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Archer & Armstrong take on the One Percent

It looks as if Occupy Wall Street only scratched the surface, as come August the combat-trained teen Archer and the inebriated immortal Armstrong will discover that the One Percent is part of an ancient cabal that could save the dollar but destroy the world. And they’re doing it while creepy animal masks within a Masonic crypt beneath Wall Street.

The One Percent makes its debut Aug. 8 on the last page of Valiant Entertainment’s Archer & Armstrong, and then returns in Issue 2, out Sept. 5. Writer Fred Van Lente, who reteams with Incredible Hercules artist Clayton Henry for the series revival, says that storyline continues the long comics tradition “of ripping social issues from the headlines so the heroes can punch them in the face.”

“In later issues they’ll fight ninja nuns beneath the Vatican Library and learn the secret connection between Nazi occultists and Tibetan monks,” he tells The Associated Press. “So claiming that the American financial markets are secretly controlled by a Masonic cult of devil-worshippers sacrificing the homeless to the New Testament demon Mammon beneath the NYSE wasn’t really that big of a stretch.”

Check out Valiant’s teaser for Archer & Armstrong #2 below:

Inside a Masonic crypt beneath Wall Street, The 1% engineer a financial apocalypse that will save the dollar, but could destroy the world. Within the secret archives of the Vatican, The Spirituali shelter a secret that could crack history in half. And – in a bar somewhere – Archer & Armstrong are all that stands between the ancient conspiracy that binds these two group together.



lol — “Screw you – we earned it.” I think I love these bad guys! If the characterization follows that conceit – that they earned what they have, then they could be very entertaining villains. If they fall back into the old-fashioned, “privileged fat-cat” depiction of the rich, then it’ll just the be same old cliche with a more contemporary moniker.

So I take it Armstrong is no longer a fantastically rich immortal that lives like a bum for no other reason than he feels like it?

from what i’ve seen it seems he’s a dark troubled immortal running from his past

Well given this, the New 52, and various other revamps I guess it is standard procedure these days to suck all the fun out of a character when revamping them.

Ironic given that Van Lente produced a whole comic series about (possibly revisionist) comic book history and tropes.

Confession: I didn’t read any of the Valiant comics back in the day and Ive not been following this relaunch. But holy crap, this makes me want to read this comic. This writer has a good track record with smart, witty material, too. Action Philosophers owned me.

Turning a perfectly fine concept into an “Occupy Wall Street” analogy will date this book. Hell, it already has. If the writer wants to rant against capitalism, maybe he should forego his paycheck. I’ll take the original, thank you.

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