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Welcome to Comic Book City, USA

Greensboro, North Carolina, has a handful of nicknames: The Boro, Tournament Town, Gate City. Now, thanks to the efforts of Acme Comics, you can add one more to the list — Comic Book City USA.

WFMY News reports that supporters dressed as Captain America, Green Lantern and Spider-Man attended last night’s City Council meeting, where a resolution was unanimously approved declaring that Greensboro be known as Comic Book City USA the first Saturday of May each year in recognition of Free Comic Book Day.

“Now that it has passed, I expect us to be right up there with Portland and New York and San Diego as far as the importance to the community,” said Stephen Mayer, assistant manager of Acme Comics, which filed the resolution last month. “It’s amazing. It’s never been done in this way before. It’s never been adopted on so wide a scale, and it can only happen in Greensboro.”




When are they shipping in the rest of the buildings?

This blows my mind. Out of all the city’s here in NC….Greensboro!!! smh.

On any given day the last place on earth I would want to be would be is Greensboro, North Carolina.

Harley would say that……..woooooooo!!!! Congrats again and there’s NOTHING wrong with Greensboro amongst other cities in NC.

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