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Ottley, McFarlane, Quitely and Silvestri cover The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead #100, by Todd McFarlane

The Hollywood Reporter has debuted the variant cover created by Invincible artist Ryan Ottley for the landmark 100th issue of The Walking Dead, the acclaimed horror series by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn. The variant joins those newly revealed from Todd McFarlane, Frank Quitely and Marc Silvestri, as well as the wraparound by Adlard.

“When Robert asked me to draw a cover for  The Walking Dead, he said the magic words: ‘draw whatever you want.’ So I was totally excited to do something ‘action-y’ with Michonne and her sword,” Ottley said. “She’s always been my favorite character in the book, and soon to be in the TV show as well. And it’s always fun drawing zombie gore, especially with swords!”

Comic Book Resources will reveal Bryan Hitch’s variant cover Tuesday morning. Another by Sean Phillips will likely debut elsewhere. The Walking Dead #100 arrives July 11.

Kirkman and Ottley’s Invincible should reach its 100th issue in January. Check out the covers by Ottley, Quitely and Silvestri below (sorry, TV Guide ran McFarlane’s postage-stamp size).

By Ryan Ottley

By Frank Quitely

By Marc Silvestri



*heh* Where’s the series original artist, Tony Moore? Why no cover from Tony More? *heh*

Tony Moore = Jack Kirby Of Walking Dead.

lol – true

Now I’m kinda regretting not preordering the Ottley cover from DCBS. Got the Quitely cover, which looks good, but could be a cover for any zombie book.

@DrunkJack I doubt Moore would ever draw anything for TWD ever again. Him and Kirkman had a huge falling out over “creative differences.” The word on the street is that Moore’s really difficult to work with. I met him in 2007 and he was kinda cold… not at all friendly like Kirkman.

I wouldn’t say he’s a Jack Kirby, though. Moore only illustrated the first run. Most of the characters he designed are long dead. He still gets credit for creating the series, and I wouldn’t be surprised if still got some financial compensation, especially from the tv series.

Honestly, I’d take Tony Moore’s art over Kirkman’s writing any day.

Tony Moore = Jack Kirby = absolute rubbish.

Kirkman + Adlard + 96 well written issues = proof is in the pudding.

Troll behaviour + hate + negativity + ignorance + lame attempt at humour = waste of time.

Is that the new Anti-Life Equation??

Damn, wish I hadn’t clicked on the Allred cover link. It spoils a major character death.

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