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Valiant Entertainment unveils new logo and trade dress

Valiant Entertainment continues the march toward its relaunch of four classic Valiant comics later this summer with the release today of its new logo and trade dress, designed by graphic designer (and former 2000AD artist) Rian Hughes.

At their panel last week at Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, Valiant staffers and writer Robert Venditti discussed how they’re going to update X-O Manowar, Harbinger, Bloodshot and Archer & Armstrong — all of which originally ran in the 1990s — for modern audiences. The logo redesign is of a piece with that, keeping the traditional Valiant look (and the compass that was part of the original logo) and giving it a more modern look.

“The Valiant characters have a strong fanbase and heritage, and so the new logos are fresh and modern as befits a forward-looking publisher while still paying tribute to the originals, just as has been done with the characters themselves,” Hughes said in the press release.

Valiant also released the cover and variant covers of the first release, X-O Manowar, with the new trade dress:

Standard cover

Pullbox Variant

David Aja Variant

QR voice variant



That David Aja cover is incredible.

Clean, simple, and striking. I love it. Also, that pullbox variant is my favorite and the trade dress looks great with it.

I like it. It’s better than the recent Oni Press update imo.

Four #1 covers.
They should change their name to “VaRiant Comics.”

I wonder what Jim Shooter thinks of this.

Archie on the brain? ^_^ … I believe you mean “Archer & Armstrong”

Brigid Alverson

April 23, 2012 at 9:03 am

@Mike Yeah, that was me. I’m an Archie kind of a gal (and I obviously didn’t have enough coffee). It’s fixed now.

These look really great, especially with the color of the logo changing to match each book. They all look really slick.

They look really nice but kinda big no?

Very nice … and much better than DC’s new logo!!

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