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Comics A.M. | Iranian cartoonist sentenced to 25 lashes

The cartoon in question

Legal | Iranian cartoonist Mahmoud Shokraiyeh has been sentenced to 25 lashes for a cartoon he drew that depicted Arak Member of Parliament Ahmad Lotfi Ashtiani in a soccer jersey. [The Daily Cartoonist]

Publishing | In a wide-ranging interview, Dynamite CEO Nick Barrucci talks about the comics market, the demise of Borders, digital comics and the slump in book sales: “[T]here are more and more trade paperbacks and hard covers coming out, so there’s less chance of getting as much attention as you’re used to, and reorders are down because of it. As the number of trade paperbacks and graphic novels increases, the number of SKUs increases, the number of units sold per SKU is decreasing. There are very few exceptions to this. I remember looking at the Diamond chart from a month or two ago and the bestselling trade paperback that month was 7,000 units. It might even have been a Walking Dead trade paperback, and as much as two years ago the bestselling trade paperback sold 12-15,000 units.” [ICv2]

From "Avengers: Age of Ultron Point One"

Comics | John Jakala details how Marvel edited a scene in its Free Comic Book Day offering, Avengers: Age of Ultron Point One, to remove the nudity that was in the original version, and he wonders why the nudity was there to begin with. (FCBD comics are supposed to be all-ages friendly, but in this comic, as in the Censored Howard Cruse comic, just taking out the naughty bits doesn’t really do it.) [Overdue Panels]

Creators | Pioneering underground cartoonist Diane Noomin talks about her experiences as a collaborator on Wimmins Comix and co-creator of Twisted Sister, with Aline Kominsky-Crumb, as well as the genesis of her character DiDi Glitz: “She started as a costume for a Halloween party at Gilbert Shelton and Lora Fountain’s house and quickly took over… In 1974, I did a full-fledged DiDi story for Wimmen’s Comix. It was four pages and was called “She Chose Crime”, and when I was putting this book together I realized that DiDi came out almost fully developed. She hasn’t changed, she hasn’t grown or anything like that. If I look at that first story, the drawing has changed and I’d like to think that certain things have gotten better, but in that story, DiDi’s persona is it. I don’t think I’d realized that.” [The Comics Journal]

From "Holliday"

Creators | Writer Nate Bowden and artist Doug Dabbs discuss their graphic novel Holliday, out soon from Oni Press, which retells the story of the legendary Doc Holliday in a modern, urban setting. “We talked about bringing in some Wild West elements, but I think most readers have been saturated by so many stories based during that historical period,” Dabbs said. “One interesting element of the Holliday story is that so many of the events that happened back then could still happen today. On the other hand, some of the events were so unbelievable, that it could be hard to relate to in present day. In general, people tend to dismiss amazing events because they happened so long ago and have little to no relatable characteristics. Putting this story in the present really reinforces the idea that this actually happened, and if it happened today, it would still be legendary.” [Broken Frontier]

Conventions | Murfreesboro, Tennessee, will get its first-ever comics and pop-culture convention May 19-20, when ShowCon comes to town. [The Huntsville Times]



“The Religion of Peace” strikes again!

@mdk: I’m having a huge dejá vu reading your comment…

Yeah, I’m guessing that’s mdk’s pat reply to any vaguely similar story.

That said, this is a good as time as any to bring up the excellent “Zahra’s Paradise” again, a look at the oppressive life in Iran under the regime. It also makes you understand, too, why the writers of that comic are anonymous.

Finally … a comic exec who understands that saturating the market with product will lead to less individual SKU sales.

No different than when Doritos releases a new flavor – folks inclined towards the new flavor will buy that and not the original. Common sense.

It’s only the mentality of abusing the collector’s wallets that leads to thinking that line extension = greater sales long term.

What it leads to is an eventual drifting away of the obsessive collectors who can no longer afford to collect them all. They say hell with it and go find a new hobby that they can afford.

I’m guessing that “mdk” has never heard of Mike Diana. If he’d read up on that AMERICAN’s case, he might be writing something like, “‘The country with freedom of press’ strikes again.!”

What “mdk” needs to understand is that this story about Iran has NOTHING to do with Islam (technically, under the strictest interpretation of Islam, ALL images depicting humans or animals are forbidden, but it didn’t stop Iranians from carrying images of Ayatollah Khomeini, as Shi’a Islam, especially as practiced in Iran–which had a long tradition of drawing humans and animals prior to the introduction of Islam–has been less strict about the prohibition on “graven images”*). Many “Christian” and “western” countries have laws prohibiting images that deliberately insult or offend people (especially when said images, especially of public figures, aren’t expressly intended as parody or satire–one of the reasons why the US has laws banning libel and slander).

*”mdk” might want to note that the prohibition on graven images is one of the Ten Commandments–that little thing that some Americans would love to impose on the US since “the Bible is the foundation of American law.”

Jake Earlewine

May 10, 2012 at 10:22 am

25 lashes for a cartoon? Gee whiz, it’s not as if he destroyed your favorite comics universe and entirely rebooted it with 52 comics aimed at pubescent boys. For that, I could understand giving him 25 lashes. Or 52 lashes…

@Joseph: another example of someone for whom political correctness comes WAY before being truthful

No worries dude – there are many like you

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