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Comics A.M. | WonderCon still hoping for return to San Francisco


Conventions | David Glanzer, Comic-Con International’s director of marketing and public relations, looks back on this year’s WonderCon, which was held in Anaheim, California, rather than in San Francisco, touches upon the uncertainty about the location for next year’s show — “we just don’t have dates at the Moscone Center yet” — and discusses changes to pro and press registration for Comic-Con. [ICv2]

Conventions | Grant Morrison talks about MorrisonCon, the Sept. 28-30 convention billed as “a once-in-a-lifetime experience.” “It’s not going to be ‘Come here and buy some comics and listen to a few panels,’ ” he says. “After two days you will be a changed person.” Tickets for the Las Vegas show, which is limited to 1,000 attendees, cost $767, and include a two-night stay at the Hard Rock Hotel, access to the guests and after-hours parties. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Valiant Entertainment

Publishing | Stephanie Carrie profiles Dinesh Shamdasani and Jason Kothari, the childhood friends and Valiant Comics fans who, seven years ago, bought their favorite company and are now at last launching “the Summer of Valiant.” [LA Weekly]

Legal | Manga translator Simon Lundström appeared Wednesday before the Supreme Court of Sweden in an attempt to overturn his 2010 conviction for possessing 39 drawings in violation of the country’s child-pornography laws. An appeals court last year upheld Lundström’s conviction, but reduced his fine from about $3,866 to $864. He said that if the court doesn’t overturn the ruling, he’ll move to Japan. [Daily Mail]

Funky Winkerbean

Comic strips | Tom Batiuk discusses the current gay-rights storyline in Funky Winkerbean. Seven of the more than 400 newspapers that carry the comic strip have opted to run alternative storylines. [Evansville Courier & Press]

Creators | Jeff Smith responds to a letter from a 9-year-old reader who doesn’t like the swearing in Bone. [Boneville]

Creators | Robert Crumb seems perplexed by all the attention that comes with the big Paris retrospective “R. Crumb: from the Underground to Genesis”: “People tell me this Museum of Modern Art in Paris is a really big deal, and that it’s very prestigious to have a show there. I guess I should be impressed. I don’t know. ” [The Art Newspaper]

Creators | Laur Uy talks to Cassandra Jean, who is illustrating Beautiful Creatures for Yen Press. []

Creators | Bret Parks, owner of Ssalefish Comics in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, chats about collaborating with cartoonist Ben Towle a self-published autobiographical minicomic called Strikes. [Winston-Salem Journal]



Tickets for the Las Vegas show, which is limited to 1,000 attendees, cost $767

I dig Grant Morrison’s books, but that’s ridiculous.

After MorrisonCon you WILL be a changed person. Your gonna be broke as hell!! A vodka in Red bUll is like $18 bucks!!

$767 for 1 person? They won’t hit their goal of 1,000 tickets sold.

you guys realize there is more than just admission included, right? look at the website. you get 2 nights in a hotel, a meal, hardcover program, exclusive comic, entrance into after party/event….

thats true. 2night stay at hard rock is gonna be about $500 by itself.

I like how Jim Lee’s gonna be there to (try?) to keep his BATMAN employee from commenting on the BEFORE WATCHMEN controversy… along with the other DC work-for-hire freelancers there.

It could be worth the $767 just to watch THAT.

Thought Scottish are frugal, practical and hardy type of people. Grant, where’s your sense of being one of us?

Given the price of hotels, food and entertainment in Vegas, I thought the price for MorrisonCon tickets were pretty fair. You could tear through a few hundred dollars in that town pretty quickly.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the seven papers who didn’t quite have the stones to carry the Funky Winkerbean story. I know newspaper comics are so entirely dead it doesn’t matter anyway and they were a painfully conservative and backwards-thinking medium to begin with but you’d have to be some new kind of toothless to deem Funky Winkerbean too explosive to handle.

“you guys realize there is more than just admission included, right?”

Well, sure, but the rest of the package isn’t a draw for me. I can book my own hotel room for much less, and could split the cost with several friends. I don’t care about the parties or musical performances. I’d be interested in the panels and meeting creators, but that’s about it.

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