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Quote of the day | ‘Sometimes these things take on a life of their own’

“There was no master plan behind it all; we certainly had that character storyline in motion months ago before President Obama had come out with his statement, and the timing of the Marvel thing was coincidental because it was at Kapow that someone asked the question. You can’t necessarily manufacture that kind of attention in the mainstream press. Sometimes these things take on a life of their own, and this was a story that was literally picked up and went on its own. But that said, the point it raises is really good, it’s an interesting discussion. Dan’s answer came out of someone asking, ‘In the New 52, you’ve had a chance to change heroes ages and their origins and their race — why didn’t you change any sexual orientation?’ Basically Dan decided, you know what, maybe this was an opportunity to do some of that. The storyline comes out of that rethinking of what our standard policy was before.”

– DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee, talking with Comic Book Resources about the timing of Co-Publisher Dan DiDio’s weekend revelation
that a previously established character will be reintroduced as gay



I’m just going to cringe if it’s Wally West. He had a wife and kids!

What a difference 10 years makes. I recall when comic books were like 1950s movies, where you weren’t allowed to have gay people in stories but, writers being writers and wanting to put all aspects of humanity in their stories, they would have closeted gay characters in there. There were writers who would make subtle suggestions that Dr. Mid-Nite (McNider) and Triumph were gay, and John Byrne suggested that Northstar was gay way before Marvel had the guts to say it outright. Now, it seems we are trying to turn established characters gay. I wonder if we are going to see characters like Dr. Mid-Nite come out in the pages of Earth-2 and maybe see Triumph return and out of the closet.
My only concern with turning a character gay who had not been written that way is that it will be forced. As the above poster pointed out, turning Wally gay would be idiotic because of the fact that he has a wife and two kids, along with the fact that he was previously characterized as a womanizer. I would hope they would choose a character whose history would suggest the possibility of being gay, but, then again, this would not be the first time comic book publishers did something stupid with their characters.

Why create something good when you can prop yourself and your company up on whatever generates hype and buzz

This should be the mantra of comics books, movies and TV now

@Lyle or they could do it in a way that doesn’t invalidate the previous heterosexual life style. Some of the characters in the new52 are starting from scratch. Their former heterosexuality is irrelevant in this new world. Wally WAS a guy with a wife and kids (doesn’t make him not gay). Wally WAS a womanizer. Wally right now is just an idea who’s life is archived.


Comics have been tackling the issues of AIDS, world hunger, drugs, child abuse, so on for decades now – at least since the 60’s, perhaps longer

Take your blinders, and your knack for revisionist history, off

just getting this in early. I was there when the question was asked. it really was just a question being answered by a random fan. (Im saying this cus ive seen hundreds of comments saying it was this big announcement or whatever). It was also great seeing Dan DiDio and Bob Wayne bounce off eachother. They are a suprisingly funny pair. Wayne is like the long suffering wife.


May 24, 2012 at 12:58 pm

Ooo, is “the long suffering wife” the BEST comparison in this context?

He says there was no plan behind it, then says they had the storyline in motion for months. Jim Lee, stick to pencilling, and not talking

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