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Comics A.M. | Judge refuses to suppress evidence in Justiniano case

Josue Rivera (aka Justiniano)

Legal | Don MacPherson, who covers the courts for his daily newspaper, updates the case of Josue Rivera, aka comic artist Justiniano, who pleaded not guilty in May 2011 to charges of possessing more than 100 photographs and videos containing child pornography. Rivera was arrested in Connecticut following a July 2010 incident in which police say he mistakenly gave a funeral home director a thumb drive containing 33 files classified as child pornography instead of the one containing photos of a deceased relative. Police later seized Rivera’s computer and found 153 files of suspected child pornography. A judge has denied a motion to suppress the thumb drive, which Rivera’s attorney had argued was obtained by police through an illegal, warrantless search. However, the judge ruled the search valid, as the material on the drive was brought to the attention of the police by a third party, the funeral home. MacPherson’s summary of court documents provides more details on the case. [Eye on Comics]

John Reppion and Leah Moore

Piracy | In response to seeing terms like “download” and “torrent” in their search results, the husband and wife writing team of John Reppion and Leah Moore have added a page to their website called The Honesty Box. On it, they ask nicely for readers not to illegally share or download their comics, and offer links to their free comics available online as well as to websites that sell their books. “I just thought it might be good to actually address the situation in a realistic, non-hysterical, yet non-fatalistic way and explain things from a mid level comic industry creator’s point of view to those download searchers who end up on our site,” Reppion wrote. “The header of the page contains many of the most popular search engine terms (broken down into single words and titles) which seem to be leading would-be downloaders to our site. The rest of the page is basically an honest, polite and hopefully friendly piece of writing explaining our position on the whole thing and how illegal sharing and downloading affects us as creators.” [Moore & Reppion]

Conventions | This look at Toronto’s Anime North picks up on an important aspect of anime and manga conventions that many observers miss: The importance of cosplay and the sense of camaraderie it brings to the attendees. It’s also worth noting that attendance at Anime North has grown at a steady 10 percent per year, despite the supposed implosion of the manga market. [Macleans]

Mark Millar

Creators | Mark Millar is profiled during his recent visit to Manila. [Inquirer]

Creators | Sequential Tart’s Wolfen Moondaughter talks to Darryl Hughes and Monique McNaughton about their stylish Victorian secret-agent series The Continentals. [Sequential Tart]

Creators | Kill Shakespeare co-creator Conor McCreery is the guest on the TGT Webcomics podcast. [TGT Webcomics]

Comics | Sean Kleefeld looks at the challenges of writing for different formats — print vs. web, single issues vs. trade — and having the story work well in both. [MTV Geek]

Manga | Chris Sims discusses what he likes about Gunsmith Cats — and what creeps him out. [Comics Alliance]

Webcomics | Larry Cruz takes a look at Scenes from a Multiverse, which recently won the very first Reuben Award to be given to a webcomic. [The Webcomic Overlook]

Advice | Larry Young of AIT/Planet Lar has some dos and don’ts for aspiring comics writers who want to pitch stories to him — or anyone else: “Let the artist do his job. Yes, the writer is the god of this world he’s constructed; yes, the project wouldn’t exist without you had you not had the idea. But if you want control over every aspect of your story… write a book. Comics are a collaborative medium, so collaborate.” [Bleeding Cool]

Comics | Matt Golec checks out the summer comics workshop at the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont. [Boston Globe]



Can Mark Millar go away, please? I’m sick and tired of seeing the ugly, leering mug of this generation’s Stan Lee plastered across the comics’ internet.

Millar is NOT this generation’s Stan Lee. Gah. He may be this generation’s Bob Guccione.

I really feel sorry for Justiniano. Pedophilia is a mental illness that is sadly illegal, and therefore untreatable. People only get help when its too late, and even then its not with proper counselors. If help was available to such poor souls, I’m sure they would not commit such crimes, be it looking at child pornography or something much worse. I had a family member in the same situation, and he was caught. He evidently tried countless times to get help on his own, but there were no counselors or psychologists willing or able to work with him. No support at all. Its very, very sad that there’s help in this country for every type of mental illness except for pedophilia. Some people truly can’t stand their thoughts, but they’re just too afraid to come forward.

I don`t understand how paedophilia can be sadly illegal? I`m not sure why you are referring to it as a mental illness either. Unlike a mental condition such as schizophrenia, paedophiles can seek out chemical castration, or even chose not to defile helpless children. They can choose to or not to act on their twisted desires. My sympathy is for their victims, many who have been abused in the most horrific manner, but have chosen to live positive and fulfilling lives instead of using it as an excuse for repeating the same behaviour on other children.

Let`s all remember that justiniano has only been accused, not found guilty…

Paedophilia, the mental illness, is not illegal. Acting on the sexual urge is illegal, and rightly so. There are many, many approaches one can take to reduce and eliminate the sexual urges, from medication to cognitive behavioral therapy. There is absolutely no excuse for acting on that urge, and no sympathy for those who abuse others, or seek out material on the internet that victimises children to meet their sexual urges either. Downloading child pornography is not a victimless crime. The images are of abused children. Those victims, and the people who access mental health services to address their mental illness, and deny their urges are the ones who deserve sympathy. The minute you start downloading and sharing child pornography, you forfeit the right to sympathy and being a part of the community – you need to be locked up.

I hope Justiniano isn`t guilty – but he better have a good explanation for why that material was on his computer, and if not his, then who`s property.

@Carlton Donaghe – Dude, that made me laugh so hard.

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