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DC to release Sandman slipcase edition in November

Sandman Slipcase Edition

DC Entertainment will release a slipcase edition of Sandman this November, collecting all 10 volumes of the landmark series by Neil Gaiman and friends. The slipcase will retail for $199, which is about what you’d pay if you bought all the books by themselves at full price. Amazon has it available for pre-ordering for $125. (Update: the price went up today to $179).

According to Gaiman, the collections are recolored, using the recolored Absolute Edition pages of the first few books.



Please collect more of your series like this Vertigo

I’ll be passing on this since I already have the Absolutes (and trades, and singles!), but if Vertigo were to release Animal Man, Swamp Thing, or Shade The Changing Man in this format, I’d definitely buy them.

The most recent edition of the trades (which this might be, in a slipcase), with the non-McKean designed covers, were already using the Absolute Edition recolored art.

Amazon now has the pre-order price at $179.


@SJNeal, I’m 110% with you..granted, I don’t have the trades or the singles just the AEs. I just wish the DC would also stop milking this series.

The absolute editions was enough.

I love how they re-release Sandman in a new format every other month, but we can’t get a decent version of Animal Man.

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