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With an animated Flashpoint (apparently) in the works, is it time for a return in comics?

Last week a slip of the tongue by longtime Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy revealed that DC Entertainment is possibly working on an animated adaptation of last year’s Flashpoint event series. If true, that would be one of the quickest turnarounds from page to screen, and this potential return got me to thinking: What if DC returned to Flashpoint in comics?

We’re not talking Flashpoint 2: Electric Bugaloo or anything of that nature (although Ambush Bug might approve), but superhero publishers and fans have shown an immense love for juggling alternate universes with a different set of rules and a different continuity. DC is debuting Earth 2 this week, and in the past has shown a fiery propensity to see how the other side lives. And across town at Marvel, they’ve made several successful jaunts to alternate timelines: from miniseries revisiting the Heroes Reborn and 2099 worlds to the ongoing Age of Apocalypse.

DC invested a whole lot of time, money and shelf space last summer to developing and publishing the Flashpoint titles, and one of the complaints people had at the conclusion was the number of loose ends, as well as characters they wanted to see more of. This could be just a fun return trip if taken with measured steps — maybe a single ongoing series delving into this world.

And come to think of it, it might be a good place for Wally West to show up next.




If they actually published “Flashpoint 2: Electric Bugaloo” I would buy at least one issue, cross my heart.

Just for the name. Because adding “…2: Electric Bugaloo” to almost anything makes it about 3000% more fun.

would love a sequel to flash point including more of the out sider and the thomas wayne batman plus think the flash still has some cleaning up to do . as long as it does not include another mystery character like pandora that you had to almost buy every issue to learn what her part is.

Wally died in the Flashpoint Universe.

..FORGET “Flashpoint”!!!!
..How About an Animated Version of “Kingdom Come”??
..C’mon, Already Warner Bros.!?!

I’m sure it will show up in one way or another (because comic books can’t just leave an idea sitting on a shelf for too long), but my gut tells me DC is planning to revisit this.

1) The amount of time and effort put into developing this world was explained as a “well, we’re cancelling some ongoings and pulling talent for the New 52, so we have to put something on the shelf for those three months…..”
2) Loose ends = poor planning.
3) DC doesn’t want to acknowledge Wally West’s existence.
4) Shazam Kids (the only characters I wanted to see more of) seem like they are integrated into the Shazam backup of JL, albiet in a different form.

Don’t think it’s happening, and probabaly wouldn’t buy it if it was.

P.S. Here’s looking forward to “Static Shock 2: Electirc Bugaloo,” now that the ongoing has been cancelled.

Flashpoint was as poor a crossover as they come and giving it any more time would be a (bigger) waste.

@ Mike

Exactly what I thought. Except for a few rare cases, the Flashpoint minis were a showcase for the JV teams, especially on art. They were a stop gap filler to give lead time to the New 52 creative teams.

And I’ll always be convinced that Flashpoint as Geoff Johns conceived it was not intended to kick off the “New 52″ but that they shoehorned it in at the 11th hour.

Walter Kovacs

May 1, 2012 at 1:23 pm


There’s at least 20 different DC storylines I’d rather see adapted before this.

It seems likely that this is DCE’s way to get their animation division visually and thematically in line with the comics. This will get the toys, etc… in line with the New 52.


The post-Flashpoint ‘Verses have their own fans. The pre-Flashpoint ‘Verses have as many fans. Surely there’s room in the DC marketplace for their multiverse to expand from 52 to 104?

Why should any version’s fans have to suffer a “zero sum game” situation?

Oy. I do not want to see this headache adapted. If it does, it’ll be the first ever “event comic” adapted for animation. NOBODY wants to see event comics animated!!! NOBODY!!!!

I Heart Catman

May 2, 2012 at 1:58 am

that series did enough damage to my dc fandom. now i run risk of seeing an adaptation of it playing in the background of a comicshop?


it’s a damn shame mcduffie is no longer with us. he might have been able to make this good.

kingdom come would have been a lot cooler… but that would mean dc would have to acknowledge mark waid again… then again, didn’t stop them from adapting babel.

I’ve been dying to see a Flash-centric animated movie, but the problem is — which one? I don’t think that Flashpoint or Rebirth is the answer, and I’d love to see Waid’s “Return of Barry Allen”, but I’m not sure which Flash story would work best in the 75-80 minute format. Some thoughts:

“Flash of Two Worlds”
Intro of Kid Flash
Prof. Zoom killing Iris/Barry killing Zoom/Trial/reunion in the future — uh, never mind….!

Can’t think of anything else by Bates, Waid, Morrison/Millar or Johns that would fit the bill. Or by Baron and Mesner-Loebs.

But I think new stories with refreshed intros of Zoom, Grodd, Abra Kadabara, or one with the core rogues (Cold, Heatwave, Weather Wizard, Trickster) could work. flash has cool powers and the best villians, but not a great showcase (ha!) for them.

Zoom, Kadabra and “Two Worlds” could involve time/dimension travel and the cosmic treadmill, so that would be cool.

How about one that combines intro of Wally, discovery of Earth 2 and a team-up of Abra Kadabra and the Wizard? You have it all in one Silver Agey package that should please almost all Flash fans!

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