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Quote of the day | ‘Women … also like stuff with badass superheroes’

“You would think at some point that people who write about entertainment would clue into the fact that girls do, in fact, enjoy genres that they seem to think are boys-only. I mean, we fangirls rant about this shit all the time. Could someone pick up a clue? Here, I’ll put it in big letters so anyone still holding onto that dumbass, outdated, sexist notion will understand it better: WOMEN LIKE ALL KINDS OF THINGS. There’s not a contract that we sign at birth stating that we can only like stuff with glitter and princesses and romance. Guess what? We DO like stuff with glitter and princesses and romance, and we also like stuff with badass superheroes, aliens, and ass-kicking. So stop writing about genre films as if women haven’t the faintest clue that superheroes exist, and they need a cutesy little nudge in the right direction so they can please their boyfriends.”

TDF Pamela, responding to Moviefone’s cringe-inducing “Girl’s Guide to The Avengers: What You Need to Know If You Know Nothing,” which advises “dutiful girlfriend[s]” on what to say (“Joss Whedon is the man”), and not say (“Do you think Scarlett Johansson is pretty?”), while attending the Marvel blockbuster with their boyfriends



Matthew Halteman

May 2, 2012 at 1:24 pm

As evidenced by how excited my 8-year-old daughter got when I told her “The Avengers” was opening this weekend, after which she asked when we’re going to see it, I agree wholeheartedly.

See also, her enthusiam for: Indiana Jones movies, Essential Spider-Man vol. 1 (currently on her bedside table), X-Men cartoons of all types, the poster for the “Captain America” movie that hangs in her bedroom, etc. etc.

Yeah, Moviefone needs to shut the f*** up.

Honestly, my wife’s probably more excited about the new Avengers movie that I am. Probably because I’m such a nerd that I bury my face in comics when I can. :) But she, being more an action movie buff, is pretty much counting the days until the movie comes out here in the States.

I mean… c’mon Moviefone. Seriously.

Getting mad at Moviefone for putting out a crappy, hack-tastic article is like getting mad at Bluewater for putting out a crappy biography comic. I mean…just…is there any point?

Preach on. Over at PLAYBACK:stl, we host a column called Lovefool (linky link: that is written by a woman and chiefly covers romance comics, but the author has written at least a dozen columsn about her fawning adoration of Marvel movies.

On a different but equally frustrating notion, the local morning jocks on KSHE 95 here in St. Louis were talking about the Avengers this morning and it was the most cringe-inducing thing I’ve ever heard on the radio. They said the word about 20 times within a minute. I wanted to scream at my radio “Since when are nerds the only people who like action movies? How stupid are you people?!?!”

On a more positive note: I saw the Avengers last night at a press screening, and MAN is it awesome.

Jules: Yes, there’s a point. Moviefone is a big, mainstream site. They have a large audience and they’re doing a massive disservice to their audience and their editorial crew should be made aware of this. So, to answer your question again, yes, there’s a point.

& this is where the currently nonexistent “Sequential Art Association of America” or some such representative business body wades in and calls out these people for denigrating a great American medium, it’s heroes and it’s audience.

Just like any other industry would ,if idiocy and falsehoods were being put out there with perception value on it’s priducts.

Instead, nothing.

And the impression of American comics and their stereotype of it’s audiences, be it in books, films or whatever… is allowed to continue.

So comics will still only be enjoyed by less than 1% of 300 MILLION PEOPLE.

Got to love the industry & those with any power’s complete incompetence..

Simon DelMonte

May 2, 2012 at 5:09 pm

And conversely, some of us men like to see heroes who aren’t kick-ass, who solve problems with their brains instead of their fists.

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