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Remember when Bill Murray played the Human Torch?

Flame on!

I didn’t either, but it happened on the radio in 1975. The Fantastic Four radio show was the brainchild of a couple of New York DJs (Sean Kleefeld interviewed one of them in 1999) who pitched the idea to Marvel. The company went for it, and Stan Lee even provided the narration. The scripts were based entirely on actual Lee/Kirby comics and, yes, a 25-year-old Bill Murray played Johnny Storm.

The Kleefeld interview has all the details, including why the show only lasted for 13 episodes. And if you’re interested in hearing an episode for yourself … well, thank Galactus for YouTube.



I found these a while ago on, I really recommend skulking around on there, in addition to these FF episodes (not too bad really).
There’s lot of old radio shows and pulp characters: Shadow, Blue Beetle, some Superman, some stray Batman stuff, and more if you hit the right word combination.

It wasn’t 13 episodes… It was 13 weeks of episodes, 5 a week. 65 episodes total.

I listened to that show when it was first broadcast.

I am old.

Well, I guess it could be considered 13 half-hour episodes broken up into 5 minute segments. It sounds as though they were originally 65 five minute segments.

10 of the episodes have been archived here:

I seem to remember it being plugged in one of the Marvel Bullpen Bulletins pages of the time.

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