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Comics A.M. | That’s Doctor Mark Millar, thank you

Mark Millar

Creators | Mark Millar received an honorary doctorate of letters from Glasgow Caledonian University. [Daily Record, Scotsman]

Webcomics | Philip Hofer, the creator of the ComicPress WordPress theme used by many webcomics artists, discusses that and his new WordPress product, Comic Easel. [The Webcomic Beacon]

Creators | Peter Bagge talks about his comics and his relationship with Robert Crumb as both a contributor to and editor of Crumb’s anthology Weirdo: “With the style of work that I do, I like it to look on the surface like it’s shallow and stupid, but when you read it, the context is really sweet; [Crumb] saw that right away. I remember telling him ‘I have some story ideas, using fictional characters that are stand-ins for me, and I’m remembering things that are embarrassing and hard to write about. Even though I’m hiding behind a fictional character, I’m nervous talking about embarrassing events from my past. I’m a little bit afraid. He said ‘Those are exactly the stories you need to tell, especially if it won’t go away, and are always in the back of your head.’” [Graphic NYC]

The Spectre

Creators | Dara Naraghi shares his (unsuccessful) Spectre pitch to DC Comics, and adds that he gave up on them because he is busy with his own creator-owned work now, and DC doesn’t seem to be particularly open to new writers at the moment. [Dara Naraghi]

Creators | Jim Zubkavich sure is a busy guy; today he’s talking about the comic he’s creating for the RPG publisher Pathfinder. [Newsarama]

Creators | Veteran New Zealand cartoonist Bob McMahon talks about his work in kids’ comics, which was greatly influenced by the DC Thompson comics (Beano, Dandy) he read when he was growing up in Glasgow, Scotland. [Pikitia Press]

Comics | Jonathan Liu continues his Comics as Literature series with a look at some Serious Superheroes. [GeekDad]

The G.N.B.C.C.

Commentary | Although his books seem to be about history, Seth is not a nostalgist, says Jeet Heer, who argues that the cartoonist actually uses the past as a toolbox to build new worlds: “The wonderful igloo-shaped archives of the G.N.B.C.C., which is almost impossible to get to because it’s so far north, is a perfect metaphor for the type of historical knowledge Seth is most interested in. He’s fascinated by the tidbits of the past that are just beyond our reach, the fragments of lost works that point to a richness we can imagine but never recover.” [The Comics Journal]

History | Cyriaque Lamar takes a look at Spider Man (no relation to Spider-Man, despite the similarity in name), a villain who squirted glue into the mouths of his victims (until Captain Marvel put a stop to that). [io9]

Conventions | Dark Horse senior editor Scott Allie will be traveling this weekend to Oz Comic Con in Melbourne, Australia, to scout out new talent. [Melbourne Leader]



The Bagge quote goes a ways toward explaining Reset — it does have that wonderfully personal, awkward, slightly embarrassed feel to it.

Since the custom for honorary doctorates without the appropriate research corpus* is to NOT use the title, it would be a slap in the face to all of us doctoral students were he to go around calling himself Doctor. Given Millar’s proclivities for controversy, I’m expecting him to have changed his stationary already…

*his tendency toward using stand-ins for other characters in his work would alone mean that the Original Research and New Contribution requirements would not be fulfilled.

Same here in our place, Brian. Many of those being bestowed as “Doctor” whatsoever have the balls to brag their titles by virtue of sheer influence, not on scholastic and intellectual endeavors or contributions. Make no mistake, I love many of Mark Millar’s opuses, and let’s hope he does not abuse his new found “title.”

The headline is tongue in cheek; I doubt Millar will expect to be referred to as “doctor.” However, plenty of notable people do attach the title to their name, or have it attached by others (Billy Graham, Maya Angelou, Hunter Thompson, etc.).

He is most probably not going to use the title obviously. And, of course, that doesn’t mean that other people refering to him won’t as well. Personally I don’t care. It’s just a title to me. As important as being named “knight”. Means next to nothing, unless you are full of yourself. Being a scientist is about exploring the universe in your own way, not self-congratulating yourself when thinking about some title an institution placed in front of your name. Boys (and girls) and their “makes me feel superior” toys…

Anyway, congratulations Mark!

“Given Millar’s proclivities for controversy, I’m expecting him to have changed his stationary already…”

– Brian

Stationery. Doctor, sir.

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