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Quote of the day | Throwing rocks for comics awards

Eisner Awards

“Eisner committee: You could throw a rock through artists’ alley at SDCC and hit a full slate of worthy Best New Series nominees. In fact, I’m willing to turn the entire comics awards process over to throwing rocks through artists’ alleys.”

Phil Hester, responding to a statement by Eisner Awards Administrator Jackie Estrada that this year’s judges decided to omit the Best New Series category “because they didn’t find enough contenders that reached the level of quality they were looking for.”



I stand by the first tweet, but the 2nd was a not-as-angry-as-it-reads-here joke. The Eisner nominees should be proud, and the awards jury did a good job of sussing out some great talent. That’s what makes the omission of an entire category so mystifying.

Oh, I didn’t read the second tweet/sentence as angry at all.

Duck! Here comes another volley of rocks!

If you threw rocks at the nominees in the “Best Series” category, you’d hit three contenders for the “Best New Series” category.

Brilliantly said, Phil. I didn’t think it was angry either, but it is absurd to suggest that 2011 didn’t generate at least 5 new series worth considering. Hell, half the output of Image could end up in that category.

Jackie Estrada

April 5, 2012 at 12:29 pm

What would those series be? (Keep in mind that limited series aren’t eligible and that at least two issues of the series must have been published in 2011).

Off the top of my head, I think you could fill out a decent list of nominees from the following:

L’il Depressed Boy
Angel and Faith
Buffy Season 9
Butcher Baker
Dark Horse Presents
Swamp Thing
Animal Man
Wolverine and the X-Men
Super Dinosaur
Gladstone’s School for World Conquerors

Daredevil, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man and Rachel Rising are all nominated for best continuing series … since they all started in 2011, I assume that means they’re eligible for best new series.

I’ve advocated throwing rocks at Eisner judges since 1998.

People have been throwing rocks at me for years — I had no idea I could get an award out of it.

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