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DC unveils two more pages from Superman: Earth One, Vol. 2

To celebrate its Superman Facebook page surpassing 2 million “likes,” DC Comics has revealed two more pages from the second volume of Superman: Earth One, the bestselling 2010 graphic novel by J. Michael Straczynski and Shane Davis. Set for release Nov. 6, the original graphic novel will introduce a new Parasite as the primary antagonist, and focus on the Man of Steel attempting to determine his place  in the world — all while the world does the same.

“How far can he push his power before he becomes something other than what he intended to become?” Straczynski said in January. “In the midst of all this Clark gets his first apartment, becoming entangled with a beautiful woman next door, Lois starts trying to figure out what it is about Clark that doesn’t add up, and a new and terrifyingly strong version of the Parasite is born from what was previously a serial killer … and now Superman has to confront someone who is not only as strong as he is, but can drain his power completely. In the aftermath of one of the massive battles that threatens to tear apart Metropolis, Clark for the first time feels what it’s like to be normal, to be mortal, to be vulnerable … to be us. In the end, Volume Two is about power: its use and abuse, and its place in the world, to be used for good or for evil.”



For this Earth One concept to work like DC wants it to they need to have these out every 6 months, not every 2 years.

Stitch Tuesday

May 24, 2012 at 10:18 am

Didn’t Grant Morrison take a swipe against these kinds of interpretations of Superman in Action Comics #9?

I agree, Comet. I honestly don’t remember what happened in the first Earth One. (Not that I liked it.) Did Batman: Earth One ever come out? There are some choice words I can use to describe DC’s Earth One initiative that I’ll spare the readership, so let’s just call it a mess.

I agree with Red Comet. Sorry I don’t know what Stitch Tuesday is referring to in Action #9, but I find that I very much like the Earth One Superman in preference to what Morrison has been doing. Yup, it surprised me, too.

Captious comment: regarding the 2 million-plus “likes” on Facebook . . . I absolutely, frelling HATE this use of “like” as a noun. Just saying.

Man, those are some ugly pages.


May 24, 2012 at 11:10 am

I agree with MAD. That art is horrid.

Comic fans that troll take all of the fun out of comics.

Grant took a stab?

Well, he isn’t the only one who can write Superman to appeal to other people. In fact some of his stuff is way too wacko for many folks who want to get into Superman. Earth One is doing exactly what DC wants it to do.

I agree, these take too long to be released. This is why I bought the last one at a used bookshop for a fraction of the cover price.


May 24, 2012 at 12:26 pm

The more Superman’s humble beginnings are retold to make the character more significant and approachable, the less he becomes signficant and approachable overall.

I agree, every six months would be great to have an ongoing Earth 1 graphic novel series. I still miss the old DC, and Earth 1 Superman is a lot closer to the old DC universe than the new 52. I do support and buy some of the new titles, but having these Earth 1 novels appeases me. Looking forward to this and the Earth 1. Batman graphic novel.

Not that they are particularly inspiring drawn, but that is one heck of an ugly coloring. You might as well pour mud over it.

I agree with red comet.

other than that, grant morrisson may not be the best person to give to a new comer as his stuff might be inaccessible to someone new to comics.

I wouldn’t call these pages terrible, or horrid, as some have above…. I would call them inconsistent though. It appears the artist can’t decide A.) what age Clark is, and B.) how big the ‘S’ should be, or even what shape it should be. Kind of reminds me of the Smallville comic….. don’t know if that’s a good thing. I’ll give the story a chance, but it’s true, releasing these closer together, so that people REMEMBER them would definitely be a plus. I don’t think Batman Earth 1 is out yet either….

JMS? No sale. The guy apparently liked Kevin Smith’s description of what the Lord of the Rings movie was about so much he had Superman do it too. Not interested in seeing his next train wreck.

I remember being excited about this line and it seemed like it never materialized. I know Batman was mentioned and I thought they said something about other characters like GL or Wonder Woman. Maybe I’m wrong though. JMS likes to complain and play the blame game with editors but he seems to have given up on his creative side and just doing whatever the publisher tells him to do. I just think that ever since the whole One More Day Quesada debacle that he has become somewhat of a forgotten man. Sad because I used to love reading his books.

Judge Fred MANSON

May 25, 2012 at 2:09 am

I will wait like for the first Supe Earth One that the book is sold, so I could pay it lesser than its original price!!
The same for Batman Earth One of course (listed to be released on July, the 10th).

Thenew 52 has scuppered the impact of these novels, still looking forward to reading it though.

I cant justify the underwear. its stupid, and one of many reasons most people wont look at a comic, whether its good, or not. —the new 52 armor, for someone who has: kryptonite, magic, and red solar rays as factual weaknesses makes perfect, logical sense. superman can have his ass handed to him, and has. batman would insist that he at least try to armor himself against these things, for him to be viable on J/L/A/ missions.

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