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Comics A.M. | Ailing artist Oliver Nome’s call for help

Wonder Woman, by Oliver Nome

Creators | Freelance artist Oliver Nome, who has worked for Wildstorm and Aspen but has no health insurance, is suffering from a brain tumor, and his dealer is selling off his art to help pay for the surgery. [Blog@Newsarama]

Publishing | John Jackson Miller looks at the shape of the comics market in 1995, before Diamond Comic Distributors had a virtual monopoly on distribution. [The Comichron]

Awards | The voting deadline for this year’s Eisner Awards is Monday. [Comic-Con International]

Comics | Noah Berlatsky comes down firmly on the side of Alan Moore in the controversy over Before Watchmen: “Why is Moore complaining? It’s not about the money, as he’s said. (That’s probably a big part of the reason people call him a crank.) But Moore created a group of characters and the world they live in; those characters still mean something to him. Now a company he believes has screwed him over gets to colonize and even define that world… And DC has the marketing might to ensure that, in the end, its version will be the one that’s remembered. After the third or fourth Before Watchmen movie, which iteration of the characters will be most familiar to the public? Rorschach and Nite Owl and Dr. Manhattan have been raised from their resting place, and Moore—and the rest of us—now get to watch them stagger around, dripping bits of themselves across the decades, until everyone has utterly forgotten that they ever had souls.” [Slate]

Before Watchmen: Minutemen #1

Comics | Robin McConnell offers similar sentiments, worded somewhat more strongly: “Any work that takes from Watchmen, desecrates it. Unfortunately Before Watchmen, will have an effect on Watchmen. This work will be connected, and it makes me sad.” McConnell asks readers to ignore Before Watchmen, saying, “There is an endless supply of fantastic comics that you can read that won’t make you feel dirty,” but ironically, posts such as this are keeping it in the public eye. [Inkstuds]

Creators | Adam Warren talks to Alex Zalben about the upcoming seventh volume of Empowered, and he reveals that a number of Empowered one-shots are in the works, written by him and illustrated by various guest artists. [MTV Geek]

Graphic novels | Geoff Boucher takes a look at the history of the iconic film behind Ben McCool and Mario Guevarra’s new graphic novel Nevsky, along with a preview of the book. [Hero Complex]

Manga | Concluding (apparently) one of manga’s weirder sagas, Japanese Shonen Jump published an image of Vol. 22 of Claymore, confirming, indirectly, that the manga is not coming to an end—as creator Norihiro Yagi implied in a recent chapter. [Anime News Network]

Analysis | David Brothers discusses how writer James Ellroy creates a sense of foreboding through his writing style alone, and finds it similar to the storytelling style in the new incarnation of Prophet, written by Brandon Graham. [4thletter!]



When i read Before Watchmen the last thing im gonna feel is “dirty”. I cant wait for it.If it is garbage then oh well.Watchmen will still be a phenomenal and all time classic.

Judge Fred MANSON

June 1, 2012 at 8:20 am

Enough with this “Before Watchmen” witches hunt!!!! You want to read it? Buy it. You don’t want to read? Don’t buy it. No more to say.

I don’t care about Moore: he will have anyway his cash from all his done works and from the developed products to come from his own works. I won’t cry for him.

The man I am crying about is Oliver Nome. If only I have had enough money, I will have bough him a piece of his works.

So, stop crying for Moore. If you have enough cash, help Oliver Nome. He really deserves it.

Geez it’s not like Alan Moore never used someone else’s characters….

Its not like Alan Moore is complaining abour people using Constantine, Mogo, The Un-Men, or the whole ABC line. He fully admits that some characters are made for continuities while some are not. Even the League is fair game. The Watchmen characters were made for one explicit purpose, the twelve issues of Watchmen. I personally think he wouldn’t have a problem if they were in the public domain.

I like the zombie metaphor.

First of all, people need to stop being brainwashed and support single payer healthcare. No one like Oliver Nome should have to suffer crushing debt just to stay healthy. We are a first world country, a global superpower, but we don’t the decency to provide our citizens first class healthcare. If there’s anything that government should do for society, it’s to ensure the health of its people. We already do it for the elderly. There’s a lot we can and should cut out from government, but everyone has a right to be healthy without having to go completely broke.

I’m a fan of Alan Moore, and I side with him often. But in this case, he’s holding his work up on a pedestal. No one is changing or eliminating the original work. His Watchmen will still exist in its own binding. There is no valid argument against Before Watchmen. Noah Berlatsky is presuming Before Watchmen will be inferior or different in spirit. That’s dumb. Read it before you knock it. His argument about people forgetting the original is also dumb. Superman’s origin has been rewritten numerous times, but anyone can still read the original. This is just neophobic, purist mentality. Go bury your head in the ground with the original works you love. Alan Moore should be honored that his work is still found relevant. If people don’t make movies and keep his work fresh, it will be forgotten long after he’s dead. Would original fairy tales have survived if people didn’t retell them, would they be popular if Disney never made movies about them, would they still be interesting if live action films didn’t expand on them? Get over it. Even the Bible has a New Testament and an Old Testament with all sorts of revisions, and they weren’t written by the same people!

That’s a crock of _______. the only reason anyone cared about watchmen at all was because of moore’s creative and emotional writing. Now DC is so desperate for ideas that they’re writing prequels for works that they already screwed the creators out of the rights to years ago. How about coming up with an original idea for once instead of mining through the past list of creators you’ve already screwed? Alan Moore swore off working for DC entirely after they retained rights to characters that he either created, or revolutionized into the characters they’re known as today. Yet DC continually makes money off the mans catalogue with no financial compensation or respect to their creator. Literally 25% of DC’s “absolute editions” are Alan moore’s works. Anyone who thinks that a company has the right to continually profit off the creations of a writer who has sworn them off entirely just simply doesn’t get it. I for one will not be buying ANY new DC books if this is how they are going to treat they’re creators. How about an original idea for once instead of re-hashing material that’s 2 decades old and written by a guy who wants nothing to do with your company? Pathetic.

Judge Fred MANSON

June 1, 2012 at 10:18 am

@Meta4: were you at the signature of the contract between Moore and DC Comics?? Hm?

I will repeat one more time that if Moore was so egocentric to not have ask help from a lawyer to correctly explain him ALL the written sentences in this contract, it is his problem.

I do not care about him anymore. He will still earn money from ALL his works done at DC Comics and from ALL the characters he has created for DC Comics. Like the Watchmen characters.

It is a real bonus for him to see a huge order on Before Watchmen: more money to come for him!

So, why are you still crying for him? You have a % on his annual royalties????

Cry for something really serious. Once in your pity life. Dumb.

You know, for a guy that makes so much money for DC, you’d think they would do ANYTHING to keep him happy. Heck, he would’ve worked on a 15th anniversary Watchmen edition if DC ddn’t try to make “promotion” figures to get out paying royalties, or censor him on varios projects. They give all this control to Neil Gaiman to keep him happ and willing to write for them, why not do the same with their most profitible writer?

Not crying for anyone homeboy, just trying to take a stand for the rights of the creators of the works that we love, because it’s them, not the publishers, that create these works. As for alan moore being”too egocentric” to have a lawyer look over his contract before signing it? Doesn’t even make sense. In the early 80’s, most people had never heard of alanmoore. He was a starving artist trying to make it in a difficult industry. Whenhe was offered acontract by one of the biggest publishers in the industry, I’m sure he jumped at the chance without checking out to many of the details.
I’ve done a big of research on the subject, and from what I’ve read, the contract for watchmen granted Alan royalties of the 12 individual issues of the series, but as DC “own’s” the material, he see’s nothing from any subsequent reprints of the material. Last I checked, the watchmen tpb was in something like it’s 15th printing, plus a hardcover that’s seen several printings, plus an absolute edition. That’s over 20 years of reprints, literally hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars that the writer does not see one cent of. That’s wrong, and it’s certainly no way to treat someone that brought you several of the top selling titles that your publisher (DC) continues to profit off to this day, that’s a pretty underhanded contract if you ask me. People (and publishers) need to realize that if this industry is going to continue to survive, both the consumers and the publishers are going to have to Hold more value in the creators themselves and treat them and their works with respect.

The one thing we agree on is SUPPORT OLIVER NOME! An incredible artist that’s given years of his creations for all of us to enjoy. If you can afford to help out, support him through a difficult time by buying some of his breathtaking original art. Thank you Oliver, for everything that you’ve given to this medium we all love. We’re all thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery.

If anyone knows about desecrating characters, it’s Alan Moore: king of erotic fan fiction.

a lot of what Berlatsky says applies to any character that’s created by an author to be published under Marvel or DC. It’s not particularly exceptional. For instance, by that argument, we shall all be crying out in moral outrage over how the Hood has moved on as a character since Vaughan created him and how most readers likely see him more in light of his status quo in Bendis’ Avengers comcis than Vaughan’s original miniseries.

People do take offense if Vaighn isn’t writing Runaways or Heindberg isn’t writing young avengers.

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