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The world needs more photos of Jack Kirby dancing

I love old photos of Jack Kirby for many reasons, not the least of which is, in his day, he was one suave-looking, pipe-smoking gentleman. But Sean Kleefeld points us to Greg Theakston’s Facebook gallery, where we’re introduced to another side of the Kirby: the dancing King, bustin’ a move with wife Roz and, at a Comic-Con party, with a belly-dancer. There’s also a nice shot of he and Roz sitting (apparently at the same gathering where they danced). You can see all shots here, and visit Theakston’s gallery for many for great photos of Kirby and others. Now I’m off to start



He looks like he’s surfing in the second one.

Say, is there perhaps an appropriate Kirby-themed character who could inspire some Photoshop-themed tomfoolery there? Like, someone could put a surfboard in there. Gray, of course, because it’s a black-and-white photo.

The Gray Surfer. Hm…it lacks a certain something.

This is an example of why I think there’s a whole other lesson in the life of Jack Kirby which is too-little appreciated. It’s true that he was shafted in a lot of ways, and it’s important and useful that people keep this in mind.

But at the same time, Jack still lived it up. In the words of Hunter S. Thompson, he really stomped on the Terra. Jack Kirby was bigger than the various people who shortchanged him and swiped from him. He was a brilliant guy, AND he was a guy who knew how to live life.

Remember and profit by both examples!

I believe that the second photo captures the instant immediately before Jack and Roz trashed some evil ninja robots.

— MrJM

The “King” kung-fu pose in the second pic seems appropriate.

Great pictures!

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