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Indie creators to launch digital comics imprint at Heroes Con

Kill All Monsters

A group of comics creators have banned together under the name Artist Alley Comics and plan to launch several digital comics at Heroes Con in June.

The group includes our own Michael May and artist Jason Copland, who will relaunch their Kill All Monsters comic under the imprint. They join Rich Woodall (Johnny Raygun), Craig Rousseau (The Perhapanauts, Impulse, Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane), and Kelly Yates (Doctor Who, Amber Atoms), the three drivers of Artist Alley, along with Richard Case, Chris Kemple, Randy Green and Matt Talbot. They have a PDf sampler up of some of the titles, which looks like a fun mix of action-adventure, sci-fi and of course giant monsters. Watch for more details at the end of June.



Richard Case, as in “Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol” Richard Case?! Awesome!

Johnny Raygun, The Perhapanauts, and Amber Atoms are all fun sci-fi comics. Based on the strength of these, I’m sold.

Yes, THAT Richard Case! It’s exciting to see Rich working on his creator-owned book, Annie Ammo!

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