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DC’s new gay character will be ‘major,’ ‘iconic’ — and apparently male

Although readers will have to wait until sometime in June — perhaps not coincidentally, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month — to learn which established DC Comics character will be reintroduced as gay, we already know at least two details: It’s a major character (better luck next time, Doll Man), and it’s a guy.

“One of the major iconic DC characters will reveal that he is gay in a storyline in June,” Courtney Simmons, DC Entertainment’s senior vice president of publicity, confirmed to ABC News following the weekend revelation by Co-Publisher Dan DiDio that the formerly heterosexual figure will become “one of our most prominent gay characters.”

With those 18 words, Simmons drastically narrows the list of candidates, eliminating such popular guesses as Vibe (he’s neither a major character nor an iconic one) and Hawkgirl (she’s a … she). However, Simmons’ quote also raises the question of just what DC considers “major” and “iconic.”

Fox News, ensuring plenty of website traffic, asks, “Could Superman be gay?” while across the Atlantic, the Daily Mail ponders, “Is Batman gay?” DC obviously won’t go that iconic — their Earth-2 counterparts are off the table, too — but beyond that, there’s the issue of how DiDio presented his announcement (or, rather, his response to a question from the Kapow! audience): The implication is that the character hasn’t yet appeared in the New 52, something supported by Batman writer Scott Snyder, who clarified this morning on Twitter that “the announcement was ‘a character not seen since the relaunch will come out as gay.'” (He followed that with the assertion that “Bruce’s orientation is Gotham.”)

That even further reduces the list of contenders: We’re now looking for a major iconic male character who’s not appeared since DC’s linewide relaunch last August. But … we’re not necessarily holding out for a hero. Note that neither Simmons nor (apparently) DiDio said “superheroes”; they said “characters.”

So maybe the online speculation about Wally West is misguided, and we should instead be looking in the direction of the assorted rogues galleries. Ra’s al Ghul, anyone?



Sell It Like It Is

May 22, 2012 at 7:20 am

Wow, and I thought the New 52 was a desperate publicity ploy

Herb Clerecidge

May 22, 2012 at 7:24 am

“For the time being, though, I’ll place my money on Mr. Terrific — is he a major, iconic character? — who makes his New 52 debut next month in Earth Two #2.”

You do know that Mr. Terrific had *eight issues* of his own series, starting with the initial “New 52″ launch, right?

Herb Clerecidge

May 22, 2012 at 7:25 am

…and I guess you did, since you deleted that sentence while I was making the above post!

I’m pretty sure it’s either Beast Boy or Superboy

Don’t think it’s Mr. Terrific. Didn’t he have a New52 title that was canceled?

I really doubt they would make this announcement if the character were a bad guy – “Silence of the Lambs” backlash all over again. This is something they’re crowing about so it is almost definitely a positive character.

If not for Snyder’s “someone who hasn’t been reintroduced yet” comment, I’d think it were Perry White.

May 22, 2012 at 7:33 am

From the context clues provided and also considering something Gail Simone said earlier:

i assume it’s Snyder introducing the character, so definitely from the batman or swamp thing stable…
and iconic screams batman more than swamp thing….

Plastic Man. He’s a major character, a guy, arguably iconic (been around forever + had his own cartoon) and hasn’t been introduced yet to the New 52 … has he?

My vote: Atom (Ryan Choi)…. maybe a new Doctor Fate???

Harvey Dent. He’s bi-sexual.

Isn’t it possible that it’s a character a lot of people thought was gay anyway? Howzabout Connor Hawke?

It’s gotta be Wally West, right?

“I’m pretty sure it’s either Beast Boy or Superboy”

I’m guessing DC would steer away from Superboy considering his clone of Superman origins opens a HUGE can of worms with regards to giving it the impression of a stance on the “biology versus lifestyle choice” debate. Having a clone of a character with a different sexual orientation than the original genetic material makes it look way too much like a “lifestyle choice” statement to me.

My money’s still on Wally West. He makes the biggest impact while not being on of their “top tier” characters with Barry back. Additionally, it opens up a lot of possibilities in the sense that he could keep the kids around, switch out Linda for a husband and have him be (To my knowledge) the first openly gay superhero with a family. That not only keeps the attempt at publicity, but also keeps the character’s evolution to a family man intact.

The new green lantern that replaces Hal Jordan on Justice League.

John Stewart.

We haven’t seen him, right? I haven’t been reading GL.

@Another Ian… That’s so obvious it’s flown back around to being completely shocking. (Not to mention hilarious.)

And my money’s on the Atom.

A member of the Shazam family


John Stewart has been playing a major role in Green Lantern Corps.

My money is on Wally West. He’s been hinted at making a come back for a while now and he’s mainstream enough after the Justice League cartoon for the wider audience to be interested in it.

Probably won’t be Beast Boy since he’ll be appearing in Ravagers which hits this month, not June.

No matter who it is, it’s still probably going to feel pretty forced.

Dick Grayson of Earth 2! Either as ‘Nightwing’ or ‘Batman’!

C’mon BOOSTER GOLD. He’s so flamboyant!

Shazam/ Captain Marvel/ Billy Batson

I’m going with Martian Manhunter. I mean, c’mon, it’s been right there in his name for decades! The only way it could be more obvious would be if his alter ego was John Dudechaser!

(Although one could make a convincing case that “Guy Gardner” sounds like someone’s getting plowed!)

I thought Mr. Terrific already made his debut in the New 52, he had his own series.

It’s Alan Scott. Green Lantern – created by Marty Noddell and Bill Finger. He’s a GREEN LANTERN but not THE GREEN LANTERN that everybody knows and loves. It’s already been hinted at — and you’ll see it unfold in June with James Robinson in Earth 2.

How about Red Tornado? :))

I’m inclined to think the Green Arrow. His book is faltering, Judd Winick (openly Gay) was writing the book and his private/relationship life is somewhat ambiguous in the current DC 52. He has also been the social champion of the DCU. But. . .
Perhaps it could be Connor Hawke – Oliver’s son. This fact could force Ollie to champion his son’s cause and bring relevance back to his book. -Just a thought.

Green Arrow: Iconic, major (new tv show), social avenger, political motivator

Only piece that doesn’t mesh with Oliver QUEEN is the ‘reintroduction to New 52′ factor- Connor would fulfill this detail.

Just a dude’s opinion.

Kyle Rayner.

Claude Parish

May 22, 2012 at 8:21 am

If DC wants to stop looking like your grandmother, they should go ahead and make BATMAN gay. After all, wasn’t it explained to us in WIZARD magazine that BATMAN was capable of defeating anything? Even heterosexuality.


My money is on Abin Sur. At the end of Flashpoint Abin Sur went off to “save the world” as his sister Arin told him to do once he became a White Lantern, and he hasn’t been seen since. This would also tie very nicely into the coming conclusion of the current Green Lantern story arc, as issue issue #9 ended with the words, “Next: the shocking conclusion of the secret of the Indigo Tribe!”

I love how people are naming characters that are already in New 52.

Superboy – Teen Titans/ Superboy
Robin – Batman & Robin
Kyle Rayner – GL New Guardians
Billy Bastion – JL Back-up
Booster Gold – JLI

– The majority of Batman Rogues have been seen in New 52 in the Arkham scene in the beginning of Batman #1.

Wally would be the most high profile male character that they haven’t introduced that could become gay. The problem still becomes him having the family and being as old as Barry, which is the reason he isn’t in the New 52. They would actually have to switch a lot of Wally’s origin/ back story to make it work. I don’t think it will be an Earth-2 character because the “Golden Age” characters aren’t “high profile”.

Judd Winick is not gay. He’s married to a woman.

“I’m inclined to think the Green Arrow. His book is faltering, Judd Winick (openly Gay) was writing the book and his private/relationship life is somewhat ambiguous in the current DC 52. He has also been the social champion of the DCU”

It’s not Green Arrow, since he has his own book and hence has been established in the new DCU. Winnick also isn’t gay, he’s married to Pam Ling, who was a fellow housemate on his season of the Real World.

It could by Catman from Secret Six. He did have a bro-mance with Deadshot in Secret Six.

My money’s on Shazam / Captain Marvel.

Crimson Torpedo

May 22, 2012 at 8:37 am

HELLOOO! Why do people keep naming current New 52 characters? It’s been stated that it’s a character not seen since the New 52 relaunch.

Wally West.

It’s got to be Jimmy Olsen.


Nothin less than ‘all hell’ will break lose if they make it one of the villains.. Can you imagine the Internet outrage that they made a non virtuous character gay instead of a hero? Just imagine all the things people will read into that..

My guess is Alan Scott. While he first appeared in last months Earth 2 #1….Junes Earth 2 #3 is the issue Alan becomes Earth 2’s Green Lantern. Alan is a huuuge icon. Earth 2 writer James Robinson has a fondness for writing gay characters (and does it respectfully IMHO).

I DON’T think it will be a villain or supporting character (like Jimmy Olsen) as various reports have had Didio saying that the character will be DC’s premiere gay hero.

Other icons NOT introduced yet that are male heroes?

Plastic Man-I think Simone and Van Sciver are working on this as we speak but not solicited. Maybe he appears in another book leading to an ongoing/mini this fall.

Atom- while Ray Palmer has appeared, rumor has been all along that Ryan Choi is the Atom that will be joining the JL. The Atom as a hero has yet to appear except in teaser material.

Wally West- wow if they do this to Wally……Dan Didio “hey guys we’re bringing back Wally!” Us “yay!!!!!” Dan Didio “well heres the thing….”

Aqualad-Garth or Jackson hasn’t been seen since Flashpoint ended

Superman of Earth 2….rumor is he didn’t die….they can have a gay Superman but not be THE Superman. Same can be said of Earth 2 Batman but no way he survived that mess in issue #1

My Picks –

Ted Kord – Blue Beetle

Wally West – Flash (maybe as Kid Flash? They could rewrite him as younger like Young Justice did)

Beast Boy

Billy Batson – Shazam

If it’s not restricted to unseen characters I would guess –


One of the Robins. Probably Tim Drake.

I think Mr Freeze is making his New 52 debut appearance in Batman Annual #1 next month. Since the speculation is on Snyder and the Bat-world, I’m going with Mr. Freeze.

I Heart Catman

May 22, 2012 at 9:00 am

Wally and Kyle.

Crimson Torpedo

May 22, 2012 at 9:01 am


figured dc would not go for superman and batman which rules out even their cast already though could be jimmy and since its a male. means no one like poison ivy or from wonder womans cast. exept maybe steve trevor. thinking aquaman or martian manhunter or . a new piper . for flash or even the joker. since he has been missing and presumed dead.

it’s like no one read the article or the comments…


Jimmy Olsen.

tony macaroni

May 22, 2012 at 9:09 am

Perry White is a good guess!
There is a Superman movie coming soon, i wouldnt doubt that Perry White is gay in the movie as well.

DC Nationalist

May 22, 2012 at 9:09 am

DC does not have to “Out” anyone as gay!!!…we already have gay characters in the DCU.

Bunker from Teen Titans is a Gay Mexican. Jan Arrah from the Legion is gay. What is the problem??

Also the Midnighter and the blond haired guy from Storm Watch are gay!!! WTH?!!!!

Why do they need to muck with any other existing characters? SMH

Oops already seen the Joker right?

One of the Rogues perhaps?

not sure who you are thinking about but Judd Winnick is not gay, he is married to a woman, Pam, whom he met on The Real World

I think it should be Martian Manhunter, just because of the jokes of being a “man-hunter”.

DC Comics proves Homosexuality is a choice!

—the formerly heterosexual figure will become “one of our most prominent gay characters.—

And I’m on board with Captain Marvel- oops, Shazam. Since he’s a ‘brand new’ character.

You people can’t read, can you?

The implication is that the character hasn’t yet appeared in the New 52, something supported this morning by Batman writer Scott Snyder, who clarified this morning on Twitter that “the announcement was ‘a character not seen since the relaunch will come out as gay.’”

Besides, the signs are all there you just haven’t been paying attention.

It’s Mogo.

Though he’s celibate since he doesn’t socialize.

imho Wally West is and will never be iconic, not when Barry Allen is still around and is the Flash.

Kind of hoping it’s the new host of the Spectre. At least that would be consistent with the idea of not changing an established character’s sexuality.

My money’s on Shazam. He’s an iconic character who DC doesn’t care about. Plus he’s ten so they’ll get on the news for a while about it.

If it’s Alan, i’ll be pissed. I mean, the guy has/had an openly gay son in Obsidian. Nor was he really okay with it either. Making Alan the gay one instead is just wrong.


May 22, 2012 at 9:32 am

I’m tired of these publicity stunts from DC and Marvel. They trot out the same old ideas to get attention: somebody dies, somebody comes back from the dead, a hero becomes a villain, a previously heterosexual character is revealed to be gay. They’ve become cliches.

“The implication is that the character hasn’t yet appeared in the New 52, something supported by Batman writer Scott Snyder, who clarified this morning on Twitter that “the announcement was ‘a character not seen since the relaunch will come out as gay.’”

Do people not know how to read?

Snyder says character has yet to appear in the new 52. Didio says he is a hero…not a supporting character or villian. Iconic is being thrown around. Heres my list who i feel makes the cut for a list of iconic DC male heroes…..

Superman-has been seen
Batman-has been seen
Green Lantern Hal, Guy, John or Kyle-has been seen
Aquaman-has been seen
Martian Manhunter-has been seen
Flash Jay or Barry has been seen
Flash Wally- NOT SEEN YET
Green Arrow-has been seen
Atom-as an heroic iconic identity NOT BEEN SEEN. Though Ray has been in Frankenstein. Ryan Choi is supposed to be introduced soon as Atom in JL according to Jim Lee
Robin all-has been seen
Nightwing-has been seen
Superboy-has been seen
Hawkman-has been seen
Swamp Thing-has been seen
Captain Marvel-Billy Batson has been introduced but Marvel himself NOT BEEN SEEN but in a teaser
Captain Marvel JR-NOT BEEN SEEN
Speedy-has been seen
Aqualad Garth or Jackson-NOT BEEN SEEN
Adam Strange-NOT BEEN SEEN
Atom Al Pratt-has been seen
Green Lantern Alan Scott-had 1 panel in Earth 2#1….becomes Green Lantern in JUNES Earth 2#3
Elongated Man-NOT BEEN SEEN

Alfred Effing Pennyworth.

Btw, aren’t most of the DC characters kinda gay?

I guess we’re already done celebrating Batwoman’s diversity?


May 22, 2012 at 10:08 am

It’s Jonah Hex.

Paul Kirk: Manhunter.

You’re welcome.

Saying the character is “iconic” is a misdirection.

It’s still VIBE.

He was “iconic” because he was in the Justice League.


Brian from Canada

May 22, 2012 at 10:15 am

Actually, Aquafan, Freddie and Mary are introduced in the second part of “Shazam!,” so they technically could be there.

For me, the iconic heroes left to be seen that could fit would be: the new Atom, Plastic Man and Elongated Man.

A more impacted gay character would be Aqualad, because it may explain why Arthur left Atlantis (shame).

But I think they will cheap out and make it a villain like Mr. Freeze.

Oh no,
It’s going to be Wally West thats Gay, It doesn’t bother me but i’m so used to his history and he is sorely missed.

Willing to bet on that one.

Batman, wonder woman, the flash, aquaman. Superman… After that I’m not sur who would really be iconic.

I guess green arrow and the atom hover close but I’m sure DC’s definition of iconic is a lot different from mine.

Also curious DC release the iconic detail the day marvels gay marriage comic is featured on a major talk show. Seems to cheapen the announcement when a civil rights issue seems to be used in a game of one-upsmanship



May 22, 2012 at 11:23 am

Not sure if he’s been introduced yet as i’m not currently reading any Superman titles…but what about Lex Luthor? That’s the reason he hates Superman…he turned down Lex’s advances.

@Aquafan, thank you for the list. I was doing the same, I believe you listed just about everyone who would be considered iconic as far as heroes go. It could be a villain though, or it could be a major supporting character. People, please read carefully, it is not anyone who we have seen since the relaunch.

The Martian Manhunter’s old sidekick Zook!

Seeing as it is supposed to be a character we haven’t seen in the Nu52 I’m guessing it will be Captain America. ;)

I_Captain Blanco

May 22, 2012 at 12:01 pm

JC wrote: “The new green lantern that replaces Hal Jordan on Justice League.”

Yep, that’s what I think, too. Either him or Alan Scott, that way they can claim it’s iconic (Green Lantern) without really stirring the pot much, if at all (not *the* Green Lantern).

It can’t be Wally!! DC can’t do this to me!!
I don’t see Wally gay…he is ever flirting with chicks, and in the new chapter of Young Justice (2×04) he’s with Arthemist!! c’mon !!!
i probably put my money on Allan Scott !! but i have no idea, at all!!

Ugh. DC continues to fail it’s fan and characters. Instead of creating interesting that maybe gay (like Batwoman) they have go stupid route and make established character gay. Just like they been doing changing races with characters and you count Hawkgirl as latest of those. :(

I was REALLY hoping that it would be Nightwing because he’s not a caricature, everybody loves him, and he’s already been voiced by NPH! Plus, have you seen his first costume as Nightwing? But since it’s NOT him and Ryan Choi’s Black Mercy fantasies were filled with women (not to mention his embarassing revelations to Wonder Woman via her lariat of truth about his sexual fantasies about her and Power Girl) I’d say he’s out of the running. Speaking of running, I’d like wally to come back, but given his reaction to the Pied Piper coming out of the closet in the ’90s and Wally having a wife and kids, I doubt it will be him (It’s not like DC would break up longstanding marriages in the New 52 for– what? They did? How many? Reeeeeally??)

Given that these are people that we haven’t seen, my money is on the Question, Bizarro, Mister Miracle, Orion, Metamorpho or the only two characters in the June solicits that are advertised (both in Justice League Dark) that I haven’t seen or heard about: Andrew Benet & Dr. Mist.

If it was a hero like Wally or Aqualad that a lot of people were looking forward to, they probably would have at least annouced that they would be making an appearance.

Brooks Bowden

May 22, 2012 at 12:23 pm

Some of you guys did not read the article obviously, since you are naming guys who have already been introduced and even been major players in the new 52. They said an iconic and major character. Also Scott Snyder said its a character that has NOT been introduced yet in the new 52. I think Wally West is a good choice. I also like Mr Freeze as a longshot pick

I was thinking Cassandra Cain but if they say is male i would say Catman but if they say is not a villain….hmmmm

krypto – major and iconic he has his own cartoon he is male male he has not been seen he is a hero.

and superman dealing with his dog coming out will allow him to question the american way

Plastic Man may be the re-introduced established iconic character. A non-threatening cut-up that
can expand his body parts at will?

If I had to put money on it I’d go with Plastic Man. While he did have a son pre-New 52, we never saw him in a real relationship that I could recall and his constant joking could be reinterpreted to hiding that as much as anything else. He’s also one of the few remaining characters that could truly be considered “Iconic” that hasn’t appeared already.

Past that we’re due to see the Atom soon – it could be that we get a gay Ryan Choi who really isn’t “iconic” but is considered iconic by virtue of being the current guy in iconic Atom costume.

Don’t see it being Wally West, Black Lightning, Metamorpho, Adam Strange, or Elongated Man as those are all characters that are pretty closely tied to their loves/romaces (or in BL’s case his family and 2 kids).

What about Orion? His death was before the reboot and we haven’t seen him. It’d be easy for him to show up in the pages of Stormwatch or Superman and make out with a dude. I’m not saying he’s the most likely candidate, or the character I’d most like to be revealed as homosexual, but he’s just one that hasn’t been mentioned yet.

Most Likely: Alan Scott.

Best Choice: Damian Wayne. I know he’s not in the running, but this would be such a great character decision. He’s a strong character and is just about to enter puberty in a big way; this is the age when people discover their orientation. Plus, it would be just one giant middle finger to the decades of jokes about Robin being gay. Yeah, he is, so what! It would be awesome, and it would be such a great comfort to people in the closet everywhere if Batman was written as the proud father of a gay teen. That would be beautiful.

This whole thing is very annoying to me. I have no problem with creating a new character and making that character gay (Batwoman?). But to take an existing character and randomly change their orientation is just ridiculous.

Oh yeah, and Plasticman? He is NOT gay. They had better not even go there!

Jake Earlewine

May 22, 2012 at 1:15 pm

Didio strikes again! Let’s completely ruin a long-standing character loved by many. Let’s suddenly make him gay!

I have friends who are gay and lesbian. That’s not the issue.
And I don’t have any problems reading about gay/lesbian heroes. I love Batwoman.

The problem is the same problem as taking Hal Jordan and turning him into Parallax.
It’s wrong to take a long-standing character and PERVERT his characterization.

If you want gay heroes, Didio, INVENT some! Grrr!

I was hoping it would be Tim Drake as Robin is an iconic character but as they say the character hasn’t been introduced yet (a fact which far too many people can’t be bothered to understand) -the only other person who is kind of iconic that I haven’t seen yet is the Atom. As they say, the character is iconic -the secret identity of a character is rarely the iconic part. No one outside comics knows that Barry Allen or Wally West as the Flash, or Ray Palmer is the Atom… but for that matter most people outside comics aren’t likely to know who the Atom is so is he an iconic character?

I am gay but I personally don’t see a reason to change an existing character to make them gay. I realize that the vast majority of these characters were created when no one would dream of having a gay character in their comic, but it almost seems like Marvel and DC are trying to one-up each other rather (Northstar’s marriage) than just provide diversity.

Either way, I question DC’s use of the word “iconic” as all of the truly iconic characters have already been reintroduced. Just over-exagerrated marketing I would imagine.

I guess right now my money is on Green Lantern of Earth 2. I would say Shazam but I just can’t see them taking that big of a gamble with the big cheese.

He’s not iconic but I think making Wildcat gay could be very interesting.

As a gay comic fan, I’d like to briefly address those folks having a meltdown about the possibility of a character previously identified as straight being “changed” to a gay character.

Here’s the thing: to this day we have people with spouses, or children, or completely heterosexual lifestyles who “come out” because they are tired of living a lie. So I don’t find the idea of a previously straight history for the character to be a huge problem.

I just want it to be organic, and entertaining, storytelling–is that too much to ask?

Snapper Carr

Always knew Hal Jordan was gay always got that vibe when he hanged around Barry and Ollie.

While he sort of appeared in the fcbd New 52 issue, the only character that makes sense to me is The Question. Think about it. While not a character widely known by the non-comic reading public, an “iconic” argument can be made for the character with his highly regarded series in the 80’s/90’s and memorable appearances in Justice League Unlimited. The “announcement” wasn’t given to the mainstream press so it is surely not that big of a character, besides anyone of mainstream note has already been introduced. Through the fcbd New 52 we already know he is set to appear and has a connection to Pandora and the coming Trinity War. Plus his successor Renee Montoya was a lesbian (I don’t think there has been any mention of her being the Question in the new universe). It makes sense.

Why do so few people get the concept of “not introduced/seen yet”? It’s not *that* difficult.

You’ve seen Alan Scott, you’ve seen Shazam, you’ve seen Green Arrow, you’ve seen all the major Green Lanterns (and, even if you hadn’t, the only iconic GL’s are Hal and John Stewart), you’ve seen all the Robins.

This isn’t rocket science. It’s not Encyclopedia Brown where you have to notice some ridiculously insignificant detail and extrapolate to some unbelievable degree.

Wally West is the only successful Flash. He’s Flash. Moreso even than Barry because Wally took it further and to a much greater amount of notoriety. Wally was in the JLA cartoon show, Wally is in all the games, Wally has the most toys. On and on.

It’s forced. It’s cynical. It’s needless. It’s Wally.

I think everyone is missing the most obvious answer.

It’s someone that I don’t think we’ve seen since the reboot.

DC’s most iconic character is obviously……


It is not Wally. Read CBR’s recent interview with The Flash creative team. They wanted to reintroduce Wally but were not allowed to in order to keep the focus on Barry. There are no plans currently for Wally in the new universe. He’s stuck in “paradise” with Superman and Lois of the original Earth 2 and Superboy Prime!

You know what DC should introduce in June? The end of the “New 52.” That would be great.

I think it’s going to be Plastic Man.

I think the best case for it not being Wally West is that the Flash is iconic, not Wally, and the Flash has already been introduced.

And for the record, I don’t see the big deal about reintroducing the character (whichever character it may be) as gay. So far characters have changed jobs (Resurrection Man), race (Gen. Eiling), parentage (Wonder Woman) and marital status (Superman) and there’s been no major uproar. Why not also change who they’re attracted to? How would making them like a guy rather than a girl any different than, say, making Barry Allen love Patty Spivot rather than Iris West?

DC Comics. What is DC Comics?

John Constantine. You read it here first.

Roddy McCorley

May 22, 2012 at 2:42 pm

It’s gotta be Captain Carrot.

Oops—I forgot Constantine’s part of Justice League Dark. Okay, then I’m going with Plastic Man.

Hopefully, it isn’t Captain Marvel/Shazam. DC has pissed on his character and the rest of Fawcett’s characters already.

My first thoughts were Booster–he’s from the future, so current gender-norms wouldn’t be an issue– or Ted Kord–fan favorite and super genius, creates a really positive image of the LGBT community. Coulda sworn I saw a solicit with Ted Kord on the cover. I do like the idea of Plastic Man though, I don’t think I’ve heard anything about him in the new 52 yet.

Dan Turpin!

I haven’t read any DC Comics since before Identity Crisis because – well – you can’t make me. But I keep track of what’s coming out (no pun intended). I’m not sure if this character has appeared since the reboot, but I agree with Marcus. I say it’s The Joker.


Wesley Highbarger

May 22, 2012 at 4:56 pm

With people who say that characters like Wally West who cant be gay because they are on a tv show all i can say is really? Really? I dont think that a tv show is going to make a character stay straight. And honestly i can see Wally being introduced as Wally because he is related to Iris West, and it would be neat to see him as gay. And my view on Plastic man thoughts just he can shape his body into whatever he wants but i think of him as a character who can be introduced as transgendered which would be cool. but overall i agree with the person who said Captain Carrot.

For the millionth time: it’s a character that HAS NOT APPEARED YET!

It ain’t Joker, it aint Batman, it ain’t Shazam/Billy/Captain Marvel, nor anyone else we’ve seen.

Read, you ignorant lousy people.
(I really don’t think anyone’s lousy…just maybe some of you will read now since being negative is a proven attention getter)

Male, Iconic, change sexual orientation, not yet seen.

Hmm. Hmmmmm. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

The Question?

Jake Earlewine

May 22, 2012 at 6:31 pm

Revealing characters to be gay? In 2012, this is considered newsworthy? Yawn. Wake me when it’s over. Better yet, wake me when DC buries this nu52.

Even better, just let me know when Dan Didio, Jim Lee, Bob Harras, and Rob Liefield are GONE from DC.

Geez, DC is hard up for some creative input.

I am in total agreement with Jake Earlewine. At this point I wouldn’t even care if it’s Superman, for that matter it would make more sense if it was Wonder Woman. After all, she does come from an island full of women. Shock and awe and even, dare I say it, being gay, in comics has become passe.

Jackson Bollock

May 22, 2012 at 7:37 pm

I’m going with Mr. Freeze. He’s pretty recognizable, his origins and motivations revolve around the loss of a loved one (you’d only have to change the sex of such loved one), and Snyder is presenting him in june, right?


I’m telling you guys: Ambush Bug!

Nope, Freeze already appeared as the antogonist in the Red Hood book.

Justly Annoyed

May 22, 2012 at 9:01 pm

Icon, Major (Powerful) character), Iconic (In his name) Yet to make his first appearance in the New 52 as far as I have seen, of course I could be wrong as well…

Cyborg or Shazam (or is it still Captain Marvel??). We all know Johns loves being the centre of attention. And this is just another way for his name to get mentioned. Although I wouldn’t want to read his take on a gay character. Look at the way he handled Obsidian in JSA. A shadow who didn’t speak.

Has Steve Trevor been introduced in the New 52 Yet? Always been a little uncertain about his exact relationship with Wonder Woman.

Anyone who thinks Batman is going to turn out gay has never read Catwoman #1

Yes, Scott Snyder said it was a character who hadn’t appeared. He didn’t indicate that he knows, just clarified it’s not Bats. He might be assuming as many people here are. In any event, the technicalities (and possible misleading statements) still leave open the door for Shazam (we’ve seen Billy, but not the big guy yet, right?) and definitely leaves Alan Scott as a frontrunner. But I don’t necessarily trust anything they’re saying – they’re teasing but trying to keep a secret, after all…

I’am sure that he won’t be a bad guy.

Wow. How short on real legitimate content are you DC when you have to resort to pulling shit like this? i mean come on, resorting to attention grabbing like this used to be nothing but the providence of 14 year old school girls. This is the equiviliant of showing all the boys in the yard your panties.

Because those without depth must resort to shallow look at me tactics to be noticed & praised.

Here is an easy idea:

Earth 1 – New 52 Earth
Earth 2 – “Golden Age” Earth
Earth 3 – Crime Syndicate Earth
Earth 4 – Everyone switches sexual identity Earth

– Earth 4 would really change people’s minds on this idea. I feel though that DC is doing this because of Northstar getting married to his boyfriend in Astonishing X-Men #51 in JUNE. I bet the comics will come out the same week.

It really doesn’t matter who the new gay character is. Just a new layer to a character. But I think a
Batman supporting character will be the new homosexual character in the DC universe .

I think Kabilly is probably right. Icon would fit the description. I don’t have a problem with retcons, as long as they are believable, and I can understand DC prefering to build on a character that is already established than taking a chance on a new hero that they’re not sure anyone would like. No point in putting all of that time and effort into somebody that the fans want dead or are just going to forget i a few months.

Everyone needs a hero. There’s a certain amount of catharsis in being able to identify with a hero who saves the day. It gives people hope, like that 4 year-old kid who didn’t want to wear his hearing aid until he found out that Hawkeye wore one. People need to see that they are not alone and that they can succeed too.


Really, why else do you think he only hangs around with DeSaad and even brings him back from disintegration after one of their “spats”?


Please don’t tell me it’s STARMAN

If this is a democracy – I’m voting for a gay UNCLE SAM!!!

Lex Luthor of Earth 2 maybe?

The original Starman with his amazing gravity rod…..or maybe Slam Bradley! (a Siegel & Shuster creation,that’s iconic!)
Actually I’m with Team Peanut just use June to end this New 52 garbage…I’m already sick of this S**T. This feels like longest 9 months of my life.

Abin sur


May 26, 2012 at 12:37 am

Although it’s not going to happen, none of the Robins should be ever depicted as gay.

Going that route vindicates every homophobe and conspiracist from the 50s and 60s and 70s about Batman and Robin’s relationship.

Their sole argument was that they were fags and they were depraved. They came from an ultra homophobic point of view that would only be given credence if they make any of the Robin’s gay.

They will not give them the pleasure of making them right.

Wally West, Ted Kord, Plastic Man are all viable and iconic. If you guys don’t think Wally is iconic, I feel horribly sorry for you as you don’t seem to be in touch with comic books over the past 26 years where he has been the Flash until Barry Allen came back. Barry Allen was the Flash for 28 years.

Why is this necessary? See, I love all people just the same, but this is just a publicity stunt to broaden the audience.
I hope it isn’t Wally though, I loved his healthy relationship with his wife and kids. You don’t really see that in the comics usually.

The character may have been leaked already!? Someone as a strong source at the Phoenix Con let it slip…

This is disgusting and DC should be ashamed of themselves.

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