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Diamond Digital loses three staff members amid ‘restructuring’ [UPDATED]

I’m not sure how to interpret this, but ICv2 confirmed that Dave Bowen, the director of Diamond Digital, has left the company (the way this is worded suggests it was voluntary) and two other staffers, web development manager Jeff Dillon and programmer Lev Schneider, have been let go due to a “restructuring” of Diamond Comic Distributors’ web team. “We are currently hiring Web programmers with different skill sets,” a Diamond spokesperson told the retailer news and analysis site.

At The Beat, Todd Allen beat me to it and dialed up Michael Murphey, CEO of iVerse, which puts the digital in Diamond Digital. Murphey sounds pretty sanguine: “Everything is fine on our end, and things are moving forward positively with Diamond. I expect no delay in the project because of any layoffs.”

It’s worth pointing out that “no delay” is a relative term, given that Diamond Digital was initially supposed to launch in September 2011, and it’s only in beta now. It’s already delayed. The question is whether the layoffs mean it is doomed — or something else is going on.

UPDATE: Michael Murphey comments (below) that Diamond Digital is “NOT doomed,” and the delay is a result of adding features that retailers had requested. Noted!


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It’s not doomed! :)

What I meant was, I don’t expect any delay from the current roadmap. The beta sites are live and functioning properly. The program that was envisioned for Sept ’11 was COMPLETELY reworked to provide something far more robust (retailers can integrate physical and digital products in the same shopping cart, using their own payment system with our API – for example) — it takes time to build out that kind of complexity, and that’s what the retailers told us they wanted…so we did it.

Also, I may have to print this post out — I’m pretty sure it’s the first time anyone has ever described me as “sanguine” in my entire life.

One last thing — NOT doomed. ;)

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