, shoegazing sense even know or care who Liefeld is?

I would love a follow-up tweet in which Rob Liefeld talks about the smaller pouches!

True hipsters are probably about 6% of the population… but aliens who learn earth culture through the internet mistakenly believe they account for 58% of the population…

Where is Lobo’s right foot? I mean, I see his…”left foot”…but that right one is just…

How…How is that possible? Is this a physics problem? Anatomy?

For fuck’s sake, Rob, learn to fuckin’ DRAW!

As a hipster, I’m offended that Rob thinks I give a shit about his art.

You can add the stubby off looking feet, but you can’t take away the Smoke, pouches, lack of hands or constipation…well he hasn’t crapped on deathstoke yet anyways…

Pfft who cares. If i wanted perfect human figures id buy a anatomy book.

If you buy ANY DC book right now, you’re keeping Liefeld in the industry. His career represents the philosophy behind the implementation of the New 52.

It’s not the feet, it’s the placement. One knee gingerly touching Deathstroke’s arm while the other leg is balanced on the toe while the heel rests on the shoulder pad? And is one of Deathstroke’s legs longer than the other? (yes)

As a hipster I’m offended by Lobo’s booties,

The hell is up with Deathstroke’s right leg? Is that a foot or did he step in a golden spittoon or what? Lobo must have finally broke his foot off in someone’s rear because there is no way that is a complete foot in that boot.

Or did he possibly grow his right leg a foot and a half?

DC has Liefield, Marvel has Romita Jr. Choose your poison.
At least DC has the sense not to let him draw their major summer event …

where can i get some of those sock-boots, because i too have had all the bones in my feet shattered.

The quote would be amusing in isolation, if not accompanied by a picture that does nothing to disprove the claim he can’t draw feet.

Why is Lobo about to teabag Deathstroke?

Rob and JR Junior are the poster children for industry nepotism.

Hey Deathstroke!

Judge Dredd called, he wants his breastplate back.

Oh and Shatterstar and Rictor are still a couple.


April 10, 2012 at 11:19 am

“Do hipsters in the Pitchfork reading, zine making, shoegazing sense even know or care who Liefeld is?”

If they did, they’d like him for the sake of irony.

i can draw feet a helluva lot better than that, and no one’s paying me to do it.

He doesn’t do necks well either.

Hard to believe that someone out there is actually still paying this guy to draw. It’s been more than a decade since his X-Force and Youngblood work, and he still has not learned how to draw hands and feet. WTF?

Rob Liefeld does not know what to do when Rob Liefeld draws feet. It confuses him.

I’m no hipster, but the fact that anyone allows Liefeld to “draw” a book confuses me.

You call THAT a foot? Plus, isn’t Lobo’s figure a partial swipe from an Art Adams piece that he’s traced before? I don’t have time to check it, but I feel like that used to be Batman.

Watching Rob Liefeld have a comics career is like watching your lazy stoner cousin commit welfare fraud.


There’s too little self awareness in his work fall under the category of so bad its good and to therefore qualify for ironic patronage. The guy honestly believes he’s a competent artist and not someone working within a very limited rage, that level of bravado wouldn’t fly with that kind of crowd. There’s a reason people like hank fletcher have coffee table books put out by people like Fantagraphics and Liefeld’s name is shorthand for “terrible comics” and a punchline to an awful joke.

To be fair to the hipsters, I’m pretty confused about those feet as well.

Matthew Halteman

April 10, 2012 at 11:53 am

I’m no fan of Liefeld’s work, either, but the man has his fans and he’s lasted longer in this business than many others. I’m not going to pile on the hate here.

Instead, I will say this: Back in the 90s, when he was doing “X-Force” and then “Youngblood'”, that was a fun time in comics. I was excited by what was coming out, even if not all of it was great.

It’s easy to look back now, as an older, more seasoned comics reader, and render judgment on those “terrible” 90s comics (much like I could do to the “awful” old dinosaur movies from the 70s starring Doug McClure). But their quality does not really matter. The fact that I enjoyed them then is what does. And that gives me a happy memory. I’d much rather focus on that than be a jaded, cynical person.

Not saying anyone’s wrong or anything. Just giving a little perspective.

The problem is that his art has not advanced one iota since the 90s.

I don’t think anyone is saying he doesn’t draw feet, they’re saying he can’t draw feet.

I think Rob is using the term “hipsters” to refer to “self-appointed connoisseurs” and nearly everything in this comment thread validates his point!

Liefeld is the Lil Wayne of comics! I will never buy your books, but as long as people hate you for being successful I will love you

The line would be hilarious if the foot in question didn’t look like a crumpled up kleenex. I’ll give him that Deathstroke’s foot isn’t terrible, but it’s not directly connected to a visible body, so he could draw it at any angle that was comfortable to him (i.e. straight and from the top).

Beyond the kleenex foot, I’m trying to figure out why Lobo is hovering two or three inches above Deathstroke, and why he’s traded in his usual biker clothing and stompin’ boots for tights and buccaneer socks.

drugs user el mundo

April 10, 2012 at 12:12 pm

the major question dc should be asking themselves here. is Rob going to kill their sales on these titles he is doing covers for?

So you drew a foot, Rob. It’s a shame it occupies the same space as the dude’s shoulder pad.

I’m sorry, Nathan, I wasn’t aware that “connoisseur” was something somebody else had to make you.


The funny thing here is that I actually posted in August last year, that I can’t stop the hipster part of myself to slowly start enjoying Liefeld’s bizzare art. A typical case of so bad that it turns meaningful after 20 years…
You can read my original post here:

When did “hipster” become the catch-all insult for “person that likes things I don’t like/person that hates things that I like?”
It’s like how “emo” started being lobbed around for anything that shows the slightest amount of drama that doesn’t involve punching, explosions, or punching explosions.

Is Lobo Trying to pinch a loaf on Deathstroke?

“Why is Lobo about to teabag Deathstroke?”

Two thoughts:

-Why am I not having a difficult time viewing that as something Lobo would do to a defeated, unconcious enemy?

-It’s a shame Lobo is not a Marvel character, as I am pondering how awesome a “LoboMAX” title would be.

BTW, I like Rob’s quote. It made me laugh.

I’m no hipster, but the fact that anyone allows Liefeld to “draw” a book confuses me.(2)

Something ominous is happening on DC. :/

I’m confused, where’s the foot? All I see is something that looks a little like a flipper with a pirate cuff above it. Is that supposed to be the foot?

As a hipster, I concur with Mr. Liefeld. I get confused and uncomfortable at the very mention of a drawing of a foot by this man.

I just imagined the kinds of people who would buy:

Rob should’ve said: “Artist-wannabe dooshbags don’t know what to do when I draw feet. It confuses them.”

Seriously, you think you can draw as well as Rob? Prove it. Get hired. Draw a book – without attracting the whine and “critique” of these hipsters. Oh? You ARE an artist working on a book? Well good for you! You like to bag on Rob because he sells more books than you and your awesome 4 years of art school or the fact that he is considered a legend in the field and helped create a comicbook company that made the big two take notice?

Ugh. Disgusting.


April 10, 2012 at 1:59 pm

“DC has Liefield, Marvel has Romita Jr. Choose your poison.At least DC has the sense not to let him draw their major summer event …”

This comment is a joke right? Romita, Jr. has a style that is not for everybody, but he is not Liefeld. Liefeld just flat out cannot draw. His ‘style’ is the result of not being able to draw not an artistic choice.

Why is Deathstroke’s left leg seemingly a foot longer than his right leg?

Why is Lobo grimacing… and where is Deathstroke’s right hand??


.i liked Rob before he was cool… OH WAIT

I may start picking up more Liefeld books now that he’s dissing hipsters

DS’s right hand still looks a bit dodgy… and what feet there are look ike crap…

Fark boy:
‘Seriously, you think you can draw as well as Rob? Prove it. Get hired. Draw a book – without attracting the whine and “critique” of these hipsters. Oh? You ARE an artist working on a book? Well good for you! You like to bag on Rob because he sells more books than you and your awesome 4 years of art school or the fact that he is considered a legend in the field and helped create a comicbook company that made the big two take notice?’

wow. Is this guy serious? Is this Rob Liefeld? Hey Rob, didnt know you were a legend in the industry?


I’m not even going to comment on the picture or Rob’s statement.

But holy crap, this comment section is the most fun I’ve had with my pants on in ages!

Check the DC solicits that were posted yesterday.
There are 3 Liefeld covers, and he drew feet in all 3 of them!
And they all look terrible!

Dear Rob

Please go back to your Extreme Studios and leave us alone


April 10, 2012 at 8:03 pm

Yeah, it and looks like Rob Liefield gets confused when he tries to draw feet…

do any of you get hired regularly at image, DC , or Marvel?? –if the answer is no,..then you don’t have any room to talk shiz about Rob. hes not perfect, and neither is anyone else talking b.s. about him. hes ten times better than aron lopresti, gene ha, and a host of other DC and Marvel artists. and he will always be better than fan-things that couldn’t do half of what hes done for the industry, as they have mommy’s basement issues.

rob is certainly low-hanging fruit in terms of a target, but those in the comments section who think that some shouldn’t level any kind of criticism at him because we haven’t published titles of our own are completely wrong-headed for two reasons. the first reason is that the statement implies either ignorance of what art should look like or jealousy of rob’s success. both are absurd on their face. we are comic book people, and we know what we like and what we want to see; and no one can guess what lies in someone’s heart. the second reason is that we SHOULD demand better art for our money. sure, we could roll over and let DC and marvel become monolithic, inscrutable entities that can publish sub-par entertainment that is shuffled out every week in a blaze of hype OR we can be critical and say (with our money since con panels don’t like honest discussion), “this doesn’t pass muster.”

Rob, I love you, but this wasn’t that clever. It got a chuckle out of me, but I liked it better when you just ignored the criticism.

Seriously, this guy takes more shit from internet jerks than anyone in the industry and he keeps working despite the fact that he could retire right now and still make bank from his great revamped books like Glory and Prophet. Why? Because he has genuine enthusiasm for comics and superheroes specifically, and it that enthusiasm does translate to the page. I admire that, and I hope it never diminishes in the face of the shit storms comic elitists love to throw his way.

‘hes ten times better than gene ha’

The mind boggles.

Why is Cable wearing Deathstroke’s mask?

Apparantly a Hipster

April 11, 2012 at 12:26 am

I’m certainly confused by that foot. It barely looks like one.

Maybe a Hipster

April 11, 2012 at 4:35 am

I’m not confused…. it’s a simple situation:

Your drawings sucks.

Does anybody know why Rob’s Lobo and Deathstrike look like the Bloodstrike leader in the face area (the eyes)?

Does it look to anyone else like Lobo is about to turn into a Super Saiyan on that cover?

It’s funny that when I was a kid, I’d often copy Rob’s art. It was easy because at the time, I didn’t know how to draw hands or feet or the basics of anatomy really. So copying his artwork was very simple and I loved it for that. Now, all these years later, it’s weird that he hasn’t progressed at all. Is Lobo’s foot ON Deathstroke or hovering slightly above it? Only Rob knows for sure. Maybe Lobo isn’t really there. He doesn’t seem to cast a shadow.

I wish I had easier access to my collection so I could see from just which Wolverine pose that Lobo is swiped!!

@ Defiance-Defiant, Fark Boy and basically anyone else that thinks people are not aloud to have an opinion unless they are perfect at whatever they are criticising.
You are the perfect example of a moron and what is wrong with the comic book industry and fan boys today!
How many times have you complained about what a politician has done or not done, but have you been to collage or university and gotten the degrees you would need to become a politician?
No I doubt it, because you just about have the brain power to type idiotic statements on the Internet that make you look like a total toolbag!
Do yourselves a favour, get out of your parents basement and get laid you whiny bottom feeders!
Oh and Rob Liefeld sucks big time I have seen blind quadriplegic monkeys with learning difficulties draw better than him, and strangely enough I’m not an “Hipster” I’m just a comic book fan that can think for myself and not be lead around like a bleating mindless sheep that likes everything that I’m told to like and I will not let my collection be sullied by utter garbage that is drawn by a man that can’t draw backgrounds or anything that even remotely resembles the human form let alone feet!

@Mark: First off, let me say that by arguing with you on the internet proves just how much of a moron I am…
Nowhere in my comment did I say you cannot have an opinion. I also agree with you that you don’t need to have been to college and gotten a degree to complain about a politician. I also never finished college so you got me there as well. NOW. I think your argument about politicians is apples and oranges because a politician is forced upon you by elections. You can’t “opt out” of an elected official just because you didn’t vote for the person. You can always NOT BUY the comic book.
Just like you just ranted and vented about morons like me and my ilk, I was also in my comment, venting in general terms about people. But let me clarify my stance a little. I’ve heard for years, people talk so much crap about Rob that it’s become passe. What pisses me off are the people who say that Rob’s work sucks so bad that blah blah that I know can draw blah, blah better than this guy blah. And THEN… turn around and show me an indie book by an artist who also REALLY sucks and says that it’s great. It’s always the same people who try to tell me that they are an “artist” and “know about art” and can tell me why things are out of perspective or an artist’s anatomy is off and blah, blah. (Mostly, they don’t know squat) But my point is that a lot of comic fans (again, in widely general terms) seem to think that crappy art from an indie book is somehow better than Rob’s, well, crappy work. It’s not. But somehow it’s “cooler” to be one of the guys bashing Rob.
Look, I’m not saying,”Let’s all form a Rob love-orgy” or something. I’m just venting about people hopping on the “Bash Rob” bandwagon. There are a lot of professionals who bash Rob too. I get the feeling that most of them are haters because of his previous successes.
In the grand scheme of things, none of these arguments and bashings really matters but Rob will be around to soil people’s comics collection a long while. Someone asked why he gets jobs… well, because his name sells books. Duh.
And dude. You have NEVER seen one blind quadriplegic monkey with learning difficulties draw better than him. Saying THAT makes you look like a toolbag.

Rob Liefeld is a hipster, pass it on

While I never was a Lobo fan, knowing that his secret identity is the Little Dutch Boy makes him much more complicated and interesting.

Four things are now clear to me:

1. Rob has NO idea what a “hipster” is past a buzzword for people you’re not supposed to like.

2. Rob still thinks his shit doesn’t stink.

3. Hawkman, Deathstroke, and Grifter will most likely not continue publication past the next 12 months.

4. Rob’s artwork will apparently never not look aesthetically horrible to me.


April 12, 2012 at 10:59 am

I wonder if his art would look better in the “four color” format? I think his stuff would be more enjoyable if it was treated as abstract and no one tried to make it “realistic” with the over-complicated super coloring style.

Either way I think he’d be an artistic success if he just stopped pretending his stuff wasn’t abstract “floating world” art. He needs to take some LSD and just break out of that shell!

Christopher Smith

April 12, 2012 at 7:31 pm

“The “industry bad boy” brings his “edgy” take to Deathstroke, Grifter and The Savage Hawkman”

DC are making decisions that make the New 52 feel less like a “bold, new direction for the future of comics”… and more like Image Comics circa 1992.

Who is to blame? Harras? Lee?

I am a great fan of DC comics, and I’m really, really disappointed.

Feetal’s Gizz!!!!!
Worst. Lobo. EVER!

Horrible Drawings :P

I’m not a hipster, but I am confused when Rob Liefeld draws feet.

The confusion expresses itself as, “What the %$^#% is that $#!+ on the end of that guy’s legs?”

Poor proportioning and physics-defying pose aside, it looks like he traced one of his old Wolverine poses or something.

Maybe it confuses them, cause they don’t look like feet.

I know I’ve heard and probably even used the argument that ‘Why would DC want to cancel books when it’s in their best interest to try and make them all as best they can and thus sell them.’ and for the life of me I can’t think why that made sense.

From a business stand point failing books are just going to start making a loss. If profits are starting to get thin and it’s showing signs of needing a shot of humane killer, it doesn’t matter how much the four fanboys who bought it whine and moan, it will have to go. Those resources can be funnelled into another more lurative book.

Rob is the lethal injection. It really is the only reason beyond him owning incriminating pictures of the DC staff that he’s getting work. Put him on a failing book, it dies faster, the loss margin is smaller. Rather than it gasping it’s last at twenty issues it falls at ten.

And I will stand by what I have said in the past, any defence given of Liefeld indicates someone who thinks it’s ok to wear an adult diaper and name their fingers.

Take a look at
What’s with Batman’s left stump?
Hawk’s deformed chest?
Is Robin trapped knee-deep in concrete?
HOW does Liefeld continue to get work???

Not a hipster (at least I think I’m not?) but yeah, that foot definitely confuses me.
It looks like a lumpy pillow.
Or part of the aftermath of an obscene car crash polished to a shine.

rob where be that right foot and why is lobos foot so messed up D: omg i think hes got a club foot there or a snakes venom made them all stubby. guess correct feet are too mainstream for you htere bud ;p
>.> not to mention that shoulder looks practically non-existent the characters are doing the iconic liefeld gritted teeth aaand pouches! XD

oh cmon liefeld i have better human anatomy than you and im an animal artist.

Fark boy:
‘Seriously, you think you can draw as well as Rob? Prove it. Get hired. Draw a book – without attracting the whine and “critique” of these hipsters. Oh? You ARE an artist working on a book? Well good for you! You like to bag on Rob because he sells more books than you and your awesome 4 years of art school or the fact that he is considered a legend in the field and helped create a comicbook company that made the big two take notice?’

fun fact i am a comic artist. i have 4 comics.
not once have my comics ever been cancelled. unlike robs where many become cancelled :)

hes not a legend more so then he is INFAMOUS

I’m guessing none of the commenters on this page have ever read Deadpool Corps seeing as how it is chock full of feet drawn well. ’nuff said fanboy, climb back in your moms basement, drink some mountain dew, and blog about how terrrible his art is.

Where’s lobo’s other freaking foot?!

I’m happy for him. I know it’s taken a couple of decades, but he’s finally nailed feet.

I think he should learn how to draw lips next.

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