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Wish This Was Real | Fury’s Seven

Timothy Lim came up with this poster for a fictional Avengers movie. As excited as I am for what we’re getting, I want to see this, too.



This is a cool poster, but I don’t understand – isn’t this exactly what we are getting on May 4?

I want this.

I’m with Joseph. How is this different from the Avengers movie coming out May 4th?

Just a fun piece of art for it.

@Joseph & Brandon – What you are missing is this is a cool looking movie poster instead of the official movie poster which is fairly lame.

No, I get that, which is why I said “this is a cool poster”.

Then I’m pretty sure you get all that there is. Though the movie we are getting won’t have a soundtrack by Allison Blaire.

To clarify: for me it’s about the tone. The cool, swinging Ocean’s Eleven vibe. Not that I think that would be better than the real Avengers movie; just that I’d love to see that take on it as well.

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