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Rotworld kicks off in 12th issues of Swamp Thing, Animal Man


August brings the preludes to the Swamp Thing/Animal Man crossover that writers Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire have been talking about for awhile now, as Team Red and Team Green take on The Rot. According to Lemire, the crossover, Rotworld, is an “epic superhero/horror story” that he’s been working with Snyder on for the past year. “Buddy Baker and Alec Holland join forces to lead a pre-emptive strike deep into The Rot, the consequences of which will tear both of their worlds apart forever,” he said on his blog.

The crossover runs through each title’s 17th issue and will feature art by regular series artists Yanick Paquette and Steve Pugh, who worked together on the above joining covers for Animal Man #12 and Swamp Thing #12.



Another six months or so of rottiness? Much as I enjoy both books I don’t want a variation on the same theme for a year and a half.

Sigh, these long arcs have been driving me nuts. I haven’t been reading AM/ST but there have been so many long arcs lately. Give us 3-4 issue arcs where the stories can progress.

Lets gets this started. Even though this is a long story arc. When it’s finally said and done, rereading all of this will sure be a treat.

I can tell the first two posters didn’t read the second SW series (the one Alan Moore, Stephen Bissette and John Totleben famously took on in the ’80s). “Long story arcs” is nothing new when it comes to Swamp Thing. For done-in-one stories, look elsewhere. I’m enjoying the new series with Scott Snyder and the excellent art of Yanick Paquette, who’s a suitable heir to Bissette and Rick Veitch.

“The crossover runs through each title’s 17th issue”

Are you f#@king kidding me?!? Issues 12-17 of each series?!? A 12 issue crossover!?! For one story?!? Again?!? This is getting ridiculous now. Is each writer at DC trying to outdo everyone else is terms of how much they can decompress their story?!? Batman & Robin – 8 issues and Batman – 12 issues are 2 of the worst that spring to mind.

I’ll be canceling both at issue 11.

@EG Well you’re wrong there. I started with the Pasko and Yeates run and never missed an issue thereafter. I knew Moore was taking over months before it was announced due to UK comics industry gossip and wouldn’t have missed his take for the world. And while, say, American Gothic went on awhile, it wasn’t something like 36 issues of two titles. It WAS a lot more varied in terms of individual issues than ST ad AM have been so far.

Information Geek

May 15, 2012 at 3:58 am


Ah, actually it means the storyline will be running through #12 to #17. The crossover won’t take 12 to 17 issues, just 6 issues.

@Information Geek – – you might want to reread my post buddy.

The crossover is running through:

Animal Man 12-17 = 6 issues
Swamp Thing 12-17 = 6 issues

6+6 = 12

= A 12 issue crossover. :)

Wow. People are actually complaining about this?

These are the 2 best books on the shelf every month. If it was a 100 issue crossover, I would still buy it. It’s rare these days that you get as much quality packed into 2.99 as these books offer. Just look at that image! Paquette is killing it!

Go read AvX…

It’d be easier to swallow if both series hadn’t already spent their first 9 issues fighting the Rot and ever-so-slowly building to this crossover. But by the time this thing is said and done it’ll be 34 issues worth of Rot-based stories between the two titles. That’s an awful lot of time devoted to a singular threat, no matter how large it is.

More like Paquette and a half dozen of others are an heir to the great Swamp Thing cartoonists.

Also, that drawing is Steve Pugh AND Yannick Paquette. That guy is amazing AND gets books out without needin assists.

And for all of you complaining about long arcs. Whah wah wah. They’ve been talking about this since the beginning. Its not like you weren’t warned.

I would love a nice thick omnibus collecting the whole thing but im not sure how’d they do that.

@Mart, take, for example, the recent SW (#8), with the chapter “The Warrior King.” Did it feel long and drawn out from page to page, for what is technically a very simple story? I didn’t. I like the Rotworld concept, even if it owes significantly to Moore.

@ E.G. It was good to finally see the new Swamoy and the Rot fighting, but I’m a tad tired of pages and pages of the Rot and Sethe and their acolytes. The business with Abigail that followed should have also seen the end of this storyline, at least for awhile, instead the Rot bounces right back. To be honest, despite the craft I’m on the verge of dropping the book … it’s just dragging.


May 15, 2012 at 5:47 pm

Both books are put together by competent pro’s, but boy have they over estimated the appeal of the insanely generic monster/threat of the Rot.
I’m already really bored by The Rot – it doesn’t matter how well written and drawn the books are, if it’s about a conflict that’s boring.
These two are inching closer to the drop pile for me.


I can tell the first two posters didn’t read the second SW series (the one Alan Moore, Stephen Bissette and John Totleben famously took on in the ’80s). “Long story arcs” is nothing new when it comes to Swamp Thing. For done-in-one stories, look elsewhere.

I think it’s not being very honest to compare what’s going on in these books with Moore’s Swamp Thing – he didn’t have story lines run this long at all. Overall story arcs, certainly, but Swamp Thing has just finished it’s first storyline and Animal Man is still on it’s first – and are now about to have a crossover for issues 12-17. That’s a majorly longer than any storyline Moore had run, and his long story lines were usually smaller arcs/done in one stories leading to something bigger.
(In fact, the highlights of Moore’s run were usually the done in one’s or the two-parters).

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