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The Walking Dead #100 cover gruesomely remembers the fallen

Skybound has provided Robot 6 with Charlie Adlard’s corpse-strewn cover for the 100th issue of The Walking Dead, which depicts every prominent character who’s died in the acclaimed series.

“You can’t see it, but (hero cop) Rick is actually holding a birthday cake in his hand,” creator Robert Kirkman told USA Today. “Or, I guess, his only hand.”

The anniversary issue arrives July 11 from Image/Skybound, marking what Kirkman hopes is only the first of such major milestones. “I really do want to do this for decades,” he tells the newspaper. “I’m thrilled that it still feels like I have a full tank of gas.”



Beautiful work by Charlie as always. Looking forward to this.

You can even see the baby’s hand up by Shane.. jeez…

Yeah, that baby hand is the tops!

This is a comic im proud to read because the mainstream doesn’t judge it. Id be humiliated to be caught or seen reading superman or capt america but this is the stuff which shows ppl that comics aren’t for kids their for mature adult readers

I hated what happened to poor Judy! I’d rather she not be born at all in the TV show, if Lori is gonna suffer the same fate

Is that Carl’s bandaged head near the middle next to Douglas?

@Cerealeater-You care too much about what others think, not reading something you could otherwise enjoy because of the public is more humiliating really. Plus, those are mainstream comics you mentioned, lol.

If this is everyone who has died then there is a major spoiler at the bottom of the cover

@Lee. Yeah, what the Heck!! Is that Andrea?!

no, that would be Amy, her sister.

I think Its Amy

Who is behind Shane w/ the bandana? & yea, why the f is what looks like Andrea on the bottom right? I am not ok with that.

where’s Dale?

Dale is right above the hand in the foreground.

the head with the bandage is Hershel’s son Billy, not Carl.

oh yeah! so many dead, I forgot about Amy :)

well, when Charlie took over he drew Andrea how Tony had drawn Amy. so it’s a little confusing.

Martinez! is the guy with the bandana, Rick run him over and then strangled him. I really liked that character.

Anyone who would feel “humiliated” for being seen with a comic needs to grow up.

@tj9000 that would be patricia, Amy is on far left

It’s a fact – some comics are embarassing to read in public. They’re usually the ones featuring scantily clad female superheroes drawn by Ed Benes. Thankfully I don’t get embarrassed by them as I don’t read them.

I’ve never been embarassed to read a Captain America or Superman comic in public. There’s no difference to reading a comic like that than reading “Lord of the Rings,” crime thrillers or romance novels. Worrying abouut what others think is loser talk.

Who is that right below Axel? That looks like Glenn. Now I am worried.

To Fabs:

Um, no. The girl on the far left is definitely Alice, the nurse at the prison.
You can even see where the governor shot her. And, the girl on the bottom is Amy because if it was Andrea, I would have found her somewhere else in the picture. UNLESS there are those about to die who were photoshopped out until issue 100 is actually released.

CeeJay, that’s Thomas. Remember the decapitator psycho?

P.S. Where are his feet?

@TJHulse – you beat me to it, I was thinking the same thing. Unless there is a slight low ground fog ;)

3.99 hopefully means extra content!! Cant wait!! Hopefully its more than just the playboy short story.


April 13, 2012 at 8:58 pm

Damn this is a masive spoiler i’ve only read the 5th volume

To TJHulse:

I should’ve clarified…..I meant who is under Axel’s beard, and I just realized that it’s Caesar Martinez because of the necklace. Also, above Thomas is Jessie and Ron. The short-haired person right above Dale is the only one I find unaccounted for. Can anyone tell me who that is? It looks a lot like Holly.

This is also going to be a poster released the same day as the issue. 24 x 36 for $9.99 :D

Walking deadNo#1 Fan

April 16, 2012 at 11:03 am

You can even see Morales!!

@ceejay edge

The short-haired woman is Donna, Allen’s wife who died in Wiltshire Estates.

on the right in the backround you can see the hunters

Someone asked if it was Carl next to Douglas.
No. It’s Billy Greene

That really looks like andrea at the bottom because of her freckles under her eyes. They are the same pattern, and andrea and amy were not twins.

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