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Scottish Parliament motion acknowledges Marvel’s same-sex wedding

Standing in stark contrast to One Million Moms’ new effort to convince Marvel and DC Comics to immediately abandon all plans involving gay characters, a motion has been introduced in Scottish Parliament to acknowledge the wedding Northstar and to declare that “same-sex marriage should not be restricted to the world of literature and fantasy.”

Lodged Thursday by Mary Fee, a Scottish Labour Party member representing West Scotland, the motion states: “That the Parliament welcomes the news that the Marvel comic, X-Men, will feature its first same-sex marriage, which will feature Northstar, believed to be the first openly gay comic superhero; understands that, in 1992, Marvel was the first comic publisher to reveal a gay superhero; notes that Northstar is not the first gay character to have had a same-sex marriage in the comic book world, and agrees that same-sex marriage should not be restricted to the world of literature and fantasy.” It’s supported by eight other Members of the Scottish Parliament.

Obviously the motion carries no legislative weight; they’re routinely introduced as an expression of support (for instance, Fee lodged a motion earlier this month recognizing comedian Eddie Izzard’s effort to run 27 marathons in 27 days as a tribute to Nelson Mandela). Still, it’s interesting to see how, just two days after Marvel officially announced the marriage of Northstar and Kyle Jinadu, a comic-book plot development (or marketing ploy, as some would argue) has been seized upon to advance a larger, global social issue.

It’s also worth pointing out the phrase “notes that Northstar is not the first gay character to have had a same-sex marriage in the comic book world,” which is presumably a nod to Archie Comics’ Kevin Keller, whose wedding in Life With Archie #16 also drew the ire of One Million Moms. The campaign by the conservative Christian group to have the comic pulled from the shelves of Toys “R” Us apparently backfired, as that issue quickly sold out.



And if further evidence were needed that the Scottish Parliament is a complete and utter waste of time…

Has everyone forgotten the wedding of Midnighter and Apollo? Authority #24. Long before Kevin Keller or Northstar.

Judge Fred MANSON

May 25, 2012 at 8:17 am

Scotland forever!!!!!!

A proud Scottish descendant. Atheist. Fatty geek.

“Are OMM Mum enough?”

Marvel was not the first comic publisher to reveal a gay superhero – especially not as late as 1992. There were others.


May 25, 2012 at 8:23 am

Ive not forgotten Apollo an Midnighter. I absolutely love them. Both badasses who happen to love one another.. And Im also very happy about Northstar. After all the flack he has gathered over the years Im glad he gets his prince charming <3

hopefully Wiccan and Hulkling are next <3

Prophet Guard

May 25, 2012 at 8:26 am

I don’t support or reject this issue. As long as people can still read and make comics well enough and responsibly in the future, that’s all that matters.

As if we didn’t have better things to worry about. I expected that fat useless waste of space that is called a First Minister Alex ‘Sleazy Sweatball’ Salmond to have forwarded this one as he usually will show up at the opening of an envelope, but there you go.
To Tom Daylight – it’s not a waste of time, but looking at shit like this, I can see where naysayers are sometimes coming from (and I’m not a SNP voter BTW)

What the pointlessly stupid…?

slakker – to be fair, this sort of things sometimes crops up in Westminster too. It’s just a by-product of there being far too many politicians in the world – something that is facilitated by the existence of devolved assemblies.

It was nice to note that most posters to yesterdays ‘Million Moms’ article were decent and reasonable.

However, it is still bizarre that so many Christians have decided this issue (not red dresses, or eating shrimp or pork) is so significant. It’s an embarrassment to most Christians that these unfortunate people are so narrow minded and seek to degrade other people’s stature and legal rights….

Good for Scotland!

Robert Hagedorn

May 25, 2012 at 3:47 pm

Google First Scandal.

Congratulations to the happy couple. BTW OneMillionMoms is not compressed of 1.000.000 members. Nor we follow no more (if ever) the Bible word by word.

That’s awesome. I’m all teary-eyed now.

It’s part of a wider debate in this country about a definition of “marriage” and whether gay couples should be able to use the term and should be viewed as such.

As a Scot myself, I’m pleased that our politicians are not dodging hot issues and are backing gay rights.

If they want to call their union a marriage, they should of course be allowed to.

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