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Before Watchmen TV commercial debuts

DC Comics corporate sibling Entertainment Weekly has unveiled what it calls a rough cut of the 30-second television spot set to premiere Tuesday for Before Watchmen, the sprawling — and much-discussed — prequel to the seminal 1986 miniseries by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.

According to Fast Company, the ad will air on IFC, BBC America and G4, as well as on social media, with an extended one-minute version appearing on the DC website. The first of the seven miniseries, Darwyn Cooke’s Before Watchmen: Minutemen, debuts in stores and online Wednesday, leaving a narrow window for the promotional blitz.

However, John Cunningham, DC’s vice president of marketing, says that was a conscious decision. “We realized that the books needed to be available as soon as people saw the ad,” he tells Fast Company.

The spot will air during such programs as The Onion News Network, Doctor Who and Attack of Show. You can watch the rough cut, and check out images from the commercial, below.



Corporate sibling ? is that a shot at EW ? explain yourself.

I’m not sure “The Onion News Network” was the best choice… people will probably think it’s a joke ad.

DC Comics and Entertainment Weekly are both owned by Time Warner, thus they are “corporate siblings”.

It is always a good thing to get comics out there to the mainstream and remind them we exist. Still.

I’m surprised that they didn’t buy time on Cartoon Network during Adult Swim.

Mohi, “corporate sibling” is a common term. A Google search for the exact phrase returns nearly 300,000 hits:

What’s Before Watchmen?

I love it!

that was terrible

Did a 12 year-old put that together in Microsoft Movie Maker in about 15 minutes??

I guess if they were trying to project an image of a backwater, second-rate industry, they succeeded

“The best selling graphic novel of all time.”

Thanks for that Mr. Moore and Mr. Gibbons by the way. Now please bend over.

Not the greatest commercial in the world, but very cool to see something like that on TV promoting comics. And at least they got the Allstate guy to narrate it! :P

If only they could put this much effort into something like Fables or 100 Bullets. I’m not knocking the commercial, it just would be good for the overall industry if commercials existed for titles like that to show there’s variety in comics and not all superheroes.

Jimmy, people don’t need to be reminded that comic books exist only when the Big Two are promoting some new gimmick or summer crossover. They need to be reminded that comic books exist when they’re looking for something to read on the train or at the beach. And being able to buy them easily wouldn’t hurt either.

Television over the last ~10 years has shown that there’s a huge number of people who enjoy long, serialized narratives as entertainment. Much more so than any other time I can think of in my lifetime (I’m in my 40s). Putting comic books in front of those people, and filling them with stories that are compelling and enjoyable would, I think, sell a lot of comic books. But if the only media attention Marvel and DC get (paid or unpaid) are for “The Death of Ambush Bug” or “Millie the Model is back, and this time she’s black/gay/Hispanic/a man”, I don’t see them selling too many books outside of their established readership anytime soon.

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Doctor Who?…..


…..And I encourage others to do the same.


June 4, 2012 at 4:13 pm

Reminding us that DC and EW are corporate siblings in this context emphasizes Jimmy’s point, then Scrathie’s — just as Hollywood inundates prime time with commercials for the summer’s big box office blockbusters, comics can do this with their summer events. Just imagine some kick ass commericals for Avengers vs. X-Men! Or a commercial about the upcoming 100th ish of “Walking Dead?” Before comics takes the leap into the digital and assumes this is the future, it should mine what’s left of the media it’s still overlooked. Radio spots, TV commercials, billboards and bus benches. It’s common sense marketing that should be as readily embraced as the Internet.

Uh, yeah. If this is the type of projects that get the push from corporate comics, F*** them and F*** anybody who would participate, condone, or financially support this. Whether supplier, customer, or creator.

June 4, 2012 at 3:18 pm


…..And I encourage others to do the same.

I will buy it and probably love it. So get over it. You lost the battle

why would you buy it and love it?? Anyone who read and understood the original Watchmen comics would have no desire to see these prequels. So why would you read it and love it – are you a Watchmen fan?? Or a lemming who buys anything “hyped” by the big 2 and created by “the hottest creators”

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