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The longest comic in the world?

Artist David Aja and 46 other comic creators collaborated on the “longest comic ever,” ¡Caramba! 2. And we’re talking “long” in actual length, not page count. As you’ll see in the video above, the comic is on a long scroll of paper and you unroll it to read it. The comic and the site where you can buy it are in Spanish, but you can find out more about both here if you know the language or want to decipher what Google Translator gives back to you.



Sorry, but I think the record is still held by The Bayeux Tapestry ( ), which at nearly 70 m surviving length (sections are missing from the beginning and the end), is nearly five times the length of this effort….

Yeah, but while impressive, it’s not exactly a comic.

Isabel Rucker’s ‘Unfurling’ is a whopping 450 feet long (137m, give or take), but as far as I know, it’s one of a kind.
My own long comic was about 11 m – and you can buy a copy:

I had to seam sheets of paper together, though. The scroll is pretty cool.

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