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May his fire burn everlasting: The resurgence of the cocaine-fueled Snowflame


Although he died a not-so-glorious death in his first appearance way back in 1988’s New Guardians #2, the cocaine-sniffing DC villain Snowflame is making a minor comeback. The Colombian drug lord has been featured recently on and io9, and now he has his own fan-fiction webcomic by artist Julie Sydor.

Snowflame tells the further adventures of the part drug-sniffing supervillain, part cult leader who first and last appeared in a forgettable series that spun out of DC’s Millennium crossover. That appearance must have made an impact on Sydor, as she not only turned him into a My Little Pony–what greater sign is there that you’re achieved cult status than someone turning you into a My Little Pony?–but also kicked off a webcomic that pits him against Green Arrow, Batman and Raven.

One question you might be asking is “Why Snowflame?” Which is a question Sydor answers on her webcomics’ “About” page:

Is it just me, or is there more to this character that would be fucking awesome to explore? I don’t really want to show my cards, so to speak, as to what I intend to write — but I will say that if you watch the Linkara review, you’ll notice Snowflame isn’t played as straight-up-heinous as say, a Captain Planet villian would be. He seems to have a sort of personal, if warped, sense of honor, and to some degree enjoys hanging around his cronies/entourage. Comics often feature introspective characters who feel alone because of their super-abilities, so it’s interesting (to me, at least) to see a character with such effed-up powers totally living it up and enjoying people.

Also sometimes I just get sick of stuff I want, like awesome Highlander sequels, always not existing. So I guess this is just me going postal over that.

Hopefully Snowflame’s resurgence means we’ll get to see Hemo Goblin again sometime soon.



The fact that Snowflame isn’t in the DCnU is greatly disturbing…

Snowflame: DCnU’s new gay character?

Linkara laid the groundwork for this meme four years ago: (see #1 of 15)

I’m just amazed it took this long for Snowflame fandom to get this far.

Man, if we’re resurrecting characters beloved by Atop The Fourth Wall, I am really, really, REALLY looking forward to the return of BRUTE FORCE.

Also, US-1. But I assuming that is the dearest wish of every fan of trucker convoys. (And seriously, with “Hatfields & McCoys” debuting to strong numbers, it looks like rednecks are back in again. Give us US-1!)

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