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World War 3 Illustrated tackles censorship, from Comics Code to Wikileaks

Anthologies are an overlooked lot in comics, and one of the most overlooked is the long-running World War 3 Illustrated. I myself have fallen victim to having a blind spot for the series, but the solicitation in the most recent Previews catalog drew my attention.

Scheduled to ship in  July, World War 3 Illustrated #43 focuses on the subject of censorship — an all-too-current subject in the larger world of comics. Subtitled “Expression/Repression/Revolution,” this issue features cartoonists who may not be all that familiar to our readers. The best-known name is Peter Kuper, who’s joined by the likes of Mike Diana, Gianlucca Costantini and others to do stories about Occupy Wall Street, Wikileaks, the Comics Code Authority and more.

World War 3 Illustrated is a different kind of comic than what most people expect, akin to magazines like Maximumrocknroll, 2600: The Hacker Quarterly and Adbusters. Definitely an overlooked facet of comics, and something many comic stores don’t even stock. If your comic shop doesn’t,  you can order World War 3 Illustrated #43 directly from the publisher, Top Shelf.



Let me guess, it will feature…

-Uncritical support of OWS, their crimes, their extremist political positions, and all coupled with the usual willful ignorance about business and economics
-Uncritical support of wikileaks and the people they got killed in Iran
-A lot of whining about 31 years dead Frederic Wertham and 10 years dead Comics Code as if they’re still relevant and out there to take your books.

And then the guys that make this stuff will scratch their heads and wonder why no one takes them seriously.

Red Comet: Perfectly stated.

Hey, Chris, thanks for the spotlight on our upcoming issue and the kind words! I definitely feel like we fly under the radar of a lot of the “mainstream” comics world, which is a shame….

Just for the record, much as I hate to feed the trolls:
-Most Americans support the “extremist political positions” of OWS:
(but I don’t actually know if we have much OWS content in this issue, I haven’t read it all yet)
-The Defense Department has stated definitively that nobody got killed because of Wikileaks:
– Yes, of course we will have a nice two page spread with a map of where comics got burned in bonfires in the 1950s thanks to Wertham, but man, that’s the history of our medium, how can we ignore it?

We will also have lots of other content, including stories from Palestine and Egypt, stories about David Wojnorowicz, and plenty of other material we hope will be challenging to our readers.

Yeah, some “trolls,” Ethan. I wonder — do “trolls” cite selective polls from almost a year ago? Here, try one that more up to date:

And, naturally, there’s a distinct difference between viewing favorably the GOALS of a movement and the ACTIONS of the protesters.

I think it says a lot about people on the far right that they are willing to condemn a comic book which they haven’t even seen. Now that World War 3 #43 is in print, I dare the readers of this website to pick up a copy and judge it for themselves.

Dear @Hube,
Have ever actually participated in meaningful political action? It seems safe to assume that you have not, or you would know that 90% of the negative stuff you read about protestors and activists is either literally made up by the cops, or if it did happen, was the work of infiltrators and agitators. This is not a joke, it’s not an excuse, and it doesn’t mean that I’m depicting OWS as perfection itself. But it is a reality, it happens every day, and it’s been going on for far longer than anyone on earth has been alive.
The big bucks hegemony guys have a whole lot at stake here, and OWS is a popular movement whose entire purpose is to hold them accountable for their crimes. Do you think they’re such idiots as to suddenly, and for the first time in history, fail to perceive the need to marshal all their massive resources, to put a stop to it?
And what do you think that money goes for? It goes to manipulate the media system and the secret channels of government and law enforcement (that is after all The Way Things Get Done Around Here) so that they can convince credulous people like yourself that the Occupy movement are a bunch of thugs and losers, instead of the college students, teachers, lawyers and other ordinary folks that are the core of the movement.
Your naivité is sad but all too common, and so quite forgivable. If my ideas about OWS, or pretty much any other left wing phenomenon, were based on accounts from the papers and right wing blogosphere, I’d believe myself to be a wild-eyed window-breaker who hates baths and sells drugs on the street, instead of the mild-mannered, cartoon-slinging Mom and hardworking editor that I am.
Yet there’s still at least one place where you can read about OWS with no corporate sponsors to dictate either the tone or content, and that’s World War 3 Illustrated.
Peace- Rebecca

@ Red Comet, Please read the above, it is for you too.

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